A Letter To Fred Rwigema. By Rama Isibo.

Dear Fred,


It’s been 22 years since you’ve been gone, your memory lives long, the more they try to extinguish it, the more it rises. You will always represent lost hope, what could have been and what we aspire to. You died too soon, a true hero of Africa, celebrated in many nations, your picture is like Che Guevara, handsome youth that belies an eternal optimism. I was too young to ever seriously talk to you, I never knew what your ideology was, but every ideology begins with an attitude that nurtures a belief. Your attitude is what formed our belief, that look in your eye that said “We can do it!” in that way you can never die, we had waited 30 years from 59-87 for that one sign. That belief died momentarily when you died, but a legend was reborn, and from this legend people got the strength to believe again. Today you would be amazed how far we have come, there are modern shining skyscrapers in Kigali, roads are perfect, it is peaceful, we are home, just like you dreamed.


We almost take this dream for granted, you would hardly recognise any of the people at the top, but of course you cannot expect the same guys to be on top. RPF is so many things now, it is a monolithic party that dominates the political landscape, it is also a multinational corporation, it is also an army, and a state of mind. To be truthful Fred, I don’t know what I believe anymore, I feel like such a hypocrite, I idly stand by while people destroy everything to gain so little. The RPF has gained the world but lost its soul, it believes in objectives, not ideology, it takes, it is not given, it is the embodiment of sheer naked power. We do not have politicians, we have people with sheer naked power, and people with access to sheer naked power. Some have turned into greedy hogs and are just stripping it bare, paying themselves a “Liberation bonus” when the real fighters we never acknowledged. All our families have fallen soldiers and injured brethren, they, like you, are rarely mentioned. We can mention your name on two days, July 4th and October 1st so we will honour you today.


State of play


Rwanda is at a crossroads, it has been living beyond its means for quite some time, going full steam ahead, without question, without discussion, like a battering ram pounding down the walls of poverty. All debate was crushed, the inryaryas took over, hypocrites and sycophants “Nje ndabona nta kibazo boss!” It was fine as long as the buildings kept going up, human rights could be forsaken for clean government, press freedom could be forsaken for because of the threat of Genocide, justice could be forsaken because we could not afford it. How did we get to this position, we are as weak economically as ever, we are as weak diplomatically as ever, and we have lost allies over a period of negative headlines. From just before the election, the Kayumba saga, death of opposition figures, arrests and jailing of journalists, Ingabire saga, Congo saga, on and on. If this was Benin or Honduras you would think it was a pariah nation, but Rwanda wants to live in its own moral universe, it wants its unique history to afford it leeway in basic human rights development, but it is the derogation of these rights that will bring the next cycle of violence to bear.


“Just not in Rwanda”


In that sense, Rwanda is like Israel, lives by its own rules, it wants to fit in but be different. I tired of defending arrests of journalists, of jailing opposition leader because you disagree with them. I tired of defending our right to attack Congo, knowing the millions who suffer as a result. I tired of explaining to my western expat friends why no independent opinions were allowed on public media. I tired of explaining that fear that is unspoken, the looking over your shoulder when you speak. A person who has lived in a democracy, knows a democracy, and if you have to look over your shoulder then chances are that you aren’t. So all my generation are hypocrites and liar, they believe in freedom of speech “Just not in Rwanda”, they are Western liberals, some believe in gay rights “Just not in Rwanda.” Most have passionate views on US politics, on taxation, on abortion “Just not in Rwanda” and many advocate for people in far-off countries who are detained without trial when we have people detained without trial here “Just not in Rwanda.”


Grand Fear/Bargain


Every nation has a FEAR and in Rwanda it is the Genocide happening again, it is what keeps the peace. It is the automatic excuse for any arrest of a journalist, or justification for lack of democracy but it is also allowing corrupt people to get away. It is the mutual fear between a master and servant, the master fears revolt, the servant fears the master’s power. That is the relationship between a ruler and the ruled in Rwanda, and will always be if we never change it. The Ruler is given unlimited power and from this the Ruled expect everything to change, it is fine until it goes sour. This is how we got here, we found a tattered and torn country after 94, the RPA was the only functioning institution. The genocide was ended by force, not voluntarily, but the seeds of doubt were already being sown. When you see the Free Syrian Army which is supported by the West and by all means is the next government of Syria, you see the FSA being accused of war-crimes before they even come to power, there is a pattern. The RPF were similarly accused during the Liberation war, even though they were the “good guys” it was to serve as leverage in the future against the RPF. So two prime fears dominate the power psyche, an internal revolt and external justice.


Death of reason


“When people feel inadequate they feel any criticism is an insult.”

The death of reason is so gradual, you hardly notice, you just slide into a stupor. It starts with the “Koolaid” that is the name of the super-sugary drink that refers to the mental brainwashing you get when you first get here. Rwanda is a victim of the West, they hate us for nothing, they were never there for us during the genocide, if we don’t rule this way then “They will kill us again.” I consider myself a hereditary RPF member, I got it from both sides of my family, you could never criticise the RPF, but every believer must have a crisis of confidence. It was worse for me, I left as a teen, saw the war from afar, felt even guilty because I could have even served the last few months. When you look at the rewards soldiers got, they were scant, many left with rancour, the ones who won the spoils were the ones closest to the top leaders but did little fighting. It is impossible to write a history of the RPF because it cannot agree on its own history, history has been rewritten to airbrush out people who fell out like Kayumba, and other current favourites have been inserted into history when they were mere schoolboys at the time. In Rwanda our history always serves the current regime and is contorted to suit the current picture.


Reason dies slowly, first it is frowned upon, then shouted down, then banned, and then you cease to think it, until you cease to think altogether. I learnt to watch my mouth for a while but younger people grew up in a world where you just don’t say, think or write anything controversial or political until it kills their imagination altogether. How will they innovate? You are brought up in a society where independent thought is punishable by jail, speaking out is punishable, writing is punishable. Will my children be born into this world of no imagination; will they grow up watching their tongue? All this talk of cyber-futuristic techno-savvy hub and we cannot allow contrary opinions. Last year I was threatened by government officials for tweeting our president about our need to reduce imports and move towards productions. I apologised, the fuss died down, then aid is cut, then its agaciro, agaciro, we need to reduce imports and move towards production. People still say to me “Watutse Affande” when I did no such thing, that showed me the other face of the situation. Every supporter has that moment when your childish innocence was broken, when you ask “If they can do this to their own, then what of ordinary baturagye?”


The big payback/ingaruka yi ngaruka


Every action has a reaction, in Rwanda there is going to be a payback for all our foolhardiness over 10 years. We lived off aid, didn’t bother with commerce, thought the aid would last forever and Western guilt could be milked forever. Now they are cutting, people are looking cautious, the global slowdown is going to grip. People have lived off loans, accumulated debt, spent on consumer goods, set up NGO’s aimed at “Empowering” some poor victim somewhere. Instead of moving towards production, and generating cash, the government, for all their words, was hugely complicit in this Aid-debt bubble. Its workers and leaders were eating first in this economy, most diaspora people think this economy is not safe to do business in, your property can be taken at anytime and sudden whims are the norm. Tigo invested some $300m and their CEO was given 1hr to leave the country simply because he angered the president. How can a multinational invest in a country that makes less than $300m and be expelled in minutes without due procedure? For all the reforms, the attitude of those in power is the biggest obstacle to investment. The idea that “This country is my personal property and you people are alive because of me, I can kill you, crush you, anytime I want because I have the power.” Investors see that straight away at the airport, a delicate house of cards waiting to fall.


You never truly feel at ease, all my friends will say this, there is an undercurrent, we all know things are not well, that this method of government is unsustainable but maybe we are weak, maybe we just settle for what we can get out of it. Maybe one can get a Rav-4, a nice house, and expensive schools for your kids, a plush lifestyle by any standards but there is always the ticking clock, you know the alarm is going to ring but you don’t know when. So we trade our principles for privilege, enjoy the lifestyle, but at the back of your mind, you know one day the party will be over, or maybe the music stopped and we didn’t notice. Every one of us has that moment when we look in the mirror and ask, “Do I really stand up for what I believe?” The privilege comes with a downside, that look, the look that the downtrodden give you when you walk past, as if you are responsible for their misery. Then they call me boss when I’m a socialist at heart, I’m the oppressor, I am the hated. The unspoken part of the bargain is that “If he goes, we all go” that has been the way in Rwanda since time immemorial, power is concentrated not just in one’s hand but in a single finger, so when that leader goes, most of Rwanda goes with it. Critics are ostracised, their families too, passports and identities taken away from them. Little children pay for the price of their parents, brothers for their siblings, sisters for their brothers.


A prophecy


God cannot abandon Rwanda, we have prayed too much. Rwanda is not well with God, despite all our righteous indignation, we cannot say we have clean hands. The chickens will come home to roost, the result of many years of dumbstruck silence when we saw minor things going wrong but we never commented. For all our mistakes we shall pay, hopefully we will learn to debate matters and not decide things behind doors. My prophecy for Rwanda is growth and success, but one based on solid ground, that uses the hard-work ethic of the Rwandans to make goods for export. I worked once at the Roll-Royce plant in Derby, I watched semi-illiterate Pakistanis make Jet engines, so a Ruhengeri villager can make a car. My prophecy for Rwanda is that the leaders will see the need to open up, to learn that criticism is not hatred. We will open up politically and then have the biggest boom Africa has ever seen but a boom based on solid ground not indicators. These industries the RPF commandeered will now be the millstone around its neck, most are loss-making and will file for bankruptcy in the coming year, they are uncompetitive and will not make it.


There is a whole underground economy in Rwanda, the Abacuruzi of Mateus have so much money stashed away, plus property, stock, and credit lines. These businessmen have been neglected and pay only nominal taxes, getting them to release the money is the problem. This deficit we have accumulated had to be somewhere, outside yes but also inside, all this money we spent on consumer goods is somewhere, billions of dollars in cheap Chinese goods, it is still here. The diaspora is ready to invest, they just need an attitude change from those in power, we have to build the private sector at all costs. What is 30% of Nothing? That is what we are fighting over now, we need to see liberalisation, or all the assets RPF has will just flop to be worth nothing. What of the credit bubble? Overinflated houses at 18%Apr, that is criminal, but the bubble kept getting bigger and bigger and houses worth $100,000 were the norm, people were lent 10 times their salary. Amazingly, it can be fine if all owners hold on to their houses.


Too many people have prayed for Rwanda to go down, we can’t let it happen again, if it does happen then we all deserve to die, let them say “Abanyarwanda bananiwe kubana.” It cannot happen, or there is no God, Rwandans believed God returned to sleep in Rwanda, it is the only reason why we recovered from the Genocide. Every nation goes through growing pains, Rwanda thinks it can be in a political coma forever and that is not possible. We will learn that we can get along, that every man must pay for his sins, that God turns all things to good. People should look to history, all things change, a nation goes through growing pain, matures, and prospers. The good RPF is doing is so great, on child mortality, women’s rights, social reconciliation, and so many things. It deserves its credit, but one aspect of our life is stunted, we are being kept from politically maturing. Maybe they do it out of trying to protect us, like if you lock your child away so no one can hurt it, but the first moment it encounters pain it was break down. Every generation has that defining moment where a society breaks along generational lines, when the younger generation agrees with the objectives but not the methods. Can RPF move towards exercising more soft power, other than the sledgehammer approach? My friends say “You don’t know how these people think, they don’t care.”


