Tony Blair risks to be brought to justice for crimes in organized band or at least for complicity of crimes in organized band.



Paul Rusesabagina calls on Tony Blair to denounce Paul Kagame's activities in the Congo

Office of Tony Blair
P.O. Box 60519
W2 7JU
United Kingdom


Dear Mr. Blair,

For many years I have been thankful that you have been interested in my beloved Rwanda. My name is Paul Rusesabagina. You might know my story from the movie Hotel Rwanda, or from my autobiography, An Ordinary Man.

During the 1994 Genocide I tried by every means to reach the outside world and to ask them to help rescue my countrymen from the Hell that we were living in. I could not get any one to listen then. I was very happy that you have been taking an interest in my country now.

However, I hope that you can see what is going on in Rwanda with a clear vision. I am afraid that you, like many others outside of Africa, have been shown only one side of our country, a kind of African Potemkin Village.

I believe that you do care about Rwanda. But, I also think that you need to see more of the real Rwanda. A few years ago, my foundation, the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation, issued a paper about the Rwandan economy. The paper chronicled the growing gap between Rwandans living in the City and those living in the countryside. Since we authored this paper, things have gotten worse, not better.

We also investigated the healthcare system in Rwanda and issued a briefing paper this summer which I am attaching to this letter. The report shows that the quality of healthcare services for the elite in Kigali is vastly superior to the level of healthcare that is available to people living in the rural areas. While I applaud the efforts of the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation to increase health care facilities in the countryside, the problem is systemic.

This summer the international community has finally opened its eyes about President Kagame’s activities in the Congo. The UN Group of Expert’s reports have shown that Rwanda is clearly behind the crimes of M23.

Conflict Minerals looted in the DRC and paid for with the lives of millions of innocent Congolese men, women and even children fuel President Kagame’s jets. The price that has been paid to carry you and President Kagame around on these planes is too high. There is blood on the wings of those planes.

Tony Blair and Rick Warren openly support a very dangerous war criminal man!
Tony Blair and Rick Warren openly support a very dangerous war criminal man!

In 1994, I felt that you, and the rest of the international community, turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to our pleas for help. As I sheltered the 1,268 people at the Hotel des Milles Collines, I vowed that if we made it out alive, I would never be silent when I saw people being slaughtered.

I cannot be silent today. I cannot stand by and do nothing, say nothing, when I know that President Kagame and his M23 thugs are murdering and looting in the Congo everyday.

Mr. Blair, I call upon you to show the moral leadership that I know you are capable of, and denounce President Kagame and his activities in the Congo. Call him and ask him to stop these deadly activities.
Ask him to stop killing, jailing and exiling the journalists and political leaders in Rwanda . You are one of the few people in the world that he still might listen to, please stop him before more innocent people are slaughtered.

Please do not let your personal friendship with President Kagame stand in the way of your conscience. I know that you did not hear our pleas for help in 1994. Please listen to them today.

You have a special relationship with President Kagame, please use it to save lives.
 Stop President Kagame.


Paul Rusesabagina,
Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation



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    五便宝 (mardi, 17 septembre 2013 11:32)

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    韓国痩身一号(コリアンスリム1)(美体形) 簡単に服用でき、更に容易に人体に吸収することができます。特に肥りぎみの方にとっても良いです。終極痩身カプセルは韓国天然植物のYL活性因子を使用し、簡単にダイエット、貴方様の体型を修し、使用一ヵ月後、要らない脂肪を燃やし尽くし、再び美しい曲線を作ることができます。韓国痩身一1.html韓国痩身1号終極痩身韓国痩身一号5.html韓国痩身一号新一粒神.html新一粒神ダイエット薬.htmlダイエット薬曲美.html曲美 本物曲美10.html速効.html V26紅蜘蛛ダイエット.htmlダイエット御秀堂養顔痩身.html御秀堂韓国痩身一1.html痩身一号韓国痩身一1.html痩身1号威哥王巨人倍増五便宝紅蜘蛛蟻力神三便宝蟻力神三便宝五便宝

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    威哥王 (jeudi, 01 août 2013 05:48)








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  • #55

    Mutambarungu (vendredi, 25 janvier 2013 03:45)

    None se Umuvugizi#188 nkwibarize: «Padiri Kayiranga mwaba mwari kumwe i Nyange ku buryo uzi neza koko yishe abantu, cyangwa ni ibyo wumvise? Banza uhururize uwishe «Musenyeri Inosenti Gasabwoya» mwabanaga, ndabizi neza ni wowe padiri Sheriti Epimaque wihishe inyuma ya mudasobwa wiyita umuvugizi! gasabwoya yahoraga akugira inama zo kureka kwangiza abagore no gusenya amago y'abandi, ariko waramunaniye, kugeza aho ubereye ruvumwa!

    Ubundi ubanze urere abana wabyaye muri icyo gihe; kandi witegure kuzaha impozamarira ba nyina wahohoteye ubafata ku ngufu wihishe inyuma y'ibishura.

  • #54

    Umuvugizi (jeudi, 24 janvier 2013 13:36)

    ariko ko mwibanda kuri Padiri Epimaque, ubwo koko mwahereye kubishe abantu bakaba badamaraye, ahubwo leta yacu niduhagurukire gushaka abaduhekuye, PADIRI KAYIRANGA FRANCOIS, wamaze abantu inyange, tugerageze tumushakishe aho yihishe mu butaliyani, asubizwe muri gereza nka mugenzi we, bishe imbaga y'abantu muri paroisse ya Nyange, tubashakishe dushyizeho umwete n'abandi bose bahekuye u Rwanda

  • #53

    Mr OKANA (samedi, 19 janvier 2013 23:40)

    I'm very happy to see that how mr RUSESABAGINA come to denounce the BLAIR's suppot to a great criminal,a great genocidaire of the 21th century who is called KAGOME.BLAIR and KAGOME both must be brought before the courts and condemned to capital punishment.

  • #52

    Mbwirabumva. (samedi, 19 janvier 2013 23:36)

    Jye naragenze ndabona!!!
    Rusesa-abagina ati "I know that you did not hear our pleas for help in 1994. Please listen to them today".
    Ese mama arashinja Tony Blair? Ese mama aramwibutsa? Ese mama aramubwira ko bizwi? Ese mama ara musaba...?? Rusesa we, Tonny byose arabizi, ibyo akora arabizi, byose akurikiye inyungu ze n'agatsiko ke. None se igihe yajyaga kwa Saddam yari ayobewe ko iby'intwaro za kirimbuzi yamushinjaga ari ibinyoma? Saddam se ntiyatewe binyuranyije n'amategeko Mpuzamahanga? Blair uwo se wari wumva ab'i Hague bamurya n'urwara? Igihe se abongereza n'abanyamerika badindizaga bakanaburizamo ingabo za Loni ( Nushaka kubimenya neza uzasome igitabo cyitwa " A people betrayed: the role of the west in the rwandan Genocide" cya Linda M. aho avuga ku manama ya UNSC uzamenya neza ibyabaga igihe wowe warimo uhirimbana muri Mille Colline! Muri politiki (ndavuga iy'ubu) "SANS INTERET PAS D'ACTION".

