FPR and IBUKA will plunge the Rwanda into outrageous catastrophes

Simburudari,  IBUKA former chairperson
Simburudari, IBUKA former chairperson

They are some people who were as astonished by the fact that Ibuka in the last days has tarnished the reputation of Rusesabagina by slandering him. It can be those who don’t know very good Ibuka. In 1999, that Association had not yet received the judicial recognition. Read yourself in the following the Machiavellian projects that it had, as this is easy to read in the report of a meeting that had gathered some Members who have begun the Association. That meeting was held in Kigali on the 28th November 1999.


  1.  Rutaremara Tito ( Member of Parliament from RPF )


Ibuka Association must be  recognized officially. The ones making obstacles for its recognition are all known by us. They are no others than Hutus who work with us starting by Rwigema Prime Minister seeking asylum in USA since August 2000. If that kinglet Rwigema signs for he recognition of our association, we would have gained a big advantage over him and he will never fill the gap between us and him  when election  occur. We will be able to spread our ideology in view of elections and win  over him seriously. And he is to sign for good or bad : all members being them inside or outside the country must claim that signature.


2. Sisi Evariste (then Member of Parliament from PL)


We must know all old people who used to be members of Parmehutu in the whole country and their children especially the ones from Gitarama because they are the ones who gave us hard time back in 1959. Even now, you can realize how they are though. Think also about Butare and Gikongoro. Regarding the North, we have already eliminated them . N. B. : Even a Tutsi who sympathized with them must be known .


3. Musoni Tito ( from Kibuye)


Each member of our Association must give a financial contribution in order to give us strength to compete with Kinglet Rwigema and his supporters who are members of  Parmehutu, Interahamwe, Hutu Power and Impuzamugambi. We need a lot of money  for that purpose . Here is how those contributions are like and they have to be collected with discretion :


-low level member : one thousand francs(1.000)

-next member: five thousand francs(5. 000)

-civil servant : ten thousand francs(10. 000) and more

-ordinary business people : fifty thousand francs(50 .000)

-factory owners : five millions to ten million francs and above.


A person refusing to pay his her contribution will be denied  to perform any business or job. The money collected will be used for setting up militias of the same type as Interahamwe or Impuzamugambi. Part of that money will serve also for supporting survivors of genocide to help them to starting businesses and of course for propaganda and so on .


4. Bagorozi


It is imptortant to assist all our members in getting money in order to compete with Hutus because the last ones are many and ready for violence in general. If tutsis have no money, they can’t make it against hutus .


5. Major Rose Kabuye(Member of Parliament RPA)


Tutsi women and their daughters must not forget their assignments. You know that, in order to reach victory by RPA, we the women are the ones who did a lot by spying hutus and their sisters . Today, you are celebrating rejoicing but you must know that the victory has no solid foundation . Don’t you see that hutus are very angry even if we work together. Bagosora and his friends can, at any time, come back and take over. And if they come back to power, nobody among us will survive because meanwhile you taught  them tricks. So, I make an appeal to tutsi woman to approach much hutus by starting bars when you meet them and from where you can collect money for our objective. If you are not careful, Rwigema will win elections given how he is conducting his campaign. If he is elected, nobody will come again to dialog with us: so, fight him because if he wins, we shall be defeated for ever .


6. Colonel Rwahama


We must know how many are hutus in the army and their location of origin. We must know also all former military people who were in Habyarimana’s army and veteran hutus from RPA. They must be overlooked carefully and scattered in order to forbid them to hamper our plans. If we are not careful, they may provoke troubles and defeat us ! We must give money to hide them truth and also useless rank meaning with no assignment and sent them as far as possible from interesting locations.


7 Businessman Jeremie Rubangura (from Buhanda )


It is important to know the people making propaganda for the Prime Minister, his friends hutus and tutsis working for him and also where meeting are organized up to the sector lever.


8. Prefet PVK : Musoni


We must know also all burgomasters, counselors, prefects and deputy prefects, ministers and directors who are favorable to the Prime Minister .


9. Dr Josué


We must know hutu students attending secondary school and university, inside and outside the country. Even tutsi students who are favorable to the Prime Minister and their parents because they do exist : they are the ones appointed  by him in good positions and who take to him information from us.


10. Rumongi Longin ( commune Murama )


It is important  to know where people working for the Prime Minister gather in Gitarama and in Kigali as well but especially in Gitarama . We must know all his friends even among Tutsis who support him. We must create in Gitarama a militia similar to Interahamwe because those last ones have given us a lot of troubles in 1994. If we don’t create our own militia, we shall be defeated seriously. Here is a listing of Tutsi accomplices whom we can’t trust.


a) Ruhamyambuga Paul, great friend of the Prime Minister

b) Rubangura Vedaste

c) Rwigara Assinapol

d) Rurangangabo, alias Muzee.


11. Director Muhatsi Ignatius- Cotraco


We must know all hutu contractors and the people granting them contracts even people within National Tender Board. All of them must be fired from Public Service. Contractor Mubiligi cannot be granted any public contract anymore because he is hundred per cent hutu. A proverb in Kinyarwanda says that “if someone gives favors to an enemy, he finishes all his cattle”.