No more Fear, no more silence, no more, no more, no more. I am a Rwandan, I always was always will be, I was never given my country by any man, I will never give up on my country.



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    Rwigema,intwari y'igihugu (mardi, 16 octobre 2012 00:20)

    Padre Thomas ashira isoni koko?Kabone koko wigereranye na Rwigema?Pfa urwo upfuye,umuvumo wa Bishop wawe ugukozeho.

  • #105

    Kurata Fred ni ukwibigirwa abo yishe! (lundi, 08 octobre 2012 04:12)

    Umwuga wa Fred wari ukwica. Ibigwi bye ni uBwicanyi yakoze.Fred ntabyo yaharaniraga uburenganzira bwa muntu cyangwa ngO abe ufasha abababaye. Yari inyEshyamba yarwanye hose yica abo yitaga abanzi be. Amaraso arasama kandi yose aratukura,yaba ay'umwanzi cyangwa umukunzi.

    Fred Rwigema si intwari y'u Rwanda habe niy'abatusti.
    Fred ashobora kuba intwari mu bicanyi bavuye Uganda gusa.
    Yaba se ate intwari y'urwanda kandi yararugambaniye, akurutera maze akavusha n'amaraso y'abatusti,abahutu n'abatwa?

    Ndasenga gusa Imana ngo imubabarire kandi izamwakire mu buzima bw'iteka.

    Ikindi nsaba Imana ni uguhindura imitima y'abanyarwanda makamenya ko intwari nyakuri ari IMANA.

  • #104

    Nyabutatu (vendredi, 05 octobre 2012 22:36)

    Urupfu rwa Rwigema ntacyo rutubwiye. Iyo aba yarahamye hamwe muri Uganda aho yari Difensi Minister, ntabwo abanyarwanda twari kuba muri kano kaga.
    We don't care

  • #103

    Hutupower: Amakuru dufite hano muri congo (vendredi, 05 octobre 2012 15:49)

    Nimurebe umusaruro wa yamafaranga abanyarwanda birirwa batanga mugaciro.
    Hano muri congo ibintu birimo mujya iwandabaga nimutabare cg muve munzira ikamyo itagonga igikeri kigahomboka.
    Murakoze kandi nimutabare ndetse mureke gukomeza gutanga amafaranga yo kujya kubaga abantu
    Imana ibe hafi kandi tubitege amaso


  • #102

    IBYO MURI RNC (jeudi, 04 octobre 2012 00:27)

    Ibyo muri RNC yacu ntibyoroshye, kuko mubyukuri kumenya umuyoboke nyawe wiri huliro twayobotse biragoye cyane ! Icyitwa umututsi wese araza ati ndi umuyoboke waryo, akitwaza ibyo agahita ajya kwaka ubuhungiro abeshya ngo ahunze urwamubyaye kuko ashyigikiye Nyamwasa. Haba manifestations mu Burayi akaba aribo baba bari imbere kandi baba babeshya. Akenshi kandi baba bazanwe na KAZUNGU kuko ariwe urecrutira KAGAME ! Nahibyaba bari basanzwe ari abarwanashyaka ba RNC bakaba bayivuyemo, uhahombeye mubyukuri ni FPR na Kagame, kuko nubundi ntawe uyobewe ko abo bose, cyane KAZUNGU na HABIMANA bari basanzwe ari ibyistso bikoreshwa na Kigali. Ndetse numugore wa HABIMANA avuye mu Rwanda guhembesha ! Waba koko urwanya Kigali, uhora mumyigaragambyo uvuma Kagame nkuko HABIMANA numugore basanzwe babikora, utwika i photo ya Kagame muri manif nkuko KAZUNGU yabikoze ashaka kwiyemeza mumafuti (injiji itazi ko amategako yi Byrayi ahana igikorwa nka kiriya), maze ugatinyuka ukajya mu Rwanda ! Ayinya !!! Abantu bo muri RNC nitutareba neza tuzaheruka ihuriro ryacu ryuzuyemo ibyitso gusa, cyane ubu nyine abo ba KAZUNGU bagiye hanze bazakomeza kujya barivomeramo intasi gusa ! Ndibuka ukuntu KAZUNGU yirirwaga amanura za affiches zirwanya KAGAME aho yabaga Louvain-la-neuve, mbese yari yaratuzambije ! Ni inyenzi gutwi, yiha kwiyemeza kandi ari ninjiji iturumbuye amaso yatukujwe ninzoga mbi nkurwagwa rwenzwe nabi ! RNC yacu, nubwo yasigaramo bake gusa, ariko twiyizeye ! Ari KAZUNGU ari HABIMANA bose ntanarimwe bigeze bareka gukorera KAGAME ! Ni ibisahiranda gusa gusa ! Ngo habwirwa benshi ! RNC nitutishungura katubayeho !

  • #101

    . (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 22:45)

    @90, 95,98
    Isirayeli nicyo gihugu hanze y'amerika gifite companies nyinshi ziri kuri NASDAQ. Nicyo gihugu gifite umubare wa Start up companies kumuturage uri hejuru cyane. Umuco nkuwo wa innovation ntabwo waba aho abantu badatekereza. Imagination needs to be free to innovate.

  • #100

    gatindi Christina Umutima (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 22:09)

    tu es né le jour de la honte .nizereko utari ikinyendaro ukazazana ikindi padere ntiyahunze ahubwo yavanaho akagabo ke kungirango yemeze ko ari padere ndabona muzabana aho bukera

  • #99

    Christina Umutima (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:56)

    Padere, Le Prophète, "URI IKIGWARI KABISA. None se uyu muntu mukuru watumiye ngo aguterekerere ni Umuzimyariro utuye Amagepfo kubera iyi mvugo ye ngo “Nje ndabona nta kibazo boss!”?!?! None se iyi miterekero y'amanjwe wagiriye Gisa Rwigema ko isanze yamaze kumenya ko APR yahaye Muhutu Minsitri w'Intebe "1, 600 milliards" y'AgaciroDF kandi ikibutsa ko ibikorwa yakoze muri uyu mwaka bihwanye na "4, 500 milliards" kandi ko AgaciroDF imaze kubikwamo "20,400 milliards" URUMVA GISA ARI BWEMERE NDE AKAREKA NDE. Igihugu cyawe igihe wagihungaga waragitanze ga!!! Sigaho!!! Jya wandika bike kandi mu Urunyarwanda; REKA KWIYANDAGAZA MU BYO NTAZI!!! NZAKWANDURURA MU BAZIMU ngushyire MU BAZIMA!?!?

  • #98

    @95&90 (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:51)

    Israeli ntaho ihuliye na dictatorship yo mu Rwanda,ni democrasi rwose nk'iyi buliya cgse American, none se ejobundi president wayo ntiyakulikiranywe munkinko zayo kandi ali president, mu Rwanda se birashoboka? Uwahoze ali premier minister nawe uzarebe ibye, Biratandukanye cyane. None se mu Rwanda iyo uvuze ukuli,cg ugatanga igitekerezo gitandukanye n'icyumutegetsi waho ngo uba uli inyangarwanda,kandi bataziko burya ntamuntu numwe ubaho adakunda igihugu cye usibye kwanga kuba inkomamashyi.

  • #97

    ariko se abatindi turahari (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:49)

    abatindi babanyarwanda bakunda nde bemera iki uvuze ubwami turahari, uvuze kayibanda turahari, uvuze gatindi turahari, uvuze rugemagafuni turahari ,uvuze gatindi turahari, uvuze kinani turahari , ushyize ikinyendaro munzu ukivanye mu mwijima ugishyize ku rumuri kigasubira mu mwijima turahari, kikakuzanira ikindi kinyendaro turahari , umva nawe turahari

  • #96

    Murutubarwe ati nshimishijwe ko hari n'abakobwa mushake imirimo: uburaya di (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:31)

    Jeannette Kagame arasaba urubyiruko gukoresha inzira inoze mu gushaka amafaranga

    Yanditswe kuya 3-10-2012 - Saa 01:01' na Marie Chantal Nyirabera

    Ku nshuro ya 3 abanyeshuri basaga 3,037 bahawe inyemezabumenyi mu mahugurwa yo kwihangira imirimo bahawe n’Akazi kanoze aho uyu muhango witabiriwe n’Umufasha wa Perezida, Jeannette Kagame.

    Madamu Kagame yagize ati "Nshimishijwe no kuba uru rubyiruko rwiganjemo abana barimo n’abakobwa babashije guhabwa inyemezabumunyi mu guhanga no kunoza umurimo."

    Yakomeje agira ati “Igihugu cyacu gikangurira Abanyarwanda twese kwiteza imbere. Ni akarusho kuri uru rubyiruko kuko ari ibisubizo bya bimwe mu bibazo iyo rugeze ku isoko ry’umurimo."

    Yasabye uru rubyiruko kwirinda inzira zidasobanutse zatuma bashakisha amafaranga mu buryo butanoze.

    Agira ati "Bana bacu, mu Kinyarwanda bavuga ngo uwitonze akama ishasi, Mwirinde inzira zidasobanutse zo gushaka imibereho n’amafaranga. Nimutangirire ku rwego mushoboye n’ubwo ibikorwa byanyu bitakwihuta cyane, ntibibabuze kurota ku nzozi zo gutera imbere cyane. Bizabageza aho muzishimira maze imirimo y’ibyo mwakoze mutagombye gushakisha inzira za hafi.”

    Yabasabye kwitinyuka bakaka inguzanyo kuko abenshi bajya bitinya bavuga ko ari nta ngwate bafite. Yabibukije ko Leta yashyizeho ibigo bitandukanye byabafasha birimo RDB, SACCO n’ibindi bigo by’imari iciriritse byabafasha.

    Yabasabye kandi gushyira hamwe bagatangirira mu matsinda mato bityo bakazagenda bazamuka.

    Madamu Kagame yabibukije gusangiza ubumenyi n’ubushobozi urundi rubyiruko rutabashije kugira amahirwe yo guhugurwa.

    Yabasabye kugisha inama abafite ubunanraribonye muri gahunda z’ibikorwa by’ubucuruzi n’imirimo no gutekereza ku bikorwa byo kwamamaza imishinga n’imirimo yabo, abagira inama yo kuzajya bitabira amahugurwa n’ingendoshuri haba mu karere n’ahandi ku Isi kuko bazabasha kuhavana ubundi bumenyi.

    Yabibukije uru rubyiruko ko ari inkingi ikomeye ku Rwanda ati "Urubyiruko ni inkingi u Rwanda rushingiyeho izarufasha gukomeza kubungabunga umurage w’ubukungu twiyemeje mu rugendo rwo gukomeza kwihesha agaciro."

    Mu mpanuro yahaye urubyiruko yagize ati "Mwihe intego kandi muhore mwisuzuma buri muntu ku giti cye mutibeshya, muhorane akarusho mwite kubabagana.”

    Yashimiye abikorera uburyo badahwema gufatanya na Leta kimwe n’abashoramari mu gutoza urubyiruko baruteza imbere,kimwe n’ibihugu by’inshuti.

    Minisitiri w’Uburezi, Dr. Vincent Biruta yavuze ko abiga imyuga atari ababuze andi mashuri ko n’abize andi mashuri biga imyuga bityo bikabagirira akamaro.