  • #51

    Mr OKANA (samedi, 19 janvier 2013 22:44)

    I'm very happy to see that how mr RUSESABAGINA come to denounce the BLAIR's suppot to a great criminal,a great genocidaire of the 21th century who is called KAGOME.BLAIR and KAGOME both must be brought before the courts and condemned to capital punishment.

  • #50

    Chanty (samedi, 19 janvier 2013 17:19)

    Nsubize #49.
    Nose ibyo biragutangaje! Ubu se ko:

    «Epimaque Sheriti( igihe yari padiri) yateye inda umwangavu ntiyagire icyo amumarira kugeza igihe umwana na nyina batesekeye, umukobwa yarimutse akajya kuba Kimisagara ahiicirwa n'umukeno, kandi mbere yari yifashije! Si uwo gusa kandi yakoreye ibyo. None se nyuma ntiyagiye kubeshya ikizungerezi cyavuye mu babikira asize abo yahemukiye!»

    Ubu aho ari ntafatwa nk'umuntu w'intangarugero?

  • #49

    Dore uko wamutekamutwe Kayitare Alphonse wahunze ibyo yifuriza impunzi z'abanyarwanda (vendredi, 18 janvier 2013 17:51)

    Le Rwanda espère un siège au Comité exécutif du Haut commissariat pour les réfugiés

    Le Conseil économique et social des Nations-unies vient de décider à l’unanimité d’approuver la demande de l’Etat rwandais d’un siège au Comité exécutif du Haut commissariat pour les réfugiés. Ce vœu sera transmis à la 66e session de l’ONU dans le cadre d’un projet d’élargissement du Comité de 85 à 87 membres.

    Drapeau Rwanda.jpg« Le Rwanda veut renforcer sa coopération internationale dans la région au regard de la Convention sur les réfugiés de 1951 et du Protocole de 1967 », a expliqué Alphonse Kayitare, Chargé d’affaire à l’ambassade du Rwanda à Genève, qui a introduit la demande auprès des Nations-Unies.

    Ce geste serait important par rapport à l'histoire du Rwanda qui, depuis les massacres « ethniques » contre les Tutsis ayant commencé en 1959, avait une des plus importantes et des plus anciennes populations réfugiées dans le monde entier, un effectif augmentant au fur et à mesure des massacres de Tutsis. Et un statut invoqué, à l’inverse, par des Hutus ayant fui le Rwanda après le génocide de 1994 et la victoire du Front patriotique (FPR).

    Ce geste sera important également par rapport aux falsifications historiques essentiellement française autour d'une attaque des "Ougandais" en 1990, prétexte de l’intervention militaire française et du génocide des Tutsis.

    Déjà à la 60e session du Comité exécutif, en 2009, le Haut commissaire aux réfugiés avait pris en compte que le Rwanda a enregistré « d’énormes progrès en matière de développement socio-économique et en mat!ère de sécurité ». Et qu’en conséquence, le statut de réfugié jusqu’alors presque automatiquement accordé aux Rwandais à l’étranger qui en faisaient la demande, n’a plus de raison d’être.

    La Clause permettant à des Rwandais de postuler au statut de réfugié devrait être supprimée à la fin de cette année.

    François MOLYNEUX

  • #48

    @ Kamanzi (vendredi, 18 janvier 2013 13:36)

    Ceceka wa Ngegera we !

  • #47

    Major Kamanzi (vendredi, 18 janvier 2013 13:15)

    Yewe abantu biki gihe barasaze nukuri kpe!! Nka Rusesabagina umugabo wirirwa ku muhanda mu mahanga yandikira Tony Blair nkande koko?? Yewe namwe imbuga mwabuze icyo mwandika gufata umuswa nkuyu ngo yanditse ! Nkand se? Sha uzarinda upfa ntacyo ugezeho Ese waza ibyo utekereza ukabikorera muri Africa niba wunva ufite igitekerezo. Mumara guhaga ibyo mwasabirijwe ngo wandike wandika iki se wa mujyiga we ! Amajigo tuuuuuuuuuuu mujyiga we wa ku barabara tu

  • #46

    sabimana (vendredi, 18 janvier 2013 13:14)

    amwihangane igihe kirahari kuko Kagame siwe president wambere kwisi wananiranye.mureke yigire kagarara.haaaahaaa manaweee.

  • #45

    SIBOMANA Jean "ADEPR RWANDA" (vendredi, 18 janvier 2013 05:31)

    Mutureke twirire u Rwanda kuko ingoma z'abahutu zarangiye. Ndetse n'abakristo banjye batazajya batanga 1/10 bose nzabohereza 1930. Ibyo mbabwira ni nabivuganyeho na nyakubahwa Kagame ubwo twakwizaga imishwaro pasteur Samwul. Nako uwo twamukoreraga kudeta. Amafaranga turayakeneye kugira ngo twohereje ibyitso byacu biri mu madini yo mu burayi cyane cyane mu bubiligi. Ubu ibyitso byacu mu matorero y'aba pentecôte mu bubiligi bisigaye biruta abakristo b'intagondwa. None se tutabonye amafaranga abo bacengezi bacu bakora bate? Dore ko iyo babonye imfashanyo y'ibihugu barimo bakongeraho amfaranga tunyuza muri diaspora bumva baremereye maze bagatanga rapports kuri bene wabo kakahava.

    Baqntu mwibwira ngo murasenga kandi mwanga muezhe Paul K, mumenye ko abo mwirirwa musengana, mutelefonana, muhana amafaranga etc.. abobo bose n'ibyitso byacu. Igihe nikigera abatazahinduka tuzabamarira iyo mwahungiye.

    Sibomana Jean
    Umuyobozi mukuru wa ADEPR

  • #44

    Dore uko bimeze (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 23:04)

    Niba arya ntahage, na mandat ya 3 nishira atahaga, azongera ahindure itegeko nshinga arye n'iya 4.

  • #43

    Rwanda Redemption Brigade (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 20:17)

    Its good to see our compatriots doing a great fight, keep it up!!
    This war,the uprooting of killer Kagame and his squad of killers, need many dimensions;People's army,the Pen, psychology, multimedia-artist, etc. Its very important that we all find were we can contribute!

  • #42

    R (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 18:25)

    DUNATU ni ishyaka rishyashya ryashinzwe nabanyanrwanda bose hutu twa tutsi. Irishyaka ryiyemeje gukura kagame p kumbehe yihaye. Iyi mbehe ya gaciro yabaye Indiza=imbehe iriho ubusa. Igisobanuro
    DU: Duhe
    NA: Natwe
    Tu: Turye

    Byanze bikunze agomba kureka abana burwanda nabo bakarya kubyabo kuko igihugu cyurwanda si akarima ka pahulo kagame na murutubarwe


  • #41

    Kagame umuboyi wa tony blair. (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 18:09)

    Iyi barwa sinyemera uti gute ninde uyobewe ko tony nakagame bafatanyije umugambi wo kwiba kongo? Iki gisambo cyumuzungu ntabwo mu kizi kucyandikira no kutacyandikira byose nikimwe. Ahubwo hakwiye gukorwa gahunda zo kucyamagana ku mugaragaro naho ibyo kukibembereza byo mubyibagirwe.