12. Minitransco Nkusi


We must control all information crossing through telephones and people who sent it, region  where it comes from and from which post office, mail from outside, messages on fax machines and on internet will be treated adequately by our services.


13. .Major Zigira


I shall cooperate with Colonel Rwahama, Captain Gatete and Major Rudasingwa.


14. Director Scholastic Printing Factory - Kayitare Célestin


I will help Doctor Josué by identifying all hutu children at school.


15. Ndatsikira Denis - Utexrwa ( Komine Murama )


My contribution will be to identify all hutus of  Murama Commune because they are so many and a lot among them have been at school. This is the biggest problem that we have with them.


16. Doctor Rufuku (Gitwe)


My contribution will be to know all rwandan hutus doctors of Medicine, be they in Rwanda or in Europe because they are very intelligent especially those from Gitarama .


17 .Kambanda Eliya - great businessman


To gather businessmen and brief them on all issues discussed and conclusions reached in this meeting. To  meet them often in order to sensitise them on their contribution, especially those of Kigali and Butare.


18. Munyuzangabo Thomas Director (Unicef)


Inform all our burgomasters about our strategies so that they help us to know all hutus employed in public and in private sectors.


19 .Kabanda Janvier - Officer in charge of credit ( BCDI )


Grant credit to the members of our association easily and quickly so that they can conduct propaganda without any difficulty. In order to live apparently easily with hutus, let us grant them credits but never unveil to them our secrets.


20. Rwamamara Vianney, businessman


We must know all people favorable to the Kinglet the Prime Minister and take action against them . Remaining Hutus are not so many ( missing word guessed ). If we kill them all, we make sure that Rwigema will not have any votes. For instance in our place ( missing idea guessed ), there are no more Hutus and even here, they are scared, so we must kill them.


21. Madame Murera Hope, CEO, Sonarwa


We will find among Sonarwa personnel who are favorable to Rwigema and all hutus and also people saying good things about him because he has many around us.


22 .Kabaka, Accountant, Soras


We must know the friendship between Mporanyi and the Prime Minister and everything they exchange views on. We must know all hutus working within Soras and Tutsis favourable to Rwigema.


23. Brigadier General Nyamwasa


This is how we must prepare elections in all prefectures : Deploy military forces in all sectors of Rwanda so that they would have spent at least six months when elections are made. In all cells, deploy local defense forces. So it will be terrorism! All hutu intellectuals must jailed before elections so that only stupid guys remain and others must be killed . You will be assisted by captain David and Namahungu in this business .


24. Speaker of National  Assembly


If you identify an intelligent hutu parliamentarian, please let us know so that we take appropriate action against him. Hutus remaining in National Assembly are those who are stupid and can’t take flow in any circumstances. May I remind you that You must refuse categorically the outside observers in our elections. Elections to come must be organized on the same model as the ones made on local level recently. You remember that the outcome was as we wanted it to be because we asked people to align behind the candidate of his choice so that, when we were behind someone, the newcomers were obliged to follow the longest line because Rwandese don’t want to show their opinion when different with the one well known already. Our militaries have to help us in achieving that goal. I call upon you to find a solution for two hutus : Safari and Rugenera Mark. In our next meeting, come with a appropriate solution for all.


25. Kayirebwa Cécile


We must trace hutus living in Europe and the ones working in Embassies cooperating with hutus of Europe by attending meetings with them. And also hutus going to Europe.We will collect funds for Ibuka and we will approach hutus of Europe in order to spy them by being their friends. We must think about tutsi women team in charge of attracting hutus so that we could know how they are in their planning.


26. Lawyer Rwangampuhwe


We must decide on elections planning. We shall vote the same way as last time. Any parliamentarian on our side has to support that. Hutu parliamentarians will oppose that method. On to of that group is Safari. Elections must be prepared after he quits Parliament. Ibuka needs official recognition because it will be of great support to us for elections. If Parliamentarians don’t pass that method, the National Assembly should be dissolved because it would have been useless.


27. Claudienne Kantengwa. Director ( Mineduc, Remera )


I will help in identifying all hutu intellectuals because I used to work with many of them and in different schools. I know many.


28. Mayor of Commune Gishyita, Biruta Theoneste


If we are not vigilant, hutus can defeat us easily. They are so many and they have became intelligent all and they are aware of what they are doing.


29. Mayor of Commune Gitesi, Nkurunziza Vianney


Tutsi who survived in our commune are a few. Hutus living there can, if they decide it, to clear us in 30 minutes. We are always scared of them and they are really united. They can do everything they want.


30. Mayor of Commune Rwamatamu, Karara Appolinaire


In my opinion, hutus have changed a lot. Today, they have been very cleaver. They changed because of what they have seen. If Rwigema becomes a candidate, he will be elected by hutus by 100% and they are so many compared to us. The survivors are just inexistent in some sectors. I predict that hutus will win elections and you know that they did wrong things against us. And also, after our victory, tutsis have performed revenge on them so that when a survivor arrive in some places, hutus who are present flee. In Kibuye Prefecture, don’t expect to have votes.