    Yashimiye by’umwihariko abanyeshuri barangije barimo abahungu 1,522 n’abakobwa 1,515 bahuguwe mu kunoza umurimo abibutsa ko gahunda ya Leta yo kuzamura ubukungu ishingiye ku rubyiruko binyuze mu burezi n’amahugurwa, ubumenyi ngiro, ikoranabuhanga n’umuco.

    Uhagarariye USAID yavuze ko hari harahuguwe abasaga ibihumbi birindwi(7000),kuri uyu munsi hiyongereyeho abarenga ibihumbi bitatu kandi ko hari Gahunda yo gukomereza mu tundi turere.

    Ngirabakunzi Solange Nahimana wahuguwe muri ino gahunda yasabye urundi rubyiruko kwitinyuka kuko we mu nguzanyo y’amafaranga ibihumbi 500, yabashije kuyakoresha mu bucuruzi bw’amazi n’umuriro bityo ko mu kwezi yunguka asaga ibihumbi 80 akayongeranya n’andi akabasha kwiyishyurira ishuri ku kigo cya IPRC ; ishuri rikuru ryigisha ubumenyingiro n’ikoranabuhanga ku Kicukiro.

    Abahawe inyemezabumenyi bari mu matsinda 19 arimo abahuguwe na RDB, Caritas, Yes Rwanda, PAJER, JOC, COATB, SOS n’abandi.

    Abahuguwe n’umushinga Akazi Kanoze babonye inyemezabushobozi ni abo mu turere twa Kicukiro, Gasabo na Nyarugenge.

  • #95

    @90 Makerere (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:22)

    Ndagirango nkunganire.
    Israel ni igihugu cyiyubashye kandi cyubashye abaturage bacyo.
    Abaturage ba Israel bafite ububasha bwo kwishyiriraho inzego.
    Si uko mbakunda cyane wenda bikaba byatuma mbabera oya.
    Ndavuga ibiriho.
    Muri Israel abashingamateka kangahe bakomboye abategetsi babo?
    Nikangahe byabaye mu rwanda?
    Nta narimwe.
    Ahubwo abo mu rwanda muri repubulika ya mbere nibo boshyaga Kayibanda ngo abe umudigitateri. Gusa we nubwo bamwishe yazize ubusa kuko yakundaga kubabwira ngo ko Parmehutu yakuyeho ubwami buvugirwa ningoma, bakaba bashaka ko aba umwami ugaragiwe nibendera ntibyaba byiza baguruye umwami wingoma bakamwihera amahoro. Nibyo bakoze ngirango muzi icyo Habyarimana yakoze kandi benshi mubamufashije bari muri nteko nshingamateka ya Parmehutu.

    Kuri Habyarima ho byari byifashe gute.
    Abo bashingamateka hari numwe wigeze amubaza byibura impamvu yiyamamazaga ari umwe kandi urwanda rutuwe na milioni?
    Cyangwa ngo amubaze icyo akora muri politiki kandi ari umusirikare.

    Kubwa Kagame bwo ndumva ntacyo navuga mwese amaso arabaha.

    Abanu rero ntibakagereranye ibitagereranywa.

    Israel ni igihugu jye nemera iyo mvuga israel mba mvuga abanya israel, si perezida cg minisitiri wintebe.

    Israel nta muyahudi yigeze ikurikira iyo yahungiye ngo imuvutse ubugingo bwe imunize, imuhaye uburozi, imukubise ifuni cg akandoya.
    Kuki kuko umuturage wese ni we mbaraga zigihugu. Kuko umwe wishwe aba ashobora kubyara akuzuza isi.
    Mwibuke ko natwe twese twavuye kuri Noah tukaba tumaze kuzura isi.
    Burya rero na Kagame buri umwe umwe muri milini yishe ninterahamwe ze yishe isi zingana nizo milioni.

  • #94

    Kagabo (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:17)

    Banyarubuga, mu by’ukuri iyi nkuru imaze iminsi kuri www.veritasinfo.fr.Ahubwo hagire uyishyira mu Kinyarwanda kugira ngo na babandi batukana bo muri FPR bamenye ibyanditsemo.
    Rwigema yajyaga aza mu Rwanda kenshi ku butumire bwa Rwigara Assinapaul .Rwigema yajyaga azenguruka u Rwanda muri Tour Cycliste du Rwanda mbere ya 1990, yacumbikaga muri Hotel des Diplomates ( kimwe n’uko Museveni yiyandikishaga muri Meridien akirarira kwa benewabo).Igihe Rwigema yazengurukaga u Rwanda byari bizwi n’ubutegetsi bwariho, mwibuke ko ari Habyarimana wamwambitse impeta ya General i Kampala. Gutera kw’inkotanyi muri 1990 ryari ibanga rizwi na bose (secret de polichinnelle), abagenzi bose baturukaga i Bugande bemezaga ko hategurwa igitero ku Rwanda,ariko uwabivugaga wese yamaganwaga na za maneko iyo batamufungaga.Hari abemeza ko iterwa ry’u Rwanda muri 1990 Habyarimana yari abiziranyeho na Rwigema. Ababivuga bemeza ko Rwigema yari gufata Byumba hanyuma agakora imishyikirano na Habyarimana. Kagame na bagenzi be rero siko babyumvaga, bashakaga ubutegetsi bwose ari ntawe babusangiye kabone niyo abatutsi b’imbere mu Rwanda bari kuba ibitambo, ibyo ni ibisanzwe mu muco wa gitutsi wo kohereza abatabazi aho bashaka gutera. .Iyo niyo mpamvu Rwigema yivuganywe na FPR ( enquetes zizerekana neza abamwishe niba bakiriho).Kagame rero n’agatsiko ke kwica babigize umukino, arapfa Rwigema,arapfa Gapyisi,arapfa Gatabazi ,arapfa Bucyana,barapfa abagogwe, barapfa abanyabyumba, arapfa Ndadaye,arapfa Habyarimana, arapfa Ntaryamira, barapfa abatutsi bo mu Rwanda, barapfa les intellectuals bo mu Burundi, barapfa abanyarwanda mu mashyamba ya Kongo, barapfa abakongomani barenze miliyoni 8 n’ubu bagipfa, barapfa i Kibeho,barapfa n’abandi n’abandi...Kugirango umuntu abe intwari yakagombye kugira criteres zidashidikwanyaho, zemeranywaho na bose yuzuza.Kuri liste y’intwari hariho ba Rudahigwa , ba Rwigema n’abandi ntavuze, kuki haburaho Mbonyumutwa, Kayibanda, Habyarimana,Misago n’abandi ntavuze? Aho ntitwaba tubogamye cyane ku buryo gushyiraho intwari twaba tubyihoreye nk’uko tutigisha amateka yacu? Ibyo nigeze mbibona muri URSS aho abataga umurongo n’amafoto yabo yahanagurwaga bigera n’aho Babura icyo bigisha abana babo muri Histoire. Ni aho ubutaha. Kagabo

  • #93

    israel (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:17)

    bafite story yabo ntaho ihuriye n uvukana ikirondwe mu ntoki ngo atageke biratandukanye akicisha bene wanyu ntabwo nari nziko gasabo 46% bitunga gasabo biva hanze kandi ubwo ntibashakaga kuvuga 80% non ntibibaho kuri iyi isi ingeta

  • #92

    AGAHATO MU GUTANGA AMAKURU (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:15)

    Yewe iyi nkuru nsanze kuri KIGALI TODAY ITEYE ISONI N'AGAHINDA...Yewe reka Kagame ajye abatuka abahe n'ibyo muhambira-
    Namwe mundebere iyi nka rwose yitwa Mwarimu...ngo gutanga amakuru ni itegeko...NYAMARA IRI TEGEKO RIHISHE IBINTU BIKOMEYE wasanga bigeze hamwe INYENZI INKOTANYI zari zaracengeye ahantu hose ari abashumba b'inka,,,abakozi bo mu ngo, mu tubari,,,mu mahoteri...yewe barajagataga kubera gusinda amahoro Habyara ntiyarabukwa cyane ko bari baracengeye bahereye mu mutwe n'umutima w'ingoma nshiru...Bahugira mu kuvuga ngo UZI ICO NDI CO...
    Nari narayobewe impamvu ingoma ya FPR ishyira imbere igitsina gore aho ukandagiye ugasanga kijagata,,,cyane mu nteko zombi kwari ukugira ngo bajye bsinya ibyo babonye nta gusesengura,,,burya umugore iyo umuhaye ifaranga ritubutse ...icyo atagukorera ni icyo atazi ko kibaho....
    INTEKO Y'ABADEPITE BACU YABAYE INTEKO MPIMBAMATEGEKO...YEWE uwapfuye yarihuse koko sinari nzi ko nyuma y'agafuni n'ingoyi FPR YAKANGIKA...KOKO IMINSI IKONA INGWE PE

  • #91

    AGAHATO MU GUTANGA AMAKURU (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:07)

    Professeur Shyaka Anastase, umuyobozi w’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Imiyoborere mu Rwanda (RGB).

    Mu minsi ya vuba mu Rwanda harajyaho itegeko rizajya ritegeka buri muntu wese, cyane cyane abayobozi gutanga amakuru areba n’inshingano bashinzwe ku banyamakuru ndeste no ku baturage basanzwe.

    Ibi byatangajwe na Shyaka Anastase, umuyobozi w’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Imiyoborere mu Rwanda (RGB) tariki 02/10/2012 mu Karere ka Rwamagana aho RGB yateguzaga abayobozi b’ibanze mu Ntara y’Iburasirazuba ko iryo tegeko riri mu nzira kandi bakwiye kuzaryubahiriza.

    Professeur Shyaka Anastase ati “Iryo tegeko ryamaze kwemezwa mu Nteko ishinga amategeko, mu minsi mike rirashyirwaho umukono na Perezida wa Repubulika kandi buri wese muri twe Abanyarwanda azagomba kuryubahiriza, uzabirengaho abe yiteguye ibihano bikaze azagenerwa mu mategeko.”

    Umuhuzabikorwa w’Umushinga ushinzwe guteza imbere itangazamakuru muri RGB, Kabagambe Ignatius, yabwiye abayobozi mu nzego z’Ibanze mu Ntara y’Iburasirazuba ko iryo tegeko nirimara kujyaho, bizaba ari inshingano ya buri muturage wese gutanga amakuru ajyanye n’inshingano afite mu munryango nyarwanda.

    Nk’uko bitangazwa na RGB, ngo kuva aho bigaragariye ko gutangaza amakuru byimakaza imiyoborere myiza kandi bikagira uruhare runini mu iterambere, Leta y’u Rwanda isanga buri muntu wese mu nshingano arimo agomba gutangaza amakuru yose yagirira igihugu n’abaturage akamaro mu kujijuka, kwidagadura, kwiyungura ubumenyi ndetse no kwirinda.

    Professeur Shyaka ati “Ntabwo ushobora gutandukanya itangazamakuru rinoze n’imiyoborere myiza ndetse n’iterambere. Itangazamakuru ni umusemburo udashidikanywaho w’iterambere n’impinduka nziza abaturage bagenderaho bakiteza imbere.”