  • #40

    wowe@8 (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 15:41)

    Ni byo koko biragaragara ko amateka batakiyigisha i Rwanda, birumvikana kandi kuko abatera isoni. Naho animation twakoraga mu gihe cya MRND icyo gihe twali ba Militantes na ba Militants ntabwo ali INTERAHAMWE zakoraga animation. Interahamwe zazanywe na Muvoma ivuguruye zishingwa zije guhangana n'Abakombozi hamwe n'aba JDR.
    Aho zitandukaniye n'INTORE ni uko zo zamaze gukora jenoside naho Intore zikaba zitarayikora; Aho zihuriye ni uko zombi zigira amazina atangira ari meza, zikazayanduza zihekura abanyarwanda.

  • #39

    Rukara (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 15:36)

    Rusesabagina ndamushyigikiye 200%.
    Ni ngombwa ko Tony Blair kimwe n'abandi bashyigikiye iriya ngoma y' abicanyi iri i Kigali bashyirwaho pression bakareka gukomeza gushyigikira leta iteza imvururu mu karere, ikomeza guhonyora agateka ka muntu n'andi mabi yose...
    Ya mashyaka arenze 20 avukira hanze, ya miryango ishinzwe iyubahirizwa ry'ikiremwa muntu, nimwandikire abo bantu bose bashigikira leta ya Kagame mwomekeho rapport ya ONU n'andi mabi yose kagame yakoze dore ko atabuze.
    Rusesabagina ari mu nzira nziza, komereza aho rwose n'abandi barebereho.

  • #38

    Senani (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 15:12)

    None se Tony hari icyamubuza guherekeza Kagame mu butabera? Hari icyo batakoranye se?

  • #37

    Semanzi Paulin (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 14:54)

    Reponse kuri #16
    (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 10:00)


    Wibagiwe umugore wa Mayibobo, Janette, wari URURAYA i Bujumbura. Ariko Abafana ba FPR bumva ari ishema kuyuborwa n'INDAYA na MAYIBOBO aho kuyoborwa n'umuntu wari Gérant d'hôtel bahora bita Umuboyi. Ese Discours za Kagame zaba mu Kinyarwanda cyangwa muri English nizerekena koko niveau intellectuell ye. Biteye isoni kubona umuntu uvuga amafuti nka Kagame (avec un language ordinaire) akomerwa amashyi. Akari kera abantu bazajya bibaza icyatumaga akomererwa amashyi

  • #36

    Tony Blair yateye utwatsi icyifuzo cya Rusesabagina (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 14:52)

    Tony Blair yateye utwatsi icyifuzo cya Rusesabagina

    Yanditswe kuya 16-01-2013 - Saa 08:57' na James Habimana

    Nyuma y’aho Paul Rusesabagina yandikiye ibaruwa asaba Tony Blair gusaba u Rwanda guhagarika inkunga ngo rwaba rutera umutwe wa M23, Blair yatangaje ko ntawugomba kumubwiriza icyo akora.

    Uwahoze ari Minisitiri w’Intebe w’u Bwongereza, Tony Blair, yatangarije BBC dukesha iyi nkuru ko kugeza ubu atacyumva abamubwiriza ibyo akora, ahubwo ngo yumva ibyo umutima we umubwira, bityo akamenya icyo akora.

    Rusesabagina ngo yandikiye Tony Blair, nk’umuntu ufitanye ubucuti bukomeye n’u Rwanda, amubwira ko yarusaba ngo guhagarika ibikorwa byo gufasha umutwe wa M23.

    Tony Blair mu kumusubiza yagize ati "Hashize igihe kitari gito nize ko ntagomba kumva abambwire y’abandi, bityo rero ngomba gukora gusa ibyo umutima wanjye wambwiye.”

    Tony Blair yongeyeho agira ati “Icyo abantu badashobora kwirengagiza, ni ukuntu Perezida Paul Kagame yavanye Abanyarwanda benshi mu bukene, kugeza ubu u Rwanda rufite ubutunzi bukomeye ndetse n’inzego za Leta zirakomeye, bityo azi icyo gukora.”

    Tony Blair yasoje avuga ko ikibazo cya Congo gikomeye kurusha uko abantu bagitekereza, ariko yongeraho ko Congo yonyine ari yo ifite uruhare rwa mbere mu kugikemura.

  • #35

    muhire gasarasi (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 14:15)

    UWICISHIJE INKWARE UKWAHA AHORA AKUMANITSE , nawe Kagame, ukwaha kwawe kumaze igihe kinini ugusyonyoreramo inkware utitaye no ku mishwi yazo. Nyamara na none ngo INKWARE Y'INYABUGINGO itura mu itongo ry'uwayihigaga. Kandi ngo UTAZI INDAGANO Y'IMINSI YITIGINYURA INSHUTI abanyarwanda waratwitiginyuye utwirataho ariko Imana itwitayeho Uhoraho araje agukureho n'ubwo wibeshya ko wamurasiye, harya nihe wiciye Imana? NTIWABA IGIKENYA URAGASHAHURWA!

  • #34

    MURUTUBARWE (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 13:48)

    Nyamara Numugore Wawe Aguye Gatatu!!!

    Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:20:10 +0200

    Mu gihe cyashize, muri segiteri imwe yo mu giturage hari hubatse Paruwasi, hakaba Padiri mukuru wangaga icyaha cy’ ubusambanyi cyane ku buryo uwajyaga kucyicuza muri penetensiya byabaga ngombwa ko atongana na Padiri, kandi muri ako gace hari ubusambanyi bukabije.
    Abakiristu bamaze kubona ko Padiri wabo atihanganira icyo cyaha, biga umutwe wo guhindura inyito yacyo, bajya mu ntebe ya penetensiya aho kubwira padiri ko basambanye, bakamubwira ngo baranyereye baragwa. Umupadiri amaze kubona ko kunyerera ukagwa byabaye ikibazo gikomeye, yibaza uko byazagabanuka biramushobera ni uko yigira inama yo kuzabivugana na konseye w’ iyo segiteri.Umunsi umwe yitemberera mu gasantere ahura na konseye, niko kumubwira n’ akababaro kenshi ati: “Rwose konseye ko abaturage bawe bashize banyerera bakagwa, wamfashije ugakora iyi mihanda ko wenda ubunyereri bwagabanuka abaturage bawe ari nabo bakiristu banjye ntibazongere kunyerera”.Konseye hamwe n’ abo bari kumwe bari bazi icyo kunyerera ukagwa bisobanuye baraseka cyane. Ni uko Padiri arababara cyane yumva ko konseye nta gaciro abihaye kuko abisetse. Niko kuvuga ababaye ati: ”Nyamara Konseye n’ ubwo ubiseka birakomeye kuko n’ umugore wawe amaze kunyerera akagwa inshuro eshatu zose”, arongera ati: ”Ubwo urumva ko ikindi gihe uretse kugwa azanavunika”. Konseye n’ abo bari kumwe barumirwa kuko batibazaga ko uwo mugore we asambana nako anyerera akagwa.