31.Mayor of Commune Ndora , Ruzindana Benoît


In Butare, I realise that hutus became very quiet. You can’t know what they have in mind. Many of them take food to their relatives who fled to Burundi. I fought that practice but I failed and I finally gave up . They went nightly and come  back nightly. Moreover, they seem self confident and they are so many. For instance, tutsi survivors are only 2220, whereas hutus are 78006 in my commune and they are united.


32. An old man named Munyinya who used to be head of Kabagari, son of Nkomero named Ruzagiliza Kirima of Nkomero nowadays Murama.


In my opinion, as RANU (Rwandese National Union) lost elections in 1959, it will be the same because hutus are so many, tutsis being just symbolic. Nobody will cheat hutus again because they have became alert. Moreover, tutsis made revenge on them making them accountable of what  they did to us. You will never win elections. Even if you kill them, you won’t win . At the contrary, you will put in danger even those among us who survived.


33. Lieutenant Colonel. Kaddafi


The people will be a big obstacle within the army, they are both VIPs. Brigadier general Marcel Gatsinzi and Colonel Habyarimana. You should ask yourselves questions about them but during elections they will be obstacles for sure. We should be scared by people who are quiet always. Let us analyze their case in the next meeting, please. Another problem we should not neglect is the ex-far soldiers ( Habyarimana’s army ). They are quite fierce and you know how infiltrators gave trouble. If Americans wouldn’t have given us assistance, we should have been defeated definitely. The decision we should take regarding them is to send them in the DRC so that their number be reduced by the killings in the war. If they were not a few during elections period, they could provoke chaos and elections would go out of our control. What should we do in that case? You must know all veterans  of RPA, hutus registered among them, their number and the ones who entered the army recently and also who were in Habyarimana’s army.


34. Rutaremara Tito


We have a problem with the ICTR ( International Criminal for Rwanda). Did you know that on the side of RPA, we have been summoned to go to Arusha to respond because of the crimes committed and indeed we have killed people. Evidences are available and those hutus who flee the county could be witnesses against us. People summoned to go to Arusha are 101 important people. If we lose elections, we should convicted immediately. And I want you to know that Kinglet Rwigema is not on that listing. So, he can win elections because he is the most known politician by the people in Rwanda.


35. Mayor of Commune Murama Habiyambere Ildephonse


In Gitarama, hutus are quite sky and united even if they speak with survivors of Genocide. But, they meet outside and some can’t go in pubs, at a survivor’s home or in his wedding. You know that they are fond of a lot of food, but they have changed. Another thing they don’t do anymore is to cultivate pretending that it is useless. This is the reason why we have hunger because as you know, no tutsi cultivates. Another obstacle that I face in Murama is the huge number of hutu intellectuals as Gerard Urayeneza , Director of ESAPAG, Ntamukunzi Mathias, Gakwerere, Ugirashebuja P. , and a businessman named Shimit Mutimura, Muganga Elidad, and pastor Mujyarugamba and many more.


36. Mayor of commune Satinskyi, Ishimwe


I want you to know that no vote will be favourable to us in Gisenyi. People there say that the country is lead by foreigners. They have not yet changed their thinking.


37. Rutayisire, Commune Kigoma, Ruhango, Muturirwa


My contribution will be to know all news of Prime  Minister Rwigema  family(his parents) and all the people making propaganda for him. I will be assisted by Bikerakenja Ephraim.


38. Parliamentarian Gatete, PL


We must destroy MDR party. We know that all hutus of Rwanda and their children  like it. PSD party is finished. But we still have one obstacle which is Rugenera. If we get rid of him, then for sure, we will win elections.


III. Conclusion


The death which made died the cow over there, has not retired from it”. The purpose of IBUKA has never been really to put in the foreground the interests of the survivors of genocide right at the start, it has been only to revive the rancor, the hate and to practice the racism, the revenge and the monopolizing of other’s goods .What is bewildering is to note that first Members of Ibuka have decided  to act like Interahamwe and effectively they succeed in doing that, apart from the fact that they are not yet punished like them. That shall arrive at the opportune moment.


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    威哥王 (vendredi, 02 août 2013 12:05)





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    KABOROGOTA (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 22:49)


  • #25

    ITANGAZO (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 21:42)


  • #24

    Muzumva ryari? (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 15:08)

    Ariko harya abanyarwanda igihe mwahereye ntabwo muruha? IYO MUMENYAKO genocide ihabwa agaciro nabacitse kwicumu ntabwo mwakagombye gutesha genocide yabanyarwanda agaciro ,UKO IMINSI IGENDA NINAKO GENOCIDE IBA ITURUFU ISHAJE MURIMAKE IKABA IKIGARASHAA GICITSE. Uyu mugabo RUSESABAGINA Paul ko mwamwirutseho mukaruha ibirenge niki kindi mushaka kugeraho? ndabona icyo murimo mumukorera ari plus de credibilite kurenza iyo bahaga Kagame mu bihe byasize.