    Ibi nibyo bituma guhabwa amakuru bigiye koroshywa, ndetse bikagirwa itegeko ku muturage n’umuyobozi wese igihe asabwe amakuru mu nshingano ze kandi ngo bikazihutisha iterambere mu miyoborere, ubwisanzure n’imibereho myiza by’Abanyarwanda.

    Ahishakiye Jean d’Amour

  • #90

    Makerere (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 21:03)

    Isiraheli igira demokarasi, ntabwo iyi yaba ikigereranyo uno mwanditsi ashyiramo u Rwanda. isiraheli irwana n'abanyamahanga. maneko zayo ntabwo zica abenegihugu, ingabo zigihugu nizo kwivuna abanzi baturutse hanze b'abanyamahanga ntabwo zihiga bukware abayahudi b'abenegihugu.Isiraheli igira parliament irwangwa na debate wagirango n'imirwano, buri wese avuga icyatekereza kandi ntabwo babizira.Hari abarabu bari muri Parliament.Ntabwo minisitiri w'intebe cyangwa perezida bumva ari threatened kuko bavuze ibyo batekereza. abaturage bafite uburenganzira bwo kwishyira bakizana. yewe nuwahoze ari umukuru wa Mossad aherutse kwandagaza Netanyahu kubyerekeye ibyo gutera Iran, ariko ntabwo ari ibintu byatumwa yikanga cyangwa ngo yirebe kurutugu. mubykuri rero nubwo Ihonyabwoko ryaba ifatiro washingiraho kugereranya u Rwanda na Isiraheli, ntakindi bihuriyeho.

  • #89

    Igitsina ubwigenge bwonyine dufite mu rwanda (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012)

    Mu rwanda twibohoje ku kintu bita igitsina.
    Abanyarwanda basambana kurusha abazima nabapfuye.
    Ngirango namwe mwabyiyumviye kuri bbc gahuzabantu.

  • #88

    @86 (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:32)

    Sha uvuze ukuri uku kwambaye ubusa benewacu bahimbira kubahutu gusa.
    Ngaho se kumugani niba ari intwari bakaba indwanyi nibahorere Rwigema.
    Gupfa nibyiza. Ubu aramutse yibeshye akazuka barasa urufaya rusubye urwo Kayumba yarashwe, cg agaterwa ibyuma birenze ibyo basogose muramu wa Kayumba cg se bakamuha uburozi nkubwahitanye Ruzibiza cg ubwo Gasasira yari azize mu minsi yashize.

    Sha umva ko bavuga twararitaye pe.

  • #87

    peace (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:26)

    rwabujindiri,fpr , afdrl ,cndp ,rnc, m 23 amahoro azagaruka ryari?

  • #86

    ubugambo gusa ngo rwigema rwigema !!!hahaha ko habuze umuhorera ? (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:15)

    Aliko uyu rwigema ko bamwita popular kandi mbona ameze nka Nyamwasa , yabuze uwamuhorera ?? nibigambo gusa !! none se ntibazi uwamwishe ??? hahahaha abatutsi bahimbira kubahutu , nakigeli aheze hanze , ahubwo interahamwe zikomeye nka RWARAKABIJE NA GATSINZI UTALIGEZE UKIZA ABATUTSI BABILI , NDETSE NA IRENE UMUGORE WA KARAMAGE YABOHOJE ABANJE GUFUNGA UMUGABO WE ARUSHA AGACIRO HIS MAJESTY KIGERA , hahahahahahaha hihihihihi barangiza ubugambo bukabarenga ngo biheshe agaciro !!! ikinyoma gusa muzabanze mugahe uliya mukambwe his Majesty , nagwa ishyanga zizaba zibaliye , niwe wali kuzabahuza ,n'abakomoka kuli ABELI

  • #85

    FPR Mafia (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:09)

    Le FPR en a fondé des ONG et en a confié la gestion à ses agents. Ainsi on peut citer « Rwanda Development Organization » géré au départ par le major Furuma actuellement en exil aux USA, « Benishyaka » gérée par l’épouse du colonel Karemera et « Rwaho » géré par Jacqueline Rukeba qui a dû s’exiler car elle était en concurrence avec « Benishyaka » dans la recherche des aides pour les veuves et les orphelins.
    Certains dignitaires du FPR ont cru bon de disposer d’un ranch. Comme celui-ci suppose une grande superficie de terrain, ce sont des pauvres paysans qui en ont payé le prix. Les éleveurs Bagogwe de la forêt de Gisahwati furent écartés souvent contre leur gré ou contre une somme dérisoire. Les plus récalcitrants furent tués et leur mort imputée aux infiltrés hutu en provenance du Zaïre. Dans les environs de Kigali, des personnes furent expropriées pour faire place aux ranches des barons du FPR.
    Depuis la prise de pouvoir par le FPR à Kigali, des terres des paysans furent prises comme butin de guerre par des hauts officiers de l’armée et leurs proches. L’exemple est venu d’en haut. Le général Paul Kagame, président du Rwanda s’est octroyé 45 hectares au bord du lac Muhazi. Il y a érigé une ferme : Ntebe Dairy Farm. Ses officiers supérieurs lui ont emboîté le pas. Ils ont fait main basse sur les terres fertiles de la province de l’Est, qui fait frontière avec l’Ouganda. Ils ne se sont pas contentés de quelques dizaines d’hectares mais des centaines. Ainsi, le général Ibingira Fred dispose de 320 hectares. Les généraux Frank Rusagara et Charles Kayonga totalisent à eu seuls 700 hectares. Même les fonctionnaires civils proches du FPR se sont servis : le gouverneur de cette province en 2007, Théoneste Mutsindashyaka, a à lui seul 109 ha. Mary Baine, la commissaire générale de l’office rwandais des recettes et la secrétaire d’Etat au ministère des Affaires étrangères, Rosemary Museminari figurent également parmi les grands propriétaires terriens. Cette situation est grave quand on sait que dans les régions les plus habitées du pays, l’exploitation moyenne oscille entre 0,6 ha et 0,2 ha.

  • #84

    fpr mafia (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:06)

    Il ne fut pas facile d’écouler tous ces produits. Le FPR s’organisa avec la société érythréenne « Trans-Afrika ». Des camions arrivaient au Rwanda avec du sel de cuisine et repartaient avec des containers des richesses pillées au Zaïre. Le suivi de cette maffieuse affaire fut confiée à Charles Karamba, un officier qui travaillait à l’ambassade rwandaise en Ethiopie et qui fut muté, pour ce faire, à Asmara, capitale de l’Erythrée.
    Un autre domaine auquel s’est intéressé Tristars est la télécommunication. C’est grâce à son initiative et à son financement que naquit « Rwandacel ». Au départ, la société MTN d’Afrique du Sud disposait d’actions dans la société mais se retira très vite. La société étendit son monopole sur tout le territoire national ainsi que dans les zones occupées du Congo-Zaïre à savoir les deux Kivu de façon que l’indicatif international pour téléphoner dans ces régions zaïroises est le même que celui du Rwanda (00 250…). Rwandacel s’est imposé en écartant le groupe de Miko Rwayitare, un autre opérateur dans le secteur de la téléphonie cellulaire.
    Tristars Investiments profita également de la politique de la privatisation des sociétés parastatales du Rwanda pour acquérir plusieurs sociétés. Lorsque l’Etat lançait des appels d’offres pour la vente des entreprises publiques, Tristars cherchait des hommes d’affaires étrangers qui devaient lui servir de paravent pour les acheter. Il en fut ainsi de la sucrerie de Kabuye, de l’hôpital roi Fayçal, de l’hôtel Kiyovu, du Guest house Kibuye, de l’hôtel des diplomates, de l’imprimerie nationale, etc. Par diverses magouilles, les biens de l’Etat sont cédés à vil prix. Cette pratique s’applique aussi aux biens privés que le FPR se permet de vendre.
    Une autre astuce utilisée est de faire acheter par l’Etat à des prix de loin supérieur à leurs coûts réels des immeubles appartenant à des hommes d’affaires membres du FPR pour en faire des bureaux des services administratifs.
    A côté de la société Tristars Investiments, certains politiciens, militaires et hommes d’affaires proches qui sont restés fidèles au général Kagame, se sont enrichis par le détournement des fonds publics, des aides internationales et de l’appropriation des biens privés.

  • #83

    FPR mafia (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:03)

    La fraude sur les produits en provenance du Burundi porta également sur les bières AMSTEL et le sucre de l’usine SOSUMO.
    Tristars s’est lancée également dans le secteur du bâtiment par le biais de la société COTRACO et dans le domaine du génie civil.
    Au vu de l’augmentation du parc automobile au Rwanda notamment dans la capitale Kigali, Tristar a investi dans les stations d’essence et mis sur pied la société ENGIEN, anciennement BP-FINA. Elle a profité de l’embargo sur le Burundi et a écoulé de millions d’hectolitres de produits pétroliers vers ce pays.
    Pour protéger les « nouveaux riches » et sécuriser leurs biens, Tristars fonda une société de gardiennage appelée INTERSEC avec des hommes armés. Tristars est donc tentaculaire. En association avec la société des assurances du Rwanda (SONARWA), Tristars Investiments créa la société de construction « Nyarutarama Management Property.
    Au cours de la guerre du Congo en 1996, le FPR s’est également livré aux pillages des richesses du Zaïre. Dans différentes villes et localités conquises, notamment au Kivu et à Kisangani, le FPR s’est accaparé des caisses de dollars en liquide, des lingots d’or, de diamants, de coltan, de la cassitérite, de bois massif, … Comme la distance entre plusieurs régions de la RDC et le Rwanda longue et que les routes y sont inexistantes ou impraticables, le FPR a dû affréter des avions pour transporter ce butin vers le Rwanda. Ainsi, journellement, des containers entiers de pierres précieuses furent embarqués à destination de Kigali à partir de l’aéroport de Lubumbashi dont le commandement avait été confié au capitaine Mugabo. A son retour, il fut en charge de la gestion de l’aéroport de Kigali pour superviser l’entrée des richesses en provenance du Zaïre.

  • #82

    FPR mafia (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 20:00)

    Pour rentabiliser tous ses biens mal acquis, le FPR fonda la société " « Tri Stars Investiments ». Sa gestion fut confiée au Dr Ben Rugangazi. Il n’apparaît nulle part dans l’organigramme du FPR. Il est assisté de Jean Marie Nyaruhirira.
    La trésorière du FPR, Aloysie Inyumba, et Paul Kagame recevaient quotidiennement des rapports de ce qui avait été pillé et de ce qui avait été vendu.
    La destination de ces fonds créa un malaise au sein de la famille FPR. Dans la réunion dite de « Michigan II » qui eut lieu dans cette ville des Etats-Unis, les membres posèrent la question de leur utilisation à Charles Muligande, alors secrétaire général du FPR. Il répondit que celui qui serait intéressé devrait venir à Kigali et consulter les livres de compte. Ces livres étaient tenus par Laetitia Nkunda et Claudine Masozera.
    Le blanchiment de cette fortune mal acquise fut fait via la société « Tri Stars Investiments ». Celle-ci a investi dans diverses activités. Elle a pris des parts dans la banque BCDI , elle a ouvert également un magasin de matériel de construction sous le nom d’APEX et elle a participé au financement du projet dénommé « Mutara Development » chargé du développement de la région du Mutara où bon nombre des barons du FPR ont installé leurs familles en provenance d’Ouganda.
    Tristars s’est aussi lancé dans le commerce du café. Elle a fondé la société RWACOF et instruit tous les commandants d’unités de l’APR que personne d’autre n’avait droit d’acheter du café. Ce monopole rapporte des sommes colossales à la société, étant entendu qu’elle a profité au départ des stocks du café torréfié trouvé dans différents entrepôts de l’OCIR-Café, société parastatale de commercialisation du café sous le régime Habyarimana. La société profita également de l’embargo imposé au Burundi voisin et fit entrer frauduleusement des milliers de tonnes du café en provenance de ce pays. L’opération fut confiée au major Gacinya Rugumya avec les facilités des Services de « External Intelligence » alors dirigé par le colonel Patrick Karegeya.