  • #33

    Hutupower votre serviteur charismatique (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 13:36)

    Kuri @25, ndagushimiye cyane kuko byibuze wowe waransuzuguye ariko ntiwatera agati muryinyo akaba ariyo mpamvu ubu nawe utangiye kwibonera ko gewe ibyo mbahishurira biba ari ukuri ntabwo ndi manyanga nkaziriya nzoka zo muri RNC na FPR zigira abamarayika kandi mubyukuri ari amadayimoni/sekibi/ diable/ abarozi/inzoka butwi/ abajura/ amabandi/ mafia zabohoje igihugu zikica banyiracyo na nubungubu ndimo kwandika zikaba komeje kugarika ingogo. Ukuri nikuvugwe maze ikibyimbye kimeneke nibiba ngombwa abatutsi bo mugatsiko-sajya bagakomeza kutwica natwe dutangire kubabagira ibisiga inkongoro zibatapfune bogashiria kw'icumu bose.
    Reka nibutse abantumva ko ejo nkuko nari nabibijeje nanyarukiye hano mumashyamba yegereye Rumangabo mbasha kugota utunyenzi two muri M23 maze ntugwa gitumo duhugiye kurya ubugari twairi tumaze guteka maze twose ndadutunganyiriza nkakumwe RNC na FPR yabitwigishije. ubwo rero namwe abuva ko mubangamiwe n'agatsiko-sajya nimutangire mugacaneho umuriro kandi ntimuzatinye kabone niyo mwaba muzi neza ko muhasiga umuzima namwe ariko mukabuhasiga mubanje kwivugana umwanzi w'amahoro y'abahutu bose muri rusange.

    Ubwo wowe @50 ndagushimiye urakoze kandi n'abandi bose nibabonereho batangire kwemera iko ibyo mbabwir'arukuri kwambaye ubusa. Ntayindi nyungu fite atari ugutabara no gutabariza abaturage bafashwe bugwate.

    Reka ndangize nkumenyesha ko uyu mugobe witwa Mukamugenzi Grace
    wagiye kwamuganga le 13/02/2012 aho kumuvura bagahitamo kumutsindagiramo ibitambaro kugirango azakinduke byitwe ko ngo yazize urw'ikirago, uyu mugore ababere urugero mwese abafitiye RNC=FPR ikize mutangire kwitonda mutaratikira.
    umuyobozi w’ibitaro bya Gitwe, witwa
    Emile Tuyishime hamwe na Mukarushema Beata amazina yabo namaze kuyabika kugirango igihe nikigera akabo kazashoboke.

    Mukoze mutugezeho n'abandi bose mukeka ho gukora amahano kugirango nidusesekara nzihutire kubashakisha tubatunganyirize kumugaragaro bihite bibera isoma n'izindi mbwebwe zose zari zaratwibeshyeho kandi ibi mvuga ntabanga ririmo ukuri nikuvugwe ikibyimbye kimeneke sha.

  • #32

    Butike zahombye cga ni umushinga mushya? (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:36)

    COMMENT: 0
    Ngoma : Inzibutso za jenoside 40 zo mu mirenge yose zigiye guhuzwa zibe 6

    Yanditswe kuya 17-01-2013 - Saa 09:36' na Faustin Nkurunziza

    Mu rwego rwo gufata neza inzibutso z’abazize jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi za zikubakwa ku buryo burabye, Akarere ka Ngoma karatangaza ko inzibutso 40 z’abazize jenoside yakorewe abatutsi 1994 ziri mu mirenge 14 ikagize zigiye guhuzwa zibe esheshatu.

    Kirenga Providence, Umuyobozi w’Akarere wungirije ushinzwe imibereho myiza y’abaturage ; avuga ko hari gukorwa inyigo yo kubaka inzibutso, zikarushaho kwitabwaho uko bikwiriye. Iki gikorwa kikazakorwa n’Akarere ka Ngoma, bafatanyije n’abaturage bazashishikarizwa kwitanga kugira ngo hubakwe inzibutso zo kuburyo burambye.

    Kirenga avuga ko inzibutso 40 ziri mu karere, inyinshi wasangaga zishyinguyemo imibiri mike, akaba ariyo mpamvu bifuza kuzihuza zikava kuri zikaba esheshatu. Biteganyijwe ko Imirenge yegeranye izajya ihurizwamo imibiri y’abazize jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi 1994. Kirenga avuga ko kuzihuriza hamwe bizatuma hakoreshwa amafaranga make yagendaga mu guhora bazisana.

    Kirenga avuga ko esheshatu zizahurizwamo imibiri yose, ari urwibutso rwa Kibungo, Remera, Rukira, Mutenderi, Zaza na Rukumberi, nikaba byarangiye gukorwa bitarenze imyaka ine.

    Urwibutso rwa Kibungo rwarangije gukorerwa inyigo ruzuzura rutwaye amafaranga y’u Rwanda miliyoni 99.

    Urwibutso rwa Kibungo rugiye kuvugururwa
    Ubuyobozi bw’Akarere, ngo bwizeye ko igikorwa kizagerwaho uko babyifuza, ngo kuko bizeye abaturage babo ko bazabishyiramo imbaraga mu gutanga umusanzu wo kubaka izi nzibutso.

    Kanzayire Jeanne, Umuhuzabikorwa wa CNLG mu karere ka Ngoma, avuga ko iki gikorwa cyo gusana inzibutso no kuzihuza, gishyizwemo imbaraga n’ubuyobozi bw’akarere ndetse n’abaturage, ngo byagenda neza cyane.

    Inzibutso zishyinguwemo imibiri myinshi y’abazize jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994 ni urwa Rukumberi rufite imibiri 30,031, urwo mu Murenge wa Kibungo rurimo 15,711, naho imibiri ishyinguwe hirya no hino mu mirenge igize Akarere ka Ngoma ni 74,612.

  • #31

    Hutupower votre serviteur charismatique (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:32)

    Rusesabagina we, ndagukunze kandi ndagushimkiye kunkunga uduteye muguhashya umwanzi w'amahoro( RNC=FPR=M23=Tony blair. Komerez'aho kandi twese twisungane duhurize ingufu n'ibikorwa byacu hamwe maze muzarebe akaziriya nyiga guhuma ngo kiarashoboka:

    Dore nange inkunga n'ubusanzu byanjye maze ureke babahutu b’inda ndende barya bamara kuzuza imidigi yabo ubwo icyari kibahangayikishije kikaba kirarangiye bakaba bibagiwe abo basiz’inyuma barimo gutotezwa n’agatsiko-sajya bakabura uwabatabara cg ngo abatabarize:

    utaranigwa agaramye agirango ijuru riba hafi ?
    Akambere kara ryoha akanyuma kakarusha ?
    Akimuhana kaz’imvur’ihise ?
    Nyamwanga kumva ntiyanze kubona ?
    Baravuga ngo kirazira gusakuza kunanywa ariko nyine reka nereke izi nzijye zo muri RNC=FPR=CNDP=M23 ko kiliziya yakuye kirazira maze nzibwire nti: sakwe sakwe sha runyenzi we? Nti: nyirabugenge n’ubugenjye bwayo? Nikizinanira nzibwire nti: mumukimpe zivuge ziti: ngicyo. Mpite nzibwira nti mwaranyishe ndazuka ako abange bose ntibagira amahirwe zo kurokoka none nsigaye ndi nyakamwe meze nk’igiti kitagira amashami nti ariko nshimishijwe no kubatsirika mwese nkabatsirika ndumwe bigakunda kandi mukabura uko munyigobotora. Nti guhera le 18.11.2012 narabaheneye mbafata umutsi mpaka nanubu nkibaziritse kandi sinteze kubazitura muzarinda muhenuka muvemo umwuka nkibatsikamiye. Nti ubwo nibwo bugenge bwange nababwiraga kandi nimushaka mutunekwe cyane dore n’akataraza kazaza sha nyamwasa na na we gafuni mwe?? Ubu ndabafite sha mwa mbwa mwe z’injiji zavutse zituzuye.
    Harya ngo harabaye ntihakabe kandi ngo habay’imbwa n’inyoni sha RNC =FPR we ? rahira sha ?
    Amaraso y’abacu azasama abayamennye bose barimbukire rimwere n’ibyabo byose hashii7iii3ii4ii.
    RNC inzoka z’amadayimoni ziraraye ntiziriwe kandi umuntu wese uzatinyuka gukorana nazo yiyimbire koko nawe tuzamushyira mugatebo kamwe nazo maze tubariturire hamwe ndababuriye hato mutazatungurwa ngo ntimwabwiwe hakiri kare kandi nizereko namwe mubona ko twakajije umurego mu k’attacka agatsiko-sajya ngo tukameneshe kandi tukabaze aho kashyize abacu…
    Ukuri nikuvugwe ikibyimbye kimeneke dore turarambiwe kandi duhagurutse duhagurutse umugara turawujure ntagitangira agahuru k’mbwibwa karahiye ubwo president Resesabagina yandikiye inzoka butwi Tony Blair ayisaba guhagarika kurimbura inzirakarengane, maze iyo nzoka blair igatungurwa no kumva ko turimo kuyishyira mumajwi ariho yahereye ititira ikavuga ngo ntamuntu uyibwiriza ibyo igomba gukora. Yeee ! Iyi mbwa blair ibyo yashubije kubijyanye ni lettre ya Rusesabagina byahise binyereka ko koko agatsiko-sajya kose ubu karimo gutunikwa arinako gahumeka amasiga MANA kavuga kakanatekereza ngo : ubu se ko twari tuziko ntaMANA Ibaho, ngo : ubu tuyigarukire ra ? cg ngo : nonese nituyigarukira izatwemera n’abantu miliyoni na miliyoni tumaze gucuma nyuma tukabacucuma kumaherere ? cg ngo : Ubuse tubaye abande koko ? cg ngo ubuse twaruh’iki koko ? cg ngo reka dufate telefone tugerageze guhamagara suzanna rice na bill clinton na rick wallen na louis michel na tony blair na sarkozy na males zenawi na museveni na bernard kouchner na Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon na nzoka butwi joseph kabila twumve niba bagifata telefoni zabo maze nibitaba tube dusakiwe tubatakambire bongere bace inyuma badufashe kongera cg gukomeza kwigira aba VICTIMES ariko ibyo byose inzoka z’agatsiko-sajya kakabitekereza kiyibajije ko ubu abantu bose bazi ko les Tutsi ont lancé une campagne mondiale de DESINFORMATION pour faire croire que LES ASSASSINS(RNC/FPR/M23) SONT LES VICTIMES ET LES VICTIMES( Abahutu/ Abatutsi/ Abatwa bo murwanda) SONT DES
    ASSASSINS, comme cela eut lieu en 1962, 1965, 1969, 1972, 1988 et 1991 ! inzoka rero nizihame hamwe nzitez’imbwa zizirye zibanje kuzitesh’umutwe nazo zumve uko ubwoba n’urupfu bitunguranye bikanagufatira mucyuho bimera. Agatsiko-sajya karimo guhihibukana ngo karebe byibuze ko hazarokoka nabake bagakomokaho ariko karibeshya inkondo n’iya yankana kajye tujye icyitwa ko kigakomokaho cwose kizasibangana kugirango hato inzoka zitazongera gutinyuka gupfupfunuka mumyobo n’imigina nk’imiswa cg intozi zigakora nkibyo zikor’ubu !!
    Reka ndangize nshimira cyane byimazeho abacommandos bacu bo muri FDLR nabo muri Hutupower akazi keza , ubwitange n’ubutwari buhanitse bakomeje kwereka urwanda n’amahanga yose. Iba ba commandos bacu mbashimira commandement des opérations spéciales na discipline iranga ingabo zacu ntibagiwe na reglement militair ibi byose bik’ari bimwe niri byinshi byiza biranga ingabo zacu ubu zihagaze neza k’urugamba. Ikindi nshimira ingabo zacu nuko kuvakera zihora zirangwa no kudahohotera abaturage ahubwo zo aho kuba nka gafuni, ingabo zacu zigahitamo kwibasira ibikorwa by’agatsiko-sajya konyine. Ubu rero n’ubutwari n’ibigwi biranga aba black-hutu commandos d'elites bacu. Nshimiye by’umwihariko GN Sylvestre Mudacumura Mupenzi dore ko izin’ariryo muntu( MUPENZI).

  • #30

    mukarushema beata nsubize comment25 (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:31)

    Ariko rwose abahutu murasetsa, abo bagore barira ngo bashyizwe ibitambaro muri nyababyeyi? iyo tubasha no kubashyiramo ibiti
    I kabgayi njye n'abagenzi banjye b'abatutsikazi twari twarabamaze, uzumve ko hari n'akakopfoye
    N'ubu aho ndi ubu igihe cyose nzabona akanya ko kwivuna umuhutu n'abana be, nzabikora da!
    Ikinsetsa ni ikigabo cy'igihutu nashatse gihora kijundamye kuko nta jambo kigira, iyo tugeze muri bene wacu kinyara mu isunzu ngo maman ni umututsiakazi washatse mu bahutu! nakwiriza mu minsi y'icyunamo, kikandusha kurira kandi kizi ko benewabo ari basaza banjye na babyara banjye babamaze
    Abahutu we!!!
    Mukarushema Beata

  • #29

    OUR BROTHERS IN ARMS?! (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:27)

    "We are here today to speak about the engagement alongside our Malian brothers in arms, to liberate the north of Mali," Ivory Coast army chief General Soumaila Bakayoko said at the talks.

    Ese mwamenya tuzohereza Ingabo ye?

  • #28

    guhangana, guhangana, guhanganaaaaaaaaaaa (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:24)

    Mu Rwanda hari ababereyeho gukomera Kagame amashyi gusa kuburyo navuga ko agiye kwiyahura bazamukomera amashyi !

    Abidishyi b'intore bagaruye umuco w'animation !