    Nawe se aho mutafashe RWARAKABIJE Paul na JEROME muratangiye ngo Rusesa afasha FDLR ibi ninde utabonako ari propagande irimo ndetse nubugoryi bwinshi cyane. Reka rero mbwabwire mwe myiga gukanura mwabana mwe muri GAERG ibi murimo ni amatiku! Abari muri iriya assocition bose ntabwo ariko muhuje ibitekerezo kandi ibyo mwandika ntabwo aribyo bibagira kuba impirimbanyi ya DEMOKARASI. Musome neza iyi nyandiko hejuru aha murasanga urwango babibye muri mwe ntawe urufite cyangwa ngo arubatekerezeho! None se ukuri ntikubashize ahagaragara izuba riva ? Mukeneye se copy originale ngo mwemere?.

    Ikigaragarira buri wese nkuko namwe mubibona IBUKA yamaze kuba ishyaka rya POLITIKI nkandi yose tuzi arI mu Rwanda, ntaho ibuka itandukaniye niriya party ya MUSA FAZILI ushaka ko itegeko nshinga rihindurwa kandi ikibabaje ni uko yiha kuvugira abanyarwanda bose nkaho koko turi injiji!. Nonese niba ari aho mugeze murumva umurongo ibuka yavukanye mukiwurimo? niba se kandi ntibeshye mukeka ko inyungu z;agatsiko kayoboye igihugu ari izo za ibuka? Aha rero niho ikinyoma kigaragarira cyane ko mwibesha kandi ibi bitazaramba narimwe.

    Inzira nziza mwabantu mutazi ibyo murimo ni uko mwareka ibuka igakomeza inzira yayo ahubwo ubwo bwenge mwiratana ngo murangije kaminuza mubukoreshe mureba uko ibuka yakoreshwa mukunga abanyarwanda hutu/tutsi. Ikindi aho ugeze ubu ibuka yafashwe nka wamwana urira ntakurwe urutozi kuko intero yanyu mwese yaragaragaye cyane. ubu biranzwi neza cyane ko kwirirwa murira muba mwatumwe na kagame nabambari be.

    Ibihe nihinduka muzasanga itaye agaciro nkinkweto ishaje cyangwa umugore w'indaya ishaje kandi ubu yikosoye amazi akiri nyabagendwa ingoma zigahinduka ntamuntu numwe utayishigikira kabone niyo ubutegetsi bwahinduka ka jana! ariko se turayishigikira mu makosa? kugeza aho igirwa inama na RWARAKABIJE NA JEROME? Kuki mudahera kuri abo ahasigaye mukagira ingufu zo gukurikirana nabo bandi? Mukeka ko ingufu muzazigira ari uko mukomeje guteranya abanyarwanda? muri beshya cyane reka nabivuge abahutu nubwo mubita ngo ntabwenge muribeshya ni majority aha rero ntabwo muzakomeza kubayobora gutyo igihe kizagera havemo abahutu bazi ubwenge nkuko mwiyita ko muzi yemwe banabyare nabana beza bazakoreshwa kurushya abo batutsi kazi mwiratana.

    Ikindi kibazo kugeza ubu mwe abanyarwanda mutaraha agaciro ni ukumva ko ubuzima bw'umunyarwanda budashingiye ku matiku ,amanyanga,uburozi ,ruswa ,icyenewabo ,ndetse na munyangire yoretse igihugu kugeza aho abantu bashyira ubuzima bwabo mumaboka ya kagabo kigize imana ngo ni KAGAME! IYO mwitegereje ejo hazaza musanga urwanda aho rugeze rukeneye abantu nkamwe mwirirwa mu matiku? ayo rOase urwanda rukeneye umuntu ubanisha abanyarwanda naho ibyo murimo ntibizamara kabiri kandi uko bimeze ubu ntibizasubira inyuma . Impande zombi zabanyarwanda zishyamiranye ntabwo urugamba ruratangira ibi mubyumve neza igihe ntabwo kiragera ariko turimo turegera intangiriro yukuri aho impamvu itazaba iri ngo uyu arwanya leta afite ingengabitekerezo ya genocide, ibi ndabivugirako uwo mwishingikireje ngo ni Kagame ageze kundunduro! muti ese ayigezeho ate?

    Itegeko nshinga natekereza kurihindura muzaba mureba umuriro uzaka kandi niwaka ntabwo azawuzimya ubwo ibuka izaba ikivugango aba naba bashigikiye ingengabitekerezo ya genocide? Navaho se akagira uwo asigira ubwo buyobozi nubwo mutekereza ko azamukoreramo icyizere mufite ni ikihe ko ingufu ze zizakomeza kubaho? aha rero niho hari ihurizo rikomeye kandi niho ruzingiye kuko niba aribyo anatekereza ashobora gushiduka habayeho ARUSHA II kuko impamvu ninyinshi za ARUSHA YA II .DORE MURI GUKOTANA NGO INDEGE YA HABYALIMANA none se Mapping report yo muzayegeka kuri inde? freedom of speach se? political space se? human rights se ?. Niyo ARUSHA II itabaho iriya ndege nubwo ejobundi mwarimo mwiyamira ngo ikinyoma kirarangiye ahubwo niho ukuri kugiye kujya ahagaragara. Ntamuntu ukibakurikirana nta numuntu nanone ushaka kumva ibyo mumubwira birebana niriya ndege . Aha rero niho iperereza rizakora akazi karya mugasanga isi irabanye mwe mwese muziko mukorera igihugu kandi mukorera Kagame. Inama isumba izindi nimurebe ukuri ariko mushigikira kuko imbere siheza nagato.