  • #81

    FPR Mafia Satani luciferi (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:57)

    Le Front patriotique rwandais (FPR) a hérité de mauvaises pratiques de la NRA, l’armée ougandaise, qui a pris le pouvoir avec Yoweri Museveni en janvier 1986. L’action des officiers d’origine rwandaise fut déterminante pour cette victoire. Ils ont alors investi la capitale Kampala et se sont constitués un butin de guerre par des pillages sauvages.
    Avant la guerre, les actes de vols et de pillage furent organisés depuis 1986. Elles furent systématiques avec le déclenchement de la guerre en octobre 1990 en tuant et en chassant la population pour occuper leurs biens et récolter ce qu’elle avait semé sans oublier l’usage de ses biens meubles et immeubles à des fins de guerre. Les villes de Byumba et de Ruhengeri furent occupées et pillées systématiquement, respectivement en 1991 et 1992. Les zones conquises étaient soumises aux mêmes rapines et saccages. Des machines furent démontées dans différentes unités de production, dont notamment des usines à thé de la préfecture de Byumba et vendues en Ouganda.
    Après sa victoire sur les Forces armées rwandaises (FAR), l’armée du FPR s’est livrée aux razzias de plusieurs villes et régions.
    Dans la ville de Kigali, les militaires du FPR et ses partisans se sont appropriés des véhicules neufs de toutes sortes et des containers des médicaments trouvés dans les magasins généraux du Rwanda (MAGERWA), du matériel de construction, des appareils électroménagers, des TV et autres appareils Hi-Fi, des ordinateurs et autres matériels informatiques, des pierres précieuses, des sacs de thé et de café trouvés dans les entrepôts d’exportation, du mobilier de luxe, de la quincaillerie, de tissus, du lait en poudre, de l’argent liquide abandonné dans les magasins et les banques, etc. Une partie était transportée vers Byumba ou Rwagitima et supervisée par un certain Titien Muberangabo. Celui-ci était chargé d’évaluer la valeur de ces articles et de les vendre. Des commerçants ougandais sont venus nombreux s’approvisionner dans ces stocks du FPR. Une autre partie a été gardée par les pilleurs. C’est ainsi que les officiers du FPR ou leurs proches ont pu ouvrir des magasins des objets de luxe et des pharmacies sans investir un centime.
    A partir de juin 1994, à Gitarama, toute la population fut conduite vers le sud-est dans la région du Bugesera. La ville et la région ont été mises à sac. Dans le sud du pays, à Butare, la ville universitaire et commerçante fut pillée par des officiers du FPR. A Kibungo, comme dans toute la région du Mutara, le FPR fit un nettoyage ethnique pour pouvoir créer des zones de peuplement pour les réfugiés venus d’Ouganda qui s’étaient appropriés des biens des victimes.
    Après avoir pillé le Rwanda, le FPR a étendu plus tard cette pratique sur les immenses richesses de la RDC entre 1996 et 2003.
    Les militaires du FPR sont appelés ironiquement les « Soldats Sans Frontières » (SSF), sobriquet dû au fait qu’ils ont combattus, pour la plupart, en Ouganda, au Rwanda et au Zaïre.
    Dans leur aventure, les SSF ont reproduit les mêmes méthodes qu’ils ont expérimentées et qui ont fait leur preuve. Par de petits groupes, ils infiltrent une région ou une ville, y sèment le chaos et la terreur par des assassinats ciblés. Des personnes fuient sans rien sauver. La région ou la ville sont alors investies et pillées.
    Le butin de guerre est toujours impressionnant car l’infrastructure d’une ville avec ses magasins, ses habitations de luxe, ses dépôts pour les grandes sociétés,…, tout cela constitue des richesses que le FPR a acquises sans rien dépenser. La conséquence est que le FPR a une richesse dont il peut encore se servir pendant de nombreuses années.
    Les conquêtes et les razzias des régions et des villes ougandaises, rwandaises et congolaises ont fait l’objet des méthodes utilisées lors de la guerre de la NRA de 1982 à 1986.

  • #80

    coco (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:51)

    NDAKOSORA GATO INYANDIKO YA GENERAL HABYARIMANA EMMANUEL: umusilikare wa mbere wa R.P.F watangiye kuvuga iby'ubwicanyi ku mugaragaro ni MAJOR KWIKIRIZA wahungiye muri USA, muri 1997, uwa 2. ni MAJOR MFURUMA wanatanze ubuhamwa kwa procureur LOUISE ARBOUR, ntabwo ari ABDUL RUZIBIZA watangiye nuko we yitanze cyane akanandika IGITABO cyamenyekanye, ariko THEONESTE RIZINDE ndetse na MAJOR BIRASA JOHN bishwe nabo bandika ibitabo, icya BIRASA cyitwaga (SAME HORROR DIFFERENT DAY) bivuga ngo ITERABWOBA RIRACYARI RYARINDI IMINSI NIYO YAHINDUSTE.

  • #79

    Annette (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:50)

    Hari abibwira ko Mafia ya RPF izahagarikwa n'aya mashyaka nunva hanze aha...NEVER.....Mafia ni mafia.Abo ba Kayumba baba barata abo ba Rwigema bishwe na Mafia yabo, n'abandi bagenzi be Noble yagiye avuga uko bishwe...abo bose bari muli iyo mafia...Niko Mafia ikora. rero iyo mafia ntaho yagiye. Iracyariho. Abantu bo muli RPF bicaye bagategura bitonze uko Abitwa abahutu bagomba gucecekeshwa c'est a dire kurimbura abazi ubwenge muli bo inturage zisigaye zikayoborwa butama abenshi baracyahari ...Iyo filosofia yo kurandurana imizi icyo bise HUTISM, bariya bose bayobora za RNC baracyayifite(....)Njye ndareba nkumirwa iyo mbona hari abashinyitse amenyo ngo bagiye gufata ubutegetsi i Kigali. Ahubwo njye mbona solution aruko abantu babanza bagahumuka bakamenya IRIYA RESEAU Y'ABICANYI UKO ITEYE, bakamenya umwanzi uwariwe..Hari n'abatutsi batazi ibyaribyo bapfa kwasama ngo ni abatutsi ngo baratsinze!!!Ayiwe...nonese abo ba Rwigema ba Ndugute, n'abandi bishwe na nde?(NTABWO ARI INTERAHAMWE ZABISHE OK???)
    Abagize iyo mafia nibabanze bamenyekane, kuko nibo bateguye iriya jenoside LONG AGO(ibyo baba babeshya ngo ni abahutu ngo blablabla sibyo).

  • #78

    Colonel sumuson. (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:50)

    Ariko sha wa mwana we wagiye uceceka ko bigaragara ko uwo musaza ngo ni gaciro byamurangiranye, ikindi kandiko muminsi mike turaba dusesekaye ikigali tumeze nkuburo buhuye duhutaza gaciro nabambaribe. Itangazo: ndamenyesha abantu bose bari against gaciro ko muminsi mike natwe dushyiraho ikigega cyubufatanye kuri buri muntu wese inyenzi za zahaje kuko vuba cyane turaba dusesekaye ikigali iyi nkunga niyo gufasha ingabo zacu mu rwego rwa transport no kurwanya Diasporat aho iri hose ndasaba abashinzwe gukora amarapport ko batangira gukora ama liste ariho impehe zose zikorera diasporat naho zitaha hose ubundi tuzikomeshe.

  • #77

    FPR, M23 na FDLR Inyabutatu nyarwanda (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:48)

    FPR, M23 na FDLR ni neza neza nkamoko y'inyabutatu zabanyarwanda Abatutsi, Abahutu n'Abatwa.
    FDLR= Abatwa

    Uko niko amoko asigaye ameze.
    Iyi analyse murayisanga munkuru iri aha hasi aho ngo FDLR isigaye ihabwa ikiraka na M23!

    Muri iri joro rya keye ryo kuwa mbere taliki ya 01/10/2012 umutwe wa M23 wigaruriye utundi turere muri Kivu y’amajyaruguru kuburyo ubu izo nyeshyamba zigenzura umuhanda wa Kiwanja –Ishasha uherereye kuri kilometero 60 mu majyaruguru agana i burasirazuba bw’akarere ka Rutshuru. Amakuru veritasinfo ikesha radio Okapi avugako M23 yaturutse mu karere ka Kiseguru kari kubirometero 17 by’akarere ka Kiwanja; buhoro buhoro izo nyeshyamba za M23 zigenda zifata uturere twa: Katuiguru-Kisharo-Bugaramba- Nyamirima kugera Ishasha , kuburyo abaturage batuye utwo turere twose babyutse bisanga mubuyobozi bw’inyeshyamba za M23 zigizwe ahanini n’abasiliakre b’u Rwanda.

    Amakuru menshi yemeza ko izo nyeshyamba za M23 zafashe utwo turere twose nta mirwano ibaye. Amakuru menshi yemeza ko ingabo za Maï –Maï ziyobowe na Shetani Muhima, na FDLR Soki zari zarigaruriye utwo turere zatuvuyemo nta mirwano ibaye.

    Amakuru aturuka mu miryango itabogamiye kuri leta ikorera muri utwo turere avuga ko inyeshyamba za M23 zakozanyijeho gato n’aba maï-maï ba Shetani ahitwa Buramba hafi ya Nyamirima ariko ingabo za FDLR zo zikaba zashyize mu maboko ya M23 uturere zagenzuraga kuburyo iyo miryango ivugako bisa naho FDLR yari yabyumvikanyeho na M23.

    Muri iri joro ryakeye rero umutwe wa M23 wungutse indi gasutamo ya Ishasha iri ku mupaka wa Congo na Uganda nyuma ya gasutamo ya Kasindi na Bunagana zose ziri mu maboko ya M23. Kuri iyi gasutamo ya Ishasha igenzurwa ubu na M23 hanyura ibicuruzwa bitanga amahoro ari hagati y’ibihumbi 500 n’ibihumbi 700 by’amadolari y’Amerika ahwanye hafi na 436379804 y’amafaranga y’u Rwanda mu kwezi; iyo gasutamo yonyine ikaba yinjiza amafaranga aruta imfashanyo amahanga yahagarikiye u Rwanda.