    Ndashima abakoze isesengura ku ijambo ryavuzwe na Kagame ku italiki ya 13 mutarama 2013 ubwo yari mu masengesho yo gusabira igihugu. Kubyerekeranye n’abakomera amashyi amaganya ya Kagame, ni: "abanyarwanda bari mu Rwanda, hejuru y'ubwidishyi hiyongereyeho n'ihahamuka".Hari ababereyeho gukoma amashyi gusa(batazi icyo bayakomeye) kuburyo Kagame nanavuga ko agiye kwiyahura bazakoma amashyi! Ntabwo abanyarwanda(intore) bakiri bazima mu mutwe!

    Kagame ati: batwimye imfashanyo kuberako nitwaye nabi, amashyi ngo kacikaci!
    Kagame ati: mutebe amafaranga yo kumpesha agaciro, amashyi ngo kacikaci!
    Kagame ati: ibintu bimeze nabi kandi bizarushaho kuba bibi, amashyi ngo kacikaci!
    Kagame ati: turi babandi ntiduhinduka, amashyi ngo kacikaci!
    Kagame ati: nzasubira mu ndaki nk'inyaga, amashyi ngo kacikaci!

    Kagame na FPR ye, bahinduye abanyarwanda(intore)ibisenzegeri mu mutwe kuburyo nta muntu muzima ukibarangwamo. Rimwe na rimwe iyo urebye ibyo bakora, bandika, bavuga, usanga arabo kugirirwa impuhwe!

    Ubu birakomeye abaturage banze gutanga mutiweli kubera ko, ibyo babasezeranya bitandukanye n'ukuri ,basigaye batavurwa none bahisemo kutayatanga ahubwo bakajya bajya kwivuza mu bihugu by'abaturanyi abandi bakaba bariyemeje kujya bivuriza mu mavuriro yigenga.

    Ubu akazi ntigahari ku bize kaminuza ngo akazi bakoraga kazajya gakorwa n'abana barangije amashuri yisumbuye ,ngo leta ya kigali nta mafaranga yabona yo kubahemba nyuma yo kwihesha agaciro . Abakozi bagabanirijwe imishara ho 1/3 kubera ko nta bushobozi igihugu gifite bwo kubahemba. Agaciro twasezeranyijwe ngako, ubwo tuzareba mu minsi mike uko bizaba byifashe!

    Kuba Kagame yarihandagaje akavuga ko amahanga yari akwiye gushyira mugaciro akaba ariwe ahana aho guhana abana n’abasaza b’abanyarwanda bahagarika imfashanyo;birumvikana ko Kagame amaze kwiyumvisha ko atagikwiye kuyobora abanyarwanda , ko abateza amakuba nka farawo wo mu Misiri, akaba yari gira ubutwari bwo kwiheza akava kubuyobozi abanyarwanda batarashira! Niba koko ari intwari nkuko akunda kubivuga ashaka kwirarira ni atinyuke ave kubutegetsi !

    Source: ibivugwa kuri DHR

  • #27

    ugitegerejumugisha (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:24)

    Ni ukuri turamagana kagame n'abamushyigikiye bose kuko badakunda urda uhubwo ibyo bishyirira mu nda zabo kandi bakabisahaka bica abantu mu buryo bwishi (inzara, gushora abana b'urda mu ntambara imihanda yose kurogana kukwirakwiza ukutumvikana hagati y'abarwanda n'ibindi..) Inkuru iri mu rda ni ukoabanyarwnda bananiwe kwimukira ku mihanda kuko no kubona icyo kurya bigoye .ngaho rero dusabe IMANA kutumara ubwoba ,kugirango buri muntu arwanirire igihugu cye mu rwego ashoboye. Mukomere

  • #26

    IMANA ITI: URABIKORAAAA (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:22)


  • #25

    Hutupower afite ukuri. mwisomere ukuntu bagira ababyeyi bagiye kubyara (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:20)

    Arashinja ibitaro bya Gitwe kumusiga igitambaro munda

    Mukamugenzi Grace utuye mu mudugudu wa Kabacuzi, akagari ka Remera, umurenge wa Kabagari mu karere ka Ruhango, aravuga ko amerewe nabi bitewe n’igitambaro yadodewe mu nda n’ibitaro bya Gitwe akakimarana umwaka.

    Uyu mubyeyi avuga ko ibi byamubayeho tariki 13/02/2012, ubwo yajyaga muri ibi bitaro agiye kubyara umwana we wa kabiri akabagwa abaze ariko ngo yaje kudodwa nabi bituma abaganga bamusiga igitambaro munda.

    Nyuma y’uku kubagwa yaratashye ariko akomeza kumva atamere neza, akomeza kwivuriza ku kigo nderabuzima cya Kabagali ariko ntibigire icyo bitanga.

    Tariki 07/11/2012, ngo nibwo Grace yagiye kubona abona mu gitsina cye hamanutse igitambaro kivanzemo amashyira n’amaraso, bitewe n’uko inyama zo munda zari zimaze kubora. Uyu mubyeyi yahise afata iki gitambaro acyijyana ku bitaro bya Gitwe, ashinja kuba aribyo byakimusizemo.

    Ubuyobozi bw’ibi bitaro bwahakanye bwivuye inyuma ko butakora aya makosa yo gusiga igitambaro munda y’umubyeyi.

    Tuvugana n’umuyobozi w’ibitaro bya Gitwe, Emile Tuyishime, tariki 14/01/2013, yavuze ko ibi bintu atari byo ngo kuko uyu mubyeyi bigeze kumusuzuma nyuma y’uko abyara, ariko basanga nta kibazo cyo munda afite.

    Yagize ati “twatunguwe no kubona uyu mubyeyi aje afite ikintu mu ntoki “complex” avuga ko ari icyo abaganga bacu bamusize munda”.

    Emile yongeyeho ko ibi bintu bakunze guhura nabyo, gusa ngo bakeka ko hari abandi bantu baba babyihishe inyuma bashaka guharabika isura y’ibitaro.

    Uyu mubyeyi avuga ko hari igihe agira agahenge ariko ngo hashira nk’icyumweru akongera kumererwa nabi bikabije.

    Nsabayezu Obed, ni umugabo wa Grace, avuga ko ubu burwayi umugore we yahuye nabwo bumaze kumutera ubukene bukabije ngo kuko udusambu twose yaragurishije none imyenda y’abantu nayo imumereye nabi.

    Gusa uyu muryango uvuga ko nta hantu wigeze ugeza icyi kibazo cyawo uretse mu nzego z’umutekano. Icyakora ngo baritegura kugana mu nzego z’ubutabera.

    Ibi bije byiyongera ku wundi mubyeyi uvuga ko yarangaranywe n’abaganga b’ibi bitaro akabyazwa atinze umwana we akahasiga ubuzima ndetse nawe akahavana indwara yo kujojoba kuko yangiritse umura.