    Dore aho nibereye reka nigire muri sport!


  • #23

    Les idiots de Kagame!!! (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 10:44)

    Rwanda : les idiots utiles de Kagame
    (Marianne 30/01/2012)

    Les découvertes du juge Trevidic ont relancé la polémique sur le Rwanda, une partie de la presse exonérant Kagame de ses responsabilités passées et présentes. « De tout temps, les conteurs comme leurs publics ont préféré les histoires où les bons combattent les méchants plutôt que celles où des salauds en affrontent d'autres » : Rony Brauman, ex-président de Médecins sans frontières, Jean-Hervé Bradol ( Fondation Médecins sans frontières) et Claudine Vidal (CNRS), tentent de mettre en lumière les véritables enjeux des réactions à l'expertise balistique du juge Trevidic.

    Depuis dix-huit ans, des centaines de milliers de morts, rwandais et congolais, sont imputables au Front patriotique rwandais (FPR) mais aucun de ses membres n'a été condamné pour ces faits. Les sources existent, elles sont connues. Comment expliquer une telle absence de réponse face à ce qui peut être considéré comme des crimes contre l'humanité ? La quasi-unanimité de la presse française sur les prétendues conclusions du rapport balistique commandé par les juges français chargés d'instruire la plainte des familles dont les membres sont morts dans l'attentat contre l'avion du président Habyarimana, le 6 avril 1994, fournit une nouvelle opportunité de comprendre comment le régime de Kigali assure son impunité.

    Trois éléments de méthode sont utilisés. Le premier consiste à déclarer qu'une vérité historique, le génocide des Rwandais tutsis, est en butte au négationnisme et au révisionnisme. Ce déni créerait les conditions d'une reprise de la politique génocidaire. La réalité est tout autre et on peut s'en féliciter. Les principaux concepteurs et réalisateurs du génocide ont été arrêtés et condamnés. Ceux qui, pour l'instant, avaient réussi à s'échapper et dont les lieux de résidence sont connus vivent désormais dans la crainte non plus d'être traduits devant un tribunal international mais d'être directement transférés à Kigali comme c’est déjà le cas.

    Le deuxième élément de méthode est l'emploi systématique de la terreur pour imposer le point de vue des amis de Paul Kagame en dépit des évidences contraires. Il n'existe plus de réelle opposition structurée à l'intérieur du Rwanda, ni de presse libre, en raison des arrestations et des assassinats. Les agences de presse en ont témoigné régulièrement ainsi que des ONG internationales. Les anciens du FPR qui se sont dissociés du pouvoir en place ont été réduits au silence ou contraints à l'exil quand ils n'ont pas été tout simplement assassinés. Dans cette entreprise, les sicaires de Kigali ne s'embarrassent pas des frontières et plusieurs opposants et journalistes ont été exécutés dans les pays où ils s'étaient réfugiés, crimes et tentatives d’assassinats précisément relatés par les médias des pays concernés (Afrique du Sud, Ouganda, Royaume Uni, etc.)

    Le troisième élément de méthode est le soutien de réseaux d’ « amis » à l'étranger (à une autre époque, on aurait parlé de « compagnons de route ») afin de relayer les accusations de négationnisme et de révisionnisme contre les commentateurs qui osent contredire les versions des faits produites par le régime en place à Kigali. Ces « amis », hyperactifs dans le débat public, viennent récemment d’occuper la plupart des tribunes afin de faire dire à un rapport balistique ce qu’il ne disait pas, et se sont comportés, volontairement ou non, en vecteurs de la propagande internationale du FPR.

    La justice française (ainsi qu’une procédure espagnole en février 2008) a accusé Paul Kagame et des membres du FPR en leur imputant l’attentat contre l’avion d’Habyarimana. La sortie d'un rapport balistique qui ne pouvait en aucun cas produire une conclusion sur l'identité des assassins a été accompagnée d'une campagne médiatique affirmant le contraire : l'expertise balistique innocenterait Kagame. Les deux avocats du FPR, qui se sont exprimés après la remise du rapport balistique, ne sont pas les seuls responsables de cette vague d’enthousiasme en faveur de Kagame. Le juge Bruguière, auteur d'une précédente instruction incohérente, et une bonne partie de la presse française ont apporté leur contribution au brouillage de pistes. De tout temps, les conteurs comme leurs publics ont préféré les histoires où les bons combattent les méchants plutôt que celles où des salauds en affrontent d'autres. Doit-on pour autant présenter comme équivalents le génocide des Rwandais tutsis et les crimes commis par le FPR ? Absolument pas. Pour cela il faudrait oublier la différence entre deux types d'ordres : « Exterminez les tous » ou « Massacrez une partie d'entre eux ».