    Ejo kuwa mbere , nibwo umutwe wa M23 watangaje ko ugiye gufata umujyi wa Goma kugira ngo utabare abaturage barimo bicwa n’ingabo za Congo, none ubanje gufata ahantu hanyura amafaranga kugira ngo ubone impamba izawuherekeza kugera i Goma kandi hanavemo n’amafaranga yo kuziba icyuho ku nkunga amahanga yafashaga u Rwanda, ibyo rero bikaba bituma kagame akomeje kwima amahanga amatwi ahubwo akikomereza urugamba muri Congo kuko ariho akura umutungo mwinshi ! Ikibabaje gusa ni uko abanyarwanda batabona kuri uwo mutungo uva muri Congo ubu bakaba bagiye kwicwa n’inza.

  • #76

    Annette (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:31)

    Wowe #75 wibeshya. Nvuka ahongano uvuga. Wibeshyera abo bana we!!!!!! Ntabwo abana bacu bari bazi ayo matiku y'abari ba Rwigema cyanga ba Kagame...Ayo ni amatiku yazanywe na RPF uko yakabaye, ntimukajijishe..Intambara yose ni mbi Ntimugashake kubeshya mwa banyabinyoma mwe. Umuntu wese ufata inzira yo kujya kurasa abantu na za bombes ntacyiza mubonamo. Inxzira zo gukemura biriya bibazo zari zihari, ahubwo RPF yo yaje ifite umugambi mubisha wo gutsemba abanyabwenge bose bo mu gihugu..nyuma babonye abaturage batabibemerera, batangira gutsemba n'abaturage basanzwe b'abahutu. RWIGEMA CYANGA KAGAME NTA DIFFERENCE. Please mutangire muhagarike ayo macenga yanyu...abicanyi abaribo bose bicuze, nta mwicanyi mwiza ubaho

  • #75

    Icyo nzi kuri Rwigema! (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 19:00)

    Inkotanyi zitera nigaga mu ishuri ry'indimi ry'i Gahini.Icyo gihe nabajije abana bari barakuwa mu byabo n'intambara bo muri Muvumba niba koko Inkotanyi zicana nkuko bivugwa kuri radio Rwanda ....aba bana banyibwiriye neza ko Rwigema akiyobora ziticaga abaturage ko ahubwo zahigaga abantu bo muri muvoma! Ngo inkotanyi zatangiye kwica abaturage aho Kagame Paul asimburiye Rwigema....Abanyarwanda rero nibasobanukirwe neza ko u Rwanda ruyobowe n'umwicanyi Kabombo....ko kandi gukomeza kuyoborwa n'umwicanyi bitaduhesha icyubahiro imbere yamahanga....

  • #74

    Abahutu!! nimuhuza nzayoboka!!!!!!!! (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 18:49)

    Najyaga mbivuga ngo ni aya Makanji!!! aba batindi barasimburana batanga amafranga mu agDF barangiza bakabavugisha amangambure!!
    Urwanda aho rugeze sha ntawe utahishimira keretse atazi aho imihirimbiri y'abahutu yari yarutaye!!!

    Ngaho irebere chèque ziracicikana!! bravo bana bacu mushyire hamwe turwubake mureke iki gipadiri cyataye umutwe.

    Amakuru ikinyamakuru Izuba Rirashe gikesha bamwe mu bagize Diaspora y’u Rwanda aremeza ko hari abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bamaze gusobanukirwa akamaro ko gutanga umusanzu mu Kigega Agaciro Development Fund.

    Mu Banyarwanda batuye mu gihugu cy’u Bubiligi cyane cyane i Buruseli hari abasobanukiwe akamaro ko gutanga umusanzu muri icyo Kigega ariko bagahitamo kubikora rwihishwa birinda ko hari bagenzi babo babimenya bakabamerera nabi.

    Umunyarwandakazi utarashatse ko amazina ye avugwa utuye i Buruseli yagize ati; “Hari abagiye mu matsinda y’abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi kubera ko nta makuru bafite ku gihugu cyangwa ari ababyeyi babo n’abandi bababeshya ariko bamaze gusobanukirwa ko ubutegetsi buriho bukora neza.”

    Uhagarariye u Rwanda mu gihugu cy’u Bubiligi; Ambasaderi Robert Masozera yatangarije ikinyamakuru Izuba Rirashe ko mbere yo gutangira igikorwa cyo gukusanya inkunga z’Abanyarwanda; hari abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bahisemo kwangisha iyi gahunda abandi Banyarwanda ariko biba impfa busa.

    Masozera yagize ati; “twatunguwe no kubona abantu benshi baza kuri Ambasade batari bakahageze na rimwe; batanga inkunga yabo kimwe nk’abandi hari n’abanyuza amafaranga kuri konti rwihishwa ku mpamvu z’umutekano wabo ariko ukabona ko basobanukiwe akamaro ko kwiyubakira igihugu.”

    Ambasaderi Masozera yongeye ho ko kwitanga kw’Abanyarwanda byerekanye icyizere Abanyarwanda bafitiye Leta yabo.

    “Urebye uburyo abantu bari bishimye; babyambariye; ukabona uburyo bitanze; bikwereka icyizere bafitiye Guverinoma yabo.”

    Abanyarwanda basaga 600; taliki ya 29 Nzeli 2012; bahuriye i Buruseli mu Bubiligi ku cyicaro cy’Ambasade y’u Rwanda maze basobanurirwa gahunda y’Ikigega Agaciro. Nyuma yo gusobanurirwa bahise batanga miliyoni 115;000;000 frw.

    Bamwe muri aba Banyarwanda batangarije ikinyamakuru Izuba Rirashe ko bafata iyi gahunda nka bimwe mu biranga umuco w’Abanyarwanda kandi bahisemo kujya batanga amafaranga yabo kuko bizeye ko azakoreshwa neza.

    Mpore Josephine Umunyarwandakazi utuye i Buruseli yagize ati; “twebwe ntidukeneye gusobanurirwa icyo amafaranga azakoreshwa; iyo ugeze mu Rwanda nyuma y’imyaka 18 ibikorwa bivuga kurusha amagambo. Uyu muco Abanyarwanda barawuhoranye; ubu rero warabyukijwe mu rwego rwo gushyira hamwe imbaraga zacu.”

    Mu bitabiriye ibikorwa byo gutanga inkunga mu Kigega AgDF ; harimo abafitanye isano ya hafi n’abahoze mu butegetsi bw’u Rwanda nk’uwari Perezida w'u Rwanda Gregoire Kayibanda na Minisitiri w'Intebe Faustin Twagiramungu.

  • #73

    Umumwe (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 18:21)

    Great piece of analysis and personal belief. Watch out as the mafia organisation will be on your trail. I hope the pathetic Arthur Asiimwe will learn what ethical journalism means....

  • #72

    Kuri 60 (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:48)

    • kutagundira ubutegetsi aharanira inyungu ze n'agatsiko ke;

    Perezida Dominiko Mbonyumutwa yasigiye abanyarwanda bose umurage ukwiye guhora wibukwa n'abaharanira bose ko mu Rwanda habaho umuco wo kwemera gusimburwa k'ubutegetsi. Niwe wenyine mu mateka y'u Rwanda wemeye gusimburwa mu mahoro k'ubutegetsi bw'Urwanda yabereye Prezida kuva 28 mutarama 1961 kugeza 26 ukwakira 1961 agasubira mu buzima busanzwe nk'abandi benegihugu.


    Intwari yaranzwe n'ibitekerezo byubaka, kuvugira abarengana n'abarenganywa. Tumukesha:

    • guha ikinyamakuru Kinyamateka umurongo ukwiye wo kuba ijwi ry'abadashoboye kutivugira;

    • kwanga imanza z'amahugu;

    • kugira umutungo bwite (droit de propriété);

    • gutegeka Intiti kubana n'abaturage mucyaro no kubigisha mu mvugo n'ingiro;

    • kurwanira impinduramatwara n'impindurangiro mu butegetsi bw'u Rwanda;

    • guha abanyarwanda amahirwe angana mu buyobozi;

    • kubona ubutegetsi bushingiye kuri Repubulika kandi buvuye mu matora;

    • kwita ku majyambere y'abanyarwanda benshi batuye mu cyaro;

    Perezida Gerigori Kayibanda yibukwa nka perezida wabashije kwemerwa n'abatavuga rumwe nawe ko yagerageje kurwanya abahezanguni aho bava hose.


    Intwari yaranzwe no kwemera gushyikirana n'abarwanya ubutegetsi bw'igitugu. Tumukesha:

    • kurwanya umugambi wacuzwe na FPR igamije ko abanyarwanda basubiranamo;

    • kwita ku majyambere y'abanyarwanda benshi batuye mu cyaro;

    • kwemera gushyira umukono ku amasezerano y'amahoro mu gihugu no mu karere.

    Perezida Habyarimana Yuvenal akwiye kwibukwa n'abaharanira bose ukuri ku mateka ya jenoside y'abanyarwanda agomba kwandikwa uko yiyanditse aho kwandikwa uko FPR yabitegetse nka Perezida wari wabashije gukumira icyatuma abanyarwanda basubiranamo bakamarana.

    9. General Major Fred Gisa Rwigema

    Intwari yaranzwe no kwanga gushyigikira umugambi wo gutsembatsemba abo yaharaniga kuyobora.. Tumukesha:

    • kwanga gushyigikira umugambi wacuriwe mu Buganda wo gutsembatsemba abahutu;

    Amaze kugambanirwa no kwivuganwe na bamwe mu bashinze FPR yateguye igashyira mu bikorwa jenoside y'abahutu yaje kwagurirwa no guharirwa abatutsi b'imbere mu rwanda yasimbujwe kungufu Kagame Paulo n'abategetsi b'ubuganda bamuhaye inshingano yo gutegura jenoside y'abanyarwanda yateguriwe mu Buganda.

    9. Gapyisi Emmanuel

  • #71

    Kuri 60, (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:46)

    Intwari yaranzwe no kwerurira Perezida Habyarimana akamaro k'amashyaka menshi. Tumukesha:

    • Gufata iya mbere mu kwamagana ububi bw'ishyaka rimwe rukumbi mu Rwanda;

    Yarashwe na FPR ishaka ko abahutu basubiranamo bakamarana.

    10. Felicien Gatabazi

    Intwari yaranzwe no kuvugisha ukuri kudatezuka kubyo yemera. Tumukesha:

    • kwanga gushyigikira umugambi wo kwica Perezida Habyarimana;

    • kwanga kwemera ko uwo mudahuhuje ibitekerezo agomba gupfa;

    • kwanga kuvutsa ubuzima uwo muhatanira ubutegetsi;

    • kwanga umuco wo kwihorera;

    Yishwe na FPR imuziza kudashyikira ikinamico ryayo mu masezerano y'amahoro ya Arusha.

    11. Boniface Ngulinzira

    Intwari yaranzwe n'imishyikirano itaziguye. Tumukesha:

    • kurwanya ikinamico mu mishyikirano n'amasezerano y'amahoro y'Arusha;

    • guharanira imishyikirano y'amahoro atanga ikizere n'ibitekerezo byubaka;

    • kureba kure akabona yamagana gukomereza ingirwamishyikirano muri Kigali;

    Abashinze FPR yo gushyira mu bikorwa jenoside y'abanyarwanda bagabanyijwemo ishyaka MDR ibice bibi bihanganye kugira ngo banyonge ibitekerezo byubaka igihugu Ngulinzira yari yaragaraje mu mishyikirano y'amahoro ya Arusha.