    Eric Muvara

  • #24

    Masumbuko John (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:15)

    Rwanda’s view over deployment of Drones
    The hide and seek game seem to be over soon as the UN proposal to deploy drones in DRC vast mineral source country gathers momentum. No any country in the reason opposed to the idea apart from Rwanda, and there are many reasons why Rwanda vehemently denies the deployment of this sophisticated day and night vision air-vehicle in the space of DRC:
    1. It will be impossible for Rwanda to deny any activities linked to the M23 as the drones will be taking pictures and videos of all activities taking place in the region day and night, as the UN reports don’t have photos and videos, but only documents.
    2. It will be very difficult for Rwanda to carry out activities of supporting M23 in matter of military support, advisory support, and logistical support as the drones will be able to capture voices in timely manner and also will be able to take photos even if they are in kilometers above the sky.
    3. It will be almost hard for M23 to move around easily and carry out atrocities and blame them on another group of rebels as the drones will be able to detect any movement of any group of rebels.
    4. The mineral smuggling from DRC to Rwanda will be detected by drones, and it will be very hard for Kagame and his inner circle to continue to enrich themselves through DRC minerals which they have denied for many years. And this is the reason why Rwanda has come out quickly to deny the deployment of drones as the only source of Rwanda government budget after aid cut by America and European countries.
    5. Another main reason is that: The introduction of Rwandans salary cut into the Rwanda National coffer which Kagame called (Agaciro Development Fund), which was imposed to all Rwandans without asking them since last year when the Donor Aid was cut, doesn’t augur well to many Rwandans and it has become like pain in the ass to many if not all because they pay the loss for what they were not asked for in the first place, hence don’t even know how it came about, as Kagame did not ask Rwandans when he went into Congo or did he even consult them for actions and consequences.
    DRC view over Deployment of Drones
    While Rwanda has come to light that the deployment of drones will not be a good idea in the surveillance of the vast area of DRC, the DRC, UN, UK, US, and France have welcomed the idea that it will help the UN peacekeeping mission which has been stretched thin due to the vast area they have to cover despite their contingency number of 17,000. When Rwanda was asked the reason why they don’t want the drones to be deployed, the only reasons was that drones may gather military intelligence of the region which may be perceived as infringing in regional sovereignty. Another reason was that as the regional body tries to resolve the issue of M23 and DRC government, they should let it go on. But when one looks into the reasons Rwanda gives with a microscopic scrutiny, he/she will find out that Rwanda is trying to buy time so that the M23 can negotiate a federal referendum so that DRC can be a federal state whereby the North Kivu can be a federal state hence later demand to be an independent federal state, which cannot be controlled by DRC government anymore – which is the idea Kagame is trying to enforce slowly by slowly.
    Many people have asked why DRC doesn’t come in the open with full-force to say that it wants deployment of drones in its territory. But the main reason is that DRC government doesn’t have a good platform to air the views as their views are easily quashed by Rwanda government and DRC doesn’t want to say much about M23 as the negotiations are going on, and it seems that it’s on the weaker side of negotiations. So, DRC is trying to us calculated words for not jeopardising the negotiations.
    Another reason why DRC is playing its card quietly is that Rwanda is now having a seat on UN permanent member table, which will be having a voice on some issues regarding DRC together with other member states, which will be paramount in the region. However, DRC should come to open and stand firm for the cause.
    Musemakweri John

  • #23

    John Mugabo (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 12:15)

    Well, it does not matter on what side you are on. You may hate Rusesabagina, you may love Kagame or Hate him but at the end of the day is that Kagame's past and present is not as clear as people paint to be. As a matter of fact, his past is full of crimes against Humanity that will put any president to jail the next day after loosing his immunity.

    For Blair and Clinton, They won't really be impacted that much. I am sure Charles Taylor, Slobodan Milosevich, Pinochet, Mobarak and any dictator who ever lived and killed many had friends in the White House, Champs Elysee and other powerful office around the world. They shook hands with important figures of their time or present and when they led them to their jailhouses, none of those friends was asked anything. The least they could is ask them to testify on what they know. I heard Naomie Campbell testified in Charles Taylor's trial.

    Blair, Clinton and Rick Warren, are just taking the dollars Kagame offers them but none of them is his real friend. They are all friends to hire. Stop the dollars, they will stop the friendship and when Kagame times is up, Blair will still be the Former Prime Minister of Britain, Clinton, a former president loved by many americans. Kageme will be.....a former killer, dictator of Rwanda.


  • #22

    MUSEKEJE NK'ABIKINISHA (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 11:45)

    Rusesabagina is no thing before blair to giv him breathings also he must know that blair can't agree with him when himself goes on the ground to see what's going on so he knows everything more than rusesa but rusesa is only told so let' go on progres

  • #21

    Kasim (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 11:22)

    Ese kiriya nicyo cya toni birere?dore ingene kireba,ariya maso yacyo uwayasukamo urusenda.kiriya kiri mu byatumye nsigaye ndi nyakamwe kuri iyi si.kirakanura nk'icyokezo.sha ni ikigome koko biragisa reka kibe inshuti ye.

  • #20

    BLAIR IS A TOILET (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 11:11)

    kubwira tony blaire ni ukugosorera mu rucaca kuko ni umubeshyi . muribuka mwese ijambo yavugiye muri HOUSE OF COMMONS pite bose bahise batora ko ubwo yashakaga gufatanya na GEORGE WORKER BUSH wa USA guteraIRAQ ngo bavaneho SADAM HOUSSEIN , yagize iti :" WE HAVE RELIABLE INFORMATION THAT SADAM HOUSEIN HAS ONLY 45 MINUTES TO PRODUCE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" ubwo abadepite bahise batora 100% ngo atere IRAQ uwari umujyanama we avuze ko ari ibinyomma baahita bamwica.ubwo nawe urunva ko ibibera muri DRC ntacyo bimutwaye kuko abyungukiramo bihagije

  • #19

    TONY BLAIR NI IKIMENE (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 10:42)

    Erega ibintu byose byo mu Rwanda mujye mubirebera muri angle y'ikimene nibwo byumvikana neza!

    Aba ba Tony Brair,ba Suzan Rice ni ba mugo,iyo bagiye gusanuka kagame abakubita amadollards bagatuza. Ba mugo babazungu bo barindwa mubi kuko iyo ubaconfirimye gato ukabemeza,bagendera mukigare,kandi ngira ngo urabizi ko abazungu ari abantu batava kw'izima! Bisaba kubigisha cyane kugira ngo bahinduke.

    wabonye ukuntu Bill Clinton yahaye kagame ubutegetsi. kagame we nk'umumene mukuru yaramuconfirimye amwumvisha ko Habyarimana napfa ntakibazo kinini bizatera! Kuko clinton yari mugo yagendeye mu kigare amufasha gukora ishyano,ariko kagame we yarazi akariho nicyo ashaka! nuko rero genocide ibaye kagame yakoze icyo bita kurythma mu kimene,bakomeza kumushyigikira no guhisha ibimenyetso by'ubufatanyacyaha!

    urwanda rwafashwe n'abajura babigize umwuga,mu minsi mike uzumva za nkunga bakuriweho zisubiyeho!!! bazi guconfirma cyane,uhereye kuri gouvernnement aba ba Louise Mushikiwabo barasanutse,ba Tharcisse karugarama barasanutse uzumve ukuntu barimanganya.......mbese sinzi niba mwiyumvisha neza ukuntu ikimene ari champ nini cyane!!!

    hano mu Rwanda biratangaje birenze ukwemera,usanga abapasitoro nabo basanutse bakibira mu maturo!! burya uzumva leta isakuza ngo amadini agomba gusora ku maturo nuko izi neza uko bimeze bose ni abajura kimwe, hasigaye gusanuka abapadiri,bo rero sinzi niba ikimene cyabo bazagikorera kuri Hositiya na Divayi,padiri yajya gusoma misa akabanza kubika mu mufuka w'ipantaro hositiya nkeya....!!! uwapfuye yarihuse nzaba mbarirwa....