    Rony Brauman, Jean-Hervé Bradol et Claudine Vidal 28 01 2012

    © Copyright Marianne

  • #22

    Kagoyire (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 10:32)

    Umena amaraso, ubuza mugenzi we kwirira utwo yaruhiye mu mahoro, urenganya undi amuhimbira ibyaha atakoze,unamanamira umuvandimwe we cg umuturanyi, arye ari menge kuko Uhoraho ni Imana si Umuntu azabyishyura ubikora wese n'aho ari hose,,, urega uyu munsi uba wigenza ejo ugakenera ukurandata,,,uridoga ejo ukaba urakurwa mu mwobo nk'ifuku. Isi koko ntabwo itwigisha ..SADAMU...MOBUTU,,,MUBARAKI,,,BEN ALI...KADAFI...UBU SE NINDE WAMENYA IBYABO...koko twemere RUTUKU adushuke ajye aza kwisahurira ibyo akenye mu myaka 200 iri imbere agushuke wemere wice abavandimwe bawe, agutoze kwirarira no kwiyemera ubundi ayo aguhaye ayakugurishemo inkoho yo kuzahuranya abawe uhereye k'uwo mwonse rimwe...
    Gusa IBUKA ni umwijima ku bana b'abatutsi ntabwo babifuriza ejo heza kuko abantu bibwra ko ibishashagirana byose ari diyama...ashwi bambe...Muharanire gukora icyiza mwanga ikinyoma ibindi muzabihabwa ku buntu. None se Imana itaguhaye kuramuka twakora iki...ngo niyo warara mu ikanisa ibibazo ntibyakemuka...ibyo ubivuga kuko wabyutse kandi umugenga w'ubuzima si wowe ejo uzaba urambaraye nk'umutumba w'insina igihe umwuka uzaba washubijwe nyene we,,,musenge kandi mukore kuko ntibitana.

  • #21

    umuhanuzi (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 09:35)

    Uyu musaza yahanuriye umuryangowe ariko bamwima amatwi. ibi yababwiye iyo babyumva bakareka kurenganya anandi banyarwanda igihugu kiba ari kiza ntamwiryane kandi buri wese yifuriza undi kubaho. ubu murabona ko FPR itanzitse , Kayumba yarabisonuye: Ati wavuga se ko watsinze ute abanyarwanda bapfa buri munsi, bahunga buri munsi, barahejejwe hanze y'igihugu cyabo" ese kombona abenshi bakomeje kwica amatwi bigira INTORE kandi bari mugukorera muri leta isa n'iya SINDIKUBWABO NA KAMBANDA bagarutse bagatekereza kuri ririya jambo ry'uriya musaza mazebakaba abagabo bagasaba imbabazi hakiri kare maze tukababariorana tukiyubakira igihugu nk'uku abanyamuryango ba RNC babigenje.Ngaho fata akanya utekereze kuri aya magambo y'iyi NARARIBONYE:32.
    An old man named Munyinya who used to be head of Kabagari, son of Nkomero named Ruzagiliza Kirima of Nkomero nowadays Murama.

    In my opinion, as RANU (Rwandese National Union) lost elections in 1959, it will be the same because hutus are so many, tutsis being just symbolic. Nobody will cheat hutus again because they have became alert. Moreover, tutsis made revenge on them making them accountable of what they did to us. You will never win elections. Even if you kill them, you won’t win . At the contrary, you will put in danger even those among us who survived.

  • #20

    NYPD (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 09:19)

    Ngusubize wowe Bugesera

    Ntakundi byagenda, ni ah'intwaro; ariko muzacahe ko S4 yatangiye gusambira abo yari yarihenuyeho, aha ni M7 muminsi mike uraba yamugejeje no kuri kikwete

    inzira ntizoroshye ndakurahiye

  • #19

    MITALI (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 09:08)

    Mwaramutse? Ndasubiza comment #12: Site www.inyabutatu.com twe tuyisoma twasanze ahubwo ari site nziza itagira uwo ibogamiraho. Ibyo uvuze ngo ni iy'intore ntaho itandukaniye na igihe.com sibyo rwose. Twe tubona bashyiraho amakuru arimo analyses nziza kandi opinions zirimo ntawe zigamije gusesereza, zigatuma abantu batekereza. Ahubwo mudushimire abantu bayishyizeho. Murakoze. MITALI Frank-KICUKIRO.

  • #18

    Bamaze kuturoha (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 09:06)

    bamaze kuturoha mu Kivu cg Nyabarongo gusa twese ntiturapfa hari abari koga bava mu ruzi FPR yaturoshyemo.
    abashoboye koga mufashe abatabizi bave mu ruzi FPR yaturoshyemo.

  • #17

    Ngusubize wowe Bugesera (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 08:22)

    Nibyo ba Mugesera ni benshi mu bantu ba FPR gusa kubera ko FPR ifite ubutegetsi, ntabwo izi NTERAHAMWE zayo b=ziyita INKOTANYI ubu zafashe akandi kazina kitwa INTORE. izi NTERAHAMWE nshya rero zifite ubutegetsi ariko umunsi umwe bazabukurwaho. erega ubu turavuga ngo nihakoreshwe inzira zitamena amaraso ariko ibintu iyo bigeze aharenze (threshold) muri make ibintu byarenze igipimo nkaya ndirimbo, intwaro zizakora. niko Afrika imeze. I am sorry nkunda igihugu cyanjye sinifuza ko haba undi munyarwanda (Umuhutu, Umututsi, cg Umutwa) wongera gupfa ariko igihe kiri hafi cyo kwibohoza hakoreshejwe intwaro. Mukomere

  • #16

    BUGESERA (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 08:14)

    Uko imyaka igenda ni ko ibicucu mukoreka imbaga nyarwanda bigenda bihuza imvugo n'ingiro kandi bizabibazwa n'amateka.