    12. Lieutenant Abdul Ruzibiza

    Intwari yaranzwe no kwanga kuryamira ukuri yahagazeho cyangwa yabwiwe. Tumukesha:

    • kuva mu gatsiko k'abicanyi n'abatezamvururu akavuga ukuri kubyaye mu Rwanda;

    • kuba uwambere muri FPR kwemera ko jenoside yateguwe igashyirwa mu bikorwa na Paul Kagame hamwe n'agatsiko kari muri APR;

    • Gutanga ubuhamya buzira amarangamutima ku amahano yagwiriye abanyarwanda bose;

    • kumenya gahunda ya buri munsi y'uko intambara ihagaze;

    • kwitandukanya n'umutwe w'abicanyi akemera kuvuga ibyo bakoze.

    Bikorewe i Sion (Suisse)
    Ku wa 14 Nyakanga 2011
    Général Habyarimana Emmanuel
    Prezida wa CNR-INTWARI

  • #70

    Kuri 60, inkuru ngiyo: (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:45)


    Intwari yaranzwe no kubaka igihugu, abenegigihu bazira kuvogerwa. Tumukesha:

    • Kurwanira ubusugire bw'igihugu;

    • Kurwanira ubutaka bw'u Rwanda rw'abanyarwanda bose n'amateka yabo;

    • Guca inzara yari yarabaye karande mu Rwanda.

    Amaze kubaka igihugu cy'u Rwanda yaciye iteka ko ruzira guterwa no kovongerwa muri aya magambo akwiye kubera isomo abanyarwanda bose: « Urwanda ruratera ntiruterwa »


    Intwari yaranzwe no kwanga kwiyambura no kugurisha umuconyarwanda. Tumukesha:

    • Kwanga kuba ndiyo bwana ;

    • Guharanira ubusugire bw'umuconyarwanda ;

    Aho kwihakana umuconyarwanda, Umwami Yuhi Musinga yahisemo gucibwa mu gihugu no kugwa inyuma yacyo nk'impunzi.


    Intwari yaranzwe no kuvugisha ukuri no kurwanira igihugu. Tumukesha:

    • kwanga ubukoloni mu bukoloni nk'uko bimeze ubu mu Rwanda ;

    • kwanga umuco w'agasazuguro no gutesha agaciro umunyarwanda mu gihugu cye ;

    • kurengera uwaguhungiyeho, kuvugira udahari ukirinda kumugambanira ;

    • kwanga urubanza ruciriwe mu nyegamo (mu mfuruka) aho gucibwa ku karubanda ;

    • kwigomeka k'ubutegetsi bukandamiza Rubanda ;

    • kwamagana umuco wo kubohoza amazu n'amasambu n'indi mitungo ;

    • guharanira ko icyaha kiba gatozi, uwagikoze akakibazwa wenyine;

    Aho kwihakana amahame n'amatwara y'Intwari, yahisemo kunyongwa amaze kugambanirwa n'Inshuti ye Ndungutse yagaye cyane.

    4. Basebya ba Nyirantwari

    Intwari yaranzwe no kurengera umwana na nyina n'abatagira kivugira. Tumukesha:

    • kurwanya umuco wo kuroha abakobwa batwise inda y'indaro abayimuteye bigaramiye;

    • kwigomeka k'ubutegetsi bunyonga abanze kubuyobaka;

    Nyina Nyirantwari wari warasamye inda y'indaro yarokotse kurohwa. Basebya amaze gukura akabimenya, yahisemo kwigomeka no kurwanya ubutegetsi bw'i Nyanza bwaciraga urwo gupfa umwana ukiri munda ya nyina azira icyaha cy'uko yasamwe atabihisemo.


    Intwari yaranzwe no kwandika amateka uko yiyanditse, guhishura ibyari ubwiko, gusubiza agaciro ururimi rw'ikinyarwanda no kumenyekanisha umuconyarwanda. Tumukesha:

    • kwandika ibitabo byabereye abanyarwanda n'abazabakomakaho isoko idakama y'ubumenyi ku mateka n'umuco, ari wo murage musekuruza w'Abanyarwanda;

    • kuvuga no kwadika ntakubogamira k'uruhande rw'uwatsinze ubonerana uwatsinzwe;

    • kuvuga ukuri kuzira amarangamutima m'Urwanda;

    Usibye kuvugira kukarubanda ibyaziraga n'ibyahanirwaga kuvugirwa mu ruhame, Padiri Kagame Alegisi yarabyanditse, arabisobanura bihinduka gutyo umurage n'amateka y'abanyarwanda bose aho kuba umurage w'agatsiko kari karabigize ibanga. Ubwo bwiko n'ubwiru bimaze kujya k'umugaragaro nibwo hadutse imvugo « Kiliziya yakuye kirazira ».

    (reba suite hejuru)

  • #69

    Hutupower kuri #61 (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:41)

    Yewe, baravuga ngo akabi gasekwa nkakeza none nawe uransheje kabisa!!
    uragize uti ubanza warahuye n'uruvagusenya! none reka nkubwirenti: urabibara se urabizi ko nagendesheje!!
    Ubanza uwahuye n'uruvagusenya byibuze we hari icyo asigaza?
    Ge ndabona narahuye nanyabarongo rwaruzi rw'iwacu rusakuma icyo ruhuye nacyo cyose!!

    Reka rero niba wemera ko nshobora kuba umuntu mwiza urakoze kandi Imana iguhembere iyo mvugo yawe, ariko nyine ukobyagenda kose kagame, kabarebe,nyamwasa nabandi batutsi benshi cyane ntiriwe mvuga amazina yabo, abo bose batinyutse kwica bose bamenye ko igihe cyabo kirimo kwegereza ngo ibyo bakoze bibagaruke kandi nushaka wemere ko mvuze nti bajye njye.
    Ugire ibihe byiza

    @HUTUPOWER ariko ntangiye no kukwikundira ntabwo uri mubi ahubwo ubanza warahuye n'uruvagusenya..icecekere si wowe wenyine, abatutsi bararira, abahutu bararira, u Rwanda rwagwiriwe n'amahano naho urwango rwibasira bamwe ntacyo ruzamara uretse kumarana na none !

  • #68

    Kunshuti za RNC (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:38)

    Kunshuti za RNC,RDI, Imanzi, FDU, PS, Green Part ndabaramukije.
    Mwirinde akajagari kazanywa nabambari bingoma ngome.
    Mushyire hamwe uko mushoboye kose, umwanzi akurwe kukejo.
    Intego si ukumwitura ibyo yakoreye abandi ashwi aho umuntu yaba abaye nyuma ye.
    Ahubwo ni ukumwereka ko yibeshye yigira ishitani mu isi yabantu.

  • #67

    Majeshi nawe ati: (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:38)

    Irongera irambwira iti" dore mu gihugu cyanyu hagiye kubaho ubusambanyi bwinshi cyane kandi butagira umubare kandi dore n’Abakozi banjye bankorera nabo bagiye kwivanga muri politiki ya FPR ,nyuma y’Ibyo hazakurikiraho kugura intwaro zikomeye cyane kandi izo ntwaro zizica abaziguze kuko ntawundi uzatera igihugu cyanyu ahubwo mwebwe ubwanyu muzacikamo ibice binne (4) kandi ni mwebwe ubwanyu muziyanga mu gahindukamo abanzi b’igihugu cyanyu".Uwiteka Imana arambwira ati" dore umukuru w’Igihugu cyanyu akoze uburiganya agiye ku ngoma nyamara igihe cyari kitaragera akaba ariyo mpamvu ibyo yibwira ko azageraho ntabwo azabigereho kuko uko iminsi izajya yicuma niko ibibazo bizarushaho kwiyongeraé.
    Imana yongera kumbwira aya magambo ngo "dore umukuru w’Igihugu ariwe nyakubahwa perezida Paul Kagame yavushije amaraso y’Abantu benshi cyane none dore amaraso ararira, niyompamvu ndakajwe cyane no guhorera abatagira kivurira".Imana irambwira iti" dore General Kayumba Nyamwasa azahunga igihugu ndetse namara guhunga James Kabarebe azahita aba Ministiri w’ingabo icyo gihe guhora kwanjye kuzaba kwegereje kuko abakoze ibyaha bose naho bahunga bakajya mu mahanga umuvumo w’ibyo bakoze uzabasangayo kandi icyo gihe mu gihugu cyanyu muzaba muririmba amahoro ariko ntamahoro muzaba mufite ndi Uwiteka ubivuze,gusa icyafasha nkagirira imbabazi igihugu cyanyu ni uko mwashyiraho umunsi wo kunshima ko nabahaye igihugu abandi nabo nkaba narabarinze bityo mu gashyiraho umunsi umwe ndetse uwo munsi mwese mu kawuhuriraho mu kajya kuri stade amahoro mu kihana ibyaha mwakoze hagati y’Abahutu n’Abatutsi niho nzabona kubabarira".Iirambwira iti" ujyende urebe pastor Rene Masasu mujyane kwa perezida wa repubulika mu mu bwire ko jyewe Uwiteka ariko mvuze.Ni mutabigenza gutyo igihugu cyanyu sinzakibabarira".

    Mu itora ry’ibihumbi 2003 kuwa 25/08 Imana yarambwiye iti" ntujye gutora kuko perezida aziba amajwi ntampamvu yo kwiyanduza, maze uwiteka Imana irambwira iti" ahubwo jya kuri round point urebe amagambo yanditse ku kibaho ndakubwira amagambo akurikira" ndazamuka icyo gihe nari ntuye mu kiyovu cyo hepfo ngeze kuri round point Imana irambwira iti" ubonye iki?" nti "mbonye amagambo yanditse ku kibaho: Kagame Inkingi y’Amahoro, Kagame inkingi ya Demokarasi,Kagame inkingi y’Umutekano".
    Maze Imana irambaza iti" ni iki cy’Ukuri muri biriya byose usomye?" nti nta nakimwe Uwiteka Imana irambwira iti" rero umukuru w’Igihugu cyanyu nzamuzamura amere nk’igiti kingaza marumbo Isi yose izamwubaha azagera ahantu hose,azabona abantu bose bakomeye nzamuha ubutunzi ku buryo abamubanjirije n’abazamuheruka ntawuzanganya nawe ariko nzamumanura nk’Umurwa w’Ibaburooni,kandi ubwami bwe nzabusenya nta n'umwe wabubayemo uzongera kwibukwa ukundi!".
    Maze Imana irambwira iti" n'Ubwo bizagenda gutyo nta mahoro azabiboneramo ndetse nta n’Umunezero azigera agira kuko yiringiye Imana z’Abanyamahanga niyo mpamvu nzamuha ibintu byose kugirango mwereke ko ndi Imana ifuha.Kandi dore mbere yuko intambara iba mu gihugu cyawe dore ibimenyetso bizabaho mbere yuko iba:
    -Icya mbere umuhanda ugana CHUK umunsi bawukoze uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye bigiye gusohora.
    -Icya kabiri umunsi wabonye abavunjayi birukanywe mu mihanda uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye bigiye gusohora.
    -Icya gatatu umunsi wabonye ahakorera karitasi hasenywe hakubakwa etage uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
    -Ikimenyetso cya kane n’Ubona isoko rya nyarugenge risenywe uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye byegereje.
    -Icya gatanu n’ubona gare isenywe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
    -Icya gatandatu n’ubona inzu ya Rubangura ivuguruwe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje.
    -Icya karindwi n’Ubona iposita isenywe uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye byegereje".
    irambwira ngo" Bank National du Rwanda ngo izabona ishyano kuko uzaba directeur nyuma y'Intambara azaba yararangije amashuri atandatu y’isumbuye".