    Turi kumwe

  • #18

    Umutwe wa FDLR ! (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 10:10)

    Birazwi ko amateka atakigishwa mu Rwanda ariko abicanyi bayoboye icyo gihugu bagahora batubwira ko tutagomba kwibagirwa amateka! Wakwibuka ute ikintu kibujijwe kwigishwa ! None abibuka neza mumbwize ukuri kuko njye muri 1994 nari muto cyane , ko bavuga ko FDLR ngo yakoze jenoside mu 1994; mwatubwira neza niba izirya ry'umutwe witwa FDLR riri kurutonde rw'imitwe yariho mu 1994?

    Mu 1994 FDLR yari murihe shyaka? yari igizwe nabande? Niba se abantu bashaka kutwigisha ko FDLR yakoze jenoside mu 1994 bitaniye he no kutwereka ibara ritukura bakatubwira ko ari umweru? mwo kagira Imana mwe , nimusabire u Rwanda naho ubundi urwishe ya nka ruracyayirimo !

  • #17

    Inyangenews (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 10:10)

    Kuko ikinyamakuru cyanyu inyangenews ,kibikuri kiranira hafi,ibyintambara yo mukarere. Amakuru aturuka hafi yamaneko za kagame,are meza ko hari umwuka wintambara mu Rwanda ,nkuko amakuru aturuka ibukuru abivuga ngo Kabarebe na Kayonga ntabwo bameranye neza na Shebuja,nyuma yaho bamubujije gushoza intambara muri congo akanga akayisho, kandi bari bamubwiyeko atazayitsinda.tukiri, kuriyo ntambara kandi ,amakuru ava ibukuru are mezako ,hari amacakubiri muri M23 nyuma yaho kagame ategetse ko Cornel baudoun agirwa General ,ntabwo byashimishije abandi basirikare ,barimo Makenga,hari andi makuru avuga ko cornel Kazarama yahunze(ariko turacyakora iperereza)nyuma yaho ananiriwe,gusubiza inyuma igitero cya FDLR i Rumangambo cyatumye isahura contener24 zintwaro zikomeye kandi zigezweho. Kirezi, Kigali

  • #16

    KAGOMEYABANYARWANDA (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 10:00)


  • #15

    Kalimba (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 09:24)

    Amahoro...Burya rero utazi Imana ayita Umuntu...Imana yaremye abantu ibakunze ishaka ko babaho ...ariko hari abandi bafite inda ibasumba,,,barya ntibahage, bakabirunda nyamara bapfa bakabisiga....yoooo na BLAIR NA CLINTON + uyu musore wo mu Ruhango bitnde bitebuke...amaraso arasama...iyaba yibukaga ko Imana yamuhaye agahenge ngo yunamure icumu kandi yisubireho,,,none akomeje kwiyemera
    Umunsi ijisho ryatukuye bamuzaamura mu ndaki, ak'ifuku yatewe n'isuri nibwo azasobanukirwa...niyidoge burya buri wese agira agasaha ke...iyo gashyitse ntacyo wongeraho...
    NAho abamuha amashyi murabarenganya bakore iki kindi ko ariko kazi kabaramutsa...Utazi Rutuku aramubarirwa..nta nshuti agira akubeshya ko mugendana WATEBA AGATAMBUKA...KANI GUHERA UBWO UKIBAGIRANA..NDETSE KUKO ABA AZI IBYAWE BYOSE ATI...IBI N'IBI NIBISUBIZWE BENE BYO...Bati turemera ko habayeho udukosa two kurangara...kkaba kirakemutse...
    None se kuki mutibaza Impamvu...Przida bamuha ubudahangrwa kabone niyo ari RUHARWA...nuko bazi ko iyo Umucamanza mugeretse utitwaza kuba UMUKURU...HUBAHIRIZWA ITEGEKO...

  • #14

    @ Rusesabagina (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 09:07)

    Mr Rusesa. Do not think that Satan will stop his Demons from killing Peaple.This letter shows me that you ignore the work of Satan which is to Kill,Steal and Distroy.John 10:10

  • #13

    Celestin (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 08:51)


  • #12

    abel bangamwabo (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 08:47)

    Njye uku mbibona TonyBlaire niwe ugira inama Kagame mubyo akora byose.Kandi birazwi!Bivuga ko rero ibyo Kagame akora aba yabiriwemo inama ikomeye na Blaire.Mwibuke uko ajya amutaka ngo ni umuyobozi mwiza.Ntabwo nize Amategeko,ariko ndumva uwarega Kagame mu rukiko akibagirwa Tony Blaire yaba ari umuswa cg se yigiza nkana.Mwibuke ko Kagame atari we ufata imbunda ngo arase abantu,ahubwo yohereza abicanyi be nyine kwiba no gusagura.Tony Blaire aha Kagame plan ya'aho bajya kwiba,akamuha n'ibikoresho(amafranga n'ibikoresho).Uko byagenda kose ,amaraso yo muri Africa yo hagati ntabwo Tony Blaire azayasimbuka.Mukomere.

  • #11

    Paul Mbangurunuka (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 08:15)

    Burya ngo usangira n, imbwa ikagusiga imbaragasa. Abo ba Tony bazumirwa. Ibyo bituba by, abatutsikazi yirwa anyaramo azabona ingaruka zabyo.

  • #10

    musore (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 07:47)

    ariko hariho ibintu byibigoryi nkinto koko zigirubwenge?ngo fdlr ihungabanya umutekano wo muri kongo?none se congo n'urwanda bipfaniki?none se urwanda rushinzwe umutekano wa congo?

  • #9

    Mwaramutse (jeudi, 17 janvier 2013 07:18)

    Ariko muri za 2006 byaravuzwe ko Rusesabagina bamuhamagaye ngo bamugire umudepite, we akavuga ko ashaka kuba PM (Ministre w'intebe). Icyo gihe akaba yari mubyara wa Kagame utarashoboraga kwigizwayo.
    Uko kutumvikana ngo kwaba ariho na Leta iriho yatangiriye kumurwanya ivuga ko no kurokora abantu muri Mille colline ataribyo.
    Uwaba afite inkuru irambuye kuri ibi yatubwira.
    Akandi ni uko bariya baherwe bose, bahurira hamwe mu miryango mishya isigaye iyobora isi! Ibyemezo byose bishingiye ku bukungu (et donc ku kuntu bazabuvoma aho buri) nibo babifata. Rusesabagina ni umwana cyane muri iyi groupe, ariko nawe agize ibyo abemerera kandi bakaba bakuye amaboko kuri Kagame, bamuterura n'i Kigali ngo Ba!
    Hagati aho njye ninde undeba? No one, niyo mpamvu kwirirwa dutukana hano nta kamaro usibye kwiyanduriza umunwa n'umutima.