    Musome amagambo yaba MUGESERA n'abandi bagize uruhare mukoreka u Rwanda muri za 1994 na mbere yaho; hanyuma mugaruke mumagambo amwe namwe yaya ndindagizi yo mumakawa y' Arusha isigaye yarabaye expert mu itangazamakuru bita TOM NDAHIRO nko gutinyuka kuvuga ngo GENOCIDE ABANA BAYONKA MUMASHEREKA YABANYINA" harya ijambo nk'iryo ryo ryaba ryumvikana gute kandi rinakirwa gute mumitima no mumitekerereze y'ikiremwamuntu

  • #15

    Habuze uwitoragurira ubutegetsi (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 08:12)

    Ka kagame kabuze uko kagira kirirwa mu ndege kagenda, ngako kavuye Uganda, gahitiye Adis Abeba (umuntu ugera ahantu inama izabera inama ishigaje iminsi itatu yose). Kagame nawe yibaza uko azava ku butegetsi bikamushobera. niyo mpamvu asiga igihugu igihe kirekire ngo wenda yabona ubumukuraho atamwishe agahita anyererera mu Bushinwa cg Arabia Soudite aho yahishe imitungo. Niba hari unyomoza nambwire undi mu perezida ujya muri mission nka Kagame. ese ko kagame afite Prime Minister kuki atamwohereza muri mission zimwe na zimwe. Unyomoza ambwire iminsi ka Kagame kicara mu biro. ese abakora muri Perezidansi ye muzatubwire kagame ajya asoma amadosiye amureba.

  • #14

    Kasanova (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 08:00)

    Izi message ni ni amayeri y'abasore ba Kagame, bagira bibutse abahutu ubugome bwa Nyamwasa kugira ngo bamuteshe agaciro no gukundwa n'abahutu.

    Niba yaranabivuze yaramaze, icyangombwa ni uko yaje kubona ko yibeshye akitandukanya n'agatsiko ka bagizi ba nabi.
    Naho mwe mugisigaranye nabo bite byanyu ?

  • #13

    Ahhahhahaha! (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 07:40)

    Murongeye kandi !!! ubushize Forongo yikora akajya kwaka kubonana nabanyamerika nali namugiliye Inama , nabantu benshi bali bamugiliye Inama aranga , uko byamugendekeye arabizi , ahubwo yatumye icyo gihe RUSESABAGINA abiheraho avuga nibyo atagombaga kuvuga !! izi ningufu mwongeye kumuha nanone , ndetse no gushora aba bana babanyeshuli mubindi bibazo !!! umuntu wese ufobya Genocide hali itegeko limuhana , akulikiranwa kandi nubutabera ntago ali abanyeshuli barokotse genocide yakorewe abatutsi !!! Urwanda nk'igihugu rufite abavugizi , n'ambassador !!! abanyarwanda benshi bazabona ko ibuka wenda yaba ikoreshwa muli politiki !! kandi niko Rusesabagina azabisobanura !!! none se koko Aba banyeshuli bo muli za Kaminuza nibo bakagombye gukulikirana abafite ingenga bitekerezo !! Bavandimwe ninama nabagiraga , Ubutabera Bugomba gukulikirana Rusesabagina , yahamwa nicyaha agahanwa n'amategeko !!! Ibirego Ibuka yaba ifite kuli Rusesabagina , Ibuka yagombye kubishyikiliza NGOGA NA MUCYO Ndabashimiye

  • #12

    Mwitonde (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 06:10)

    www.inyabutatu.com ni website y'intore ntaho itandukaniye na igihe.com, ubwo uzayiaura ibyo biramureba ikizamubaho ntazatwitwaze ihatse virus cyane cyane kubakoresha windows, abafite android smartphones namwe mwitondere uru rubuga! Murakoze

  • #11

    Mugabo (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 06:08)

    No matter who started this hatred in Rwanda,Hutus or Tutsis history is the best witness and there is a lot of evidence ,most of of we were born and found it like this,IT IS NOT OUR MISTAKE but if we die with this hatred it is OUR MISTAKE.

    HUTU/TUTSI domination &killing will not take us anywhere.
    Please let's make a brand new Rwanda

  • #10

    Karahamuheto (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 06:04)

    Birababaje kuyoborwa n'abagome bigeze aha! Aya nayo ni amabanga leta itarizi ko azagera hanze, ko muvuga ibi uwabaha compte rendus z'inama zibera mu nzibutso hirya no hino mu gihugu ho mwatangara ! Abagome baragwira, ubu nta murenge bagikorero inama kuko babonye ko haba fuite z'ibyabereye mu nama ubu basigaye bitwikira ubutindi bakajya kuzikorera mu byumba zo ku nzibutso kuko ho biranoroshye kuko bakuniga bakakongera kubahahambye nta nkurikizi, ubu inzibutso nizo zasimbuye amashyamba niho hasigaye hanyongerwa abatavuga rumwe nabo! Ayo nayo ni amabanga ariko ntimugire uwo mubibwira!