    Nagiye kuri BNR mbibwira umugabo witwa Vedaste utuye i Gikondo akaba directeur wa echange mubwira ibyo Imana yambwiye arambaza ati" ikimenyetso n'ikihe? nti umunsi wabonye General Kayumba Nyamwasa na col Patrick Karegeya bahunze igihugu uzamenye ko igihe kibyo Imana yavuze kiri hafi.
    -Ikimenyetso cya munani Imana irambwira iti" umunsi wabonye gacaca zitangiye uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye biri hafi gusohora".
    -Ikimenyetso cya cyenda umunsi wabonye ikiyovu cyo hepfo bagishenye uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye bigiye gusohora.
    -Ikimenyetso cya cumi umunsi wabonye Kagugu bayishenye hakurya ya kacyiru uzamenye ko ibyo na kubwiye bigiye gusohora.
    -Ikimenyetso cya cumi na kimwe n’Ubona hadutse umupadiri ukora ibitangaza n’Ibimenyetso uzamenye ko ibyo nakubwiye biri hafi gusohora.

  • #66

    Umuhuzi Majeshi nawe ati: (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:36)

    Irongera irambwira iti" dore mu gihugu cyanyu hagiye kubaho ubusambanyi bwinshi cyane kandi butagira umubare kandi dore n’Abakozi banjye bankorera nabo bagiye kwivanga
    -Ikimenyetso cya cumi na kabiri umunsi wabonye amayero( Euros) atangiye gukora mu gihugu cyanyu uzamenye ko ibyo navuze biri hafi.
    -Icya cumi na gatatu n’ubona inzara itangiye mu gihugu cyanyu uzamenye ko biri bugufi cyane

  • #65

    sgt Nsabagasani ahanura (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:34)

    Bimwe mu bimenyetso yahawe bizagaragaza ko kwicwa kwa Kagame kuri hafi.
    Kuko ubu butumwa yabuhawe ari 1996, harimo kujya Kongo kw’abasirikare no kuvayo gucyurwa kw’impunzi nyishi zari zarahunze u Rwanda ; intambara y’abacengenzi no kurangira kwayo ; Kagame aba perezida , no kwamamara kwe hirya nohino ku isi ; ifungurwa ry’abanyururu ; agahe k’amahoro ; gahunda zihindagurika za leta ; kumanurwa muntera kwa Kagame no kwangwa n’abanyarwanda n’amahanga ; gusubira Kongo kw’ingabo ; ngo ingabo zimaze gusubira Kongo Kagame azicwa, gusubiranamo kw’ingabo Kagame amaze gupfa ; kugaruka kw’ingabo zagiye muri Kongo zihuruye kubera ubwicanyi buzaba buri mu gihugu ; Kugotwa impande zose z’u Rwanda nabasirikare beshi ; kumeneka kw’ amaraso meshi y’abanyarwanda kuruta ayamenetse mbere muri 1994, kugaruka kwa k’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa ; gutahuka kw’abantu beshi bari hanze ; kuzaba Sgt Nsabagasani nyiribuhanuzi atakiba mu Rwanda.

  • #64

    Hutupower: aratuma #55 na #56 kuri (RNC=FPR) (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:18)

    Ariko se iri sishyano bahu!! Niko RNC ikomeje wamugambi wayo wo kuzapfa bagerageza( pilato kagame ati : we will die trying) ?
    RNC ni FPR ikorera hanze y'igihugu so nimureke kuyita RNC ahubwo nimukomeze kuyita izina ryayo risazwe kugirango bazajya bakomeza kutujijisha nka kumwe CNDP ya Laurent Nkundabatwere ejobundi bahise bayihindura M23 ngo ya rusiferi Bosco Ntaganda!
    Iyi mikino yaba bicanyi turayirambiwe nibaduhe amahoro dore imbere bahereye?
    Haryo ubwo ngo barimo gutanguranwa ngo kugirango babone uko basubira kubutegetsi batarafatwa ngo babazwe ubwicanyi bakoreye abahutu? Ubwo se barakeka turi impumyi ra? Cg baziko burya ari buno?
    Yewe, akumiro nifaranga koko! Ubuse RNC yaretse kwirirwa ita umwanya wayo ko ntaho iteze kutunyura twe abahutu bamaze kurubyaro! Harya ngo abahutu twibagirwa vuba? He, yeee, reka tuzarebe niba koko kayumba na rudasingwa batazishyikirizwa inkiko bakabazwa ibyo bakoreye rubanda!
    Kuba aba batutsi nka Micombero baza batubeshya ngo barahunze barangiza bagahita bashinga amashyaka yo gukomeza kujijisha abahutu biteye kwibaza niba ibigambo birirwa bahuragura hari aho bihuriye n'ikibagenza?
    Ubusanzwe iyo aba ba Micombero baza kuba barahunze FPR, ntabwo batinyuka nako reka mvuge ko barari guhitamo gushinga amashyaka( ngo n'ihuriro nyarwanda da!).
    Ubwicanyi FPR=RNC yasize ikoreye abanyarwanda bwakagombye kuyibera impamvu yo kwitandukanya na politiki kuko bo bagize amahirwa cg umwaku byo kwinjira muri politiki bakibonera ububi bwayo? Ese bayisubiyemo kuko arimbi cg basanze ibageza kubyo bifuza?
    Kuba rero bakirimo guhatana bigaragaza neza ko batababajwe n’amahano politiki bazanye murwanda yakoze.
    izi nyamaswa zo muri RNC ziri mumacenga zavukanye ariko ziribeshya zikanagorwa n’ubusa ntaho zizagera kuko twamaze kuzivumbura.( Twatoraguye Kanyarengwe mwiyarara turamukoresha ariko yari aramacenga none ubu siyo)?
    Nsabye abahutu nyabahutu kwima amatwi biriya bisahiranda by'abicanyi bo muri RNC nako bo muri FPR mumbabarire nari nibeshye!!
    Abahutu mwese musabwe guha akato RNC=FPR kuko nimwongera kuyiruka inyuma amaherezo izabagira nkuko yagize ba Sendashonga, ba Kanyarengwe bahaye kuri twatuzi anzogera ikirenga, na ba Twagiramungu birutse iyuma y'umuyaga wa FPR bikabaviramo kuba imfubyi no kuzagwa m'ubuhungira bagapfana agahinda batanagira n’urwara rwo kwishima.
    Ndababuriye bavandimwe nkunda babahutu nimureke guheka ya mpyisi/bihehe hato itazabatapfuna!!
    Ndangije mbwira abantu bo muri RNC ko ntifuza kubumva cg kubabona bagarutse imbere yacu kudushinyagurira bigize intama cg bigize abatagatifu. Turabazi bihagije nimudehe amahoro di!!

  • #63

    SEKURUZA W'ABATUTSI YARI IKINYENDARO! (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 17:06)

    Nngo "umwana wa Samusure avukana isunzu." Reka Abatutsikaze basambane, bace inyuma abagabo babo, ndetse bacuruze n'udutuba tw'abakobwa babo ni ni mu gihe. Ngo sekuruza w'Abatutsi Shyerezo yari ikinyandero!



    KAGAME A., Inganji Karinga, Kabgayi, 1959, pp. 60 – 67.

    ....Un jour, la maman de Gasani vint rendre visite à sa fille. Un serviteur twa de Sabizeze les épia et surprit leur conversation.

    Elle était articulée autour de Sabizeze.

    La maman demandait à sa fille : « D’où est-ce qu tu as tiré un enfant aussi beau ? J’ai entendu qu’au début ton mari avait refusé de le reconnaître ». Gasani lui raconta
    tout. Le serviteur twa enregistrait tout.

    Sorti de sa cachette, il alla trouver Sabizeze là où il jouait avec les enfants de son âge et lui dit : « Je ne m’émerveille plus que tu nous dépasses en tout ! J’ai appris de source sûre que tu es sorti du coeur d’un boeuf
    qu’on avait abattu pour des consultations divinatoires ! Comme tu n’es pas fils de Shyerezo, qu’est-ce qui t’empêcherait d’être meilleur que nous en toute chose ? ».

    Sabizeze accueillit très mal les paroles du twa. Il dit : « Je ne comprends pas comment ma mère peut dire que je ne suis pas fils de mon père. C’est une honte. Je ne peux pas continuer à vivre ici ».

    Il s’en alla, prit son arc et ses trois chiens: Ruzunguzungu, Rukende et Ruguma. Il chargea ses marteaux dont Nyarushara, héla son petit frère Mututsi et sa soeur Nyampundu. Il détacha le taureau de la famille : Rugira et sa compagne, la génisse “Ingizi”; une brebis “Nyabuhoro” et un mouton “Mudende”, le coq “Rubika” et une poule “Mugambira”.
    Un serviteur twa les suivit.

    Ils s’en allèrent. Du pays d’en haut, ils descendirent vers le pays d’en bas et atterrirent dans la localité appelée « Rocher de l’Ikinani » dans le Mubali [nord-est du Rwanda].

    Cet endroit faisait partie du domaine des Abazigaba qui avaient comme roi Kabeja.

    Arrivés là, les nouveaux venus allumèrent un feu. À la vue de la fumée, les sujets de Kabeja s’étonnèrent en disant : « Cet endroit-là n’est pas habité, et pourtant nous y voyons une fumée ! ». Certains répondaient que le feu avait peut-être été allumé par des chasseurs ou par des fabricants de charbon à base de bois.

    Les jours passaient, et la fumée se faisait toujours voir.

    Alerté, Kabeja envoya des émissaires pour vérifier si des intrus n’avaient pas envahi son territoire. Les émissaires demandèrent aux inconnus : « Qui êtes-vous ? Qu’est-ce que vous êtes venus faire ici ? ». Sabizeze répondit : « Nous descendons du ciel, nous n’avons aucune intention de vous agresser, nous sommes des pèlerins pacifiques ».''


  • #62

    son of .... (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 16:59)

    bamwe bavukana ibirondwe mu ntoki ngo bategeke abandi bakura bacruza agakarito k amagi abandi agafuni si ako guhinga ijyogi yewe nyransibura yabayeho ndabyemeye

  • #61

    KGO (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 16:57)

    @HUTUPOWER ariko ntangiye no kukwikundira ntabwo uri mubi ahubwo ubanza warahuye n'uruvagusenya..icecekere si wowe wenyine, abatutsi bararira, abahutu bararira, u Rwanda rwagwiriwe n'amahano naho urwango rwibasira bamwe ntacyo ruzamara uretse kumarana na none !

  • #60

    INTWARI. (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 16:52)


  • #59

    RWIGEMA YARI UMUGABO. (mercredi, 03 octobre 2012 16:36)

    Byange cyangwa ubyemere Rwigema yari umugabo, yashyiraga mu gaciro kandi yari intwari. Yari umuntu wabantu. Genda ubaza aho yabaye naho yanyuze hose bazamukubwira. YARI UMUGABO. Uwamwishe yakoze icyo bita BIG MISTAKE.Yaribehe cyane. Ingaruka z'urupfu rwe tuzazikira twumvishe.