  • #9

    GAkwaya Innocent (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 06:01)

    Sura WWW.inyabutat.com

    maze umenye amakuru agezweho ku rwanda.

  • #8

    All this wickedness from Queen Kanjogera (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 04:30)

    God remember all those true heros who has attempted to free our nation, namely Rukara Rwa Bishingwe,Ndungutse,Basebya etc.. who were slaughted by this evil queen Kanjogera and those monsters german colonizers(The German Lieutenant Linde took charge of ‘punishing’ the region: crops were destroyed, houses burned)!

    But if The Almighty God could answer me : When are you ready to put an end to this hell -of so called patriots who claim to be high class citizen in our country? I really hate none in Rwanda,being Tutsi,Twa or Hutu,I only hate some Rwandans shocking ego which is destroying us throughout centuries.

    Oh God,it is more than enough, your people are tired!

  • #7

    All this wickedness from Queen Kanjogera (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 04:10)

    Kanjogera saw the protectorate established by Germany during a visit by Captain von Ramsay to the Rwandan court in 1897 as an alliance which would enable her to reinforce her power as regent and extend the mwami ‘s authority in the northern territories, over which her control was not very effective. In fact, Germany apparently did not intervene much in Rwandan affairs: in 1914, the Kigali residence’s staff, administrative and military personnel combined, amounted to 10 people *(Lemarchand, 1970: 63). Nonetheless, several violent operations with German support allowed the court to strengthen its hold on Rwanda, first against the attempted secession of Gisaka in 1901 and then, more importantly, against the insurrection in the northeastern quarter of the country in 1910-1912.

    Besides this support for the court, the protectorate also encouraged the gradual establishment of Christian missions in Rwanda. However, the progression of Catholicism there was slow *(Chrétien, 2003: 373) and the criteria of conversion were quite superficial. In 1914, there were 10,000 Catholics in the country, the total population was estimated at 1,500,000 *(Chrétien, 2003: 184). Once again, Rwanda was struck by several disasters: the Ruyaga (1902-1903), Rwakabaga (1904-1905), Kimwaramwara (1907-1908) and Rumanurimbaba (1917-1918) famines, as well as the 1911 smallpox outbreak in Gisaka and the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in 1907-1908 *(HC, 1956: 11).

    1987; March: Kanjogera accepted Captain von Ramsay’s gift of a German flag, as well as a letter of protection. This alliance allowed her to consolidate her son’s power, which was being disputed in court ***(Chrétien, 2003: 188; Reyntjens, 1985: 59; Vansina, 2001: 227).

    1900: In Gisaka, Rukara’s rebellion was suppressed with support from the German Chief of Usumbura district, von Grawert **(Chrétien, 2003: 216 The number of victims is still unknown. Rukara was captured.

    1900; February 2: An expedition led by the apostolic vicar Monsignor Jean-Joseph Hirth, visited mwami Musinga with permission from the German authorities, and received the Save site from the mwami , as a site for the foundation of a first mission four other missions were created in peripheral areas: Zaza, in Gisaka; Rwaza, in the Mulera region; Nyundo, in the Bugoyi region; and Mbirizi, in the Kinyaga area *(Munyarugerero, 2003: 19).

    1902: Musinga summoned the Chief of Gisaka to Nyanza and imprisoned him; his followers were massacred. As a punishment, Governor von Beringe fined Musinga 40 heads of cattle
    1905; June-August: Musinga organized a military expedition against Basebya, the Twa Chief of Mulera, who had refused to pay the tribute demanded by the mwami . The latter’s troops were beaten, and he called upon the Germans *(Dorsey, 1994: 45).

    1906; February 13: The Kagbayi Catholic mission was founded near the royal court, in order to promote bridge-building with the Rwandan aristocracy *(Munyarugerero, 2003: 19).

    1907: Rwanda was separated from Burundi. Richard Kandt became its Resident-General, founded the city of Kigali and settled there *(Chrétien, 2003: 219).

    1910; April 1: Father Loupias was assassinated at Gahinga by Rukara rwa Bishingwe, a very powerful chief, following a dispute between the latter and several of his relatives who wished to escape his control. With help from some notables from Nduga who were loyal to Musinga, the German Resident Gudovius organized a punitive expedition. Its goal was to obtain the complete submission of this region by destroying crops and dwellings. Several Hutu were killed and their corrals were burned down, but Rukara escaped

    1911; May: Nyiragahumuza, one of mwami Rwabugiri’s widows, announced that Rutalindwa was still alive and in hiding in the north of the country. A revolt broke out against mwami Musinga and spread across the north of Rwanda. It was suppressed by a German intervention; Nyiragahumuza was captured and brought back to Nyanza

    1912; April: German troops attacked the area of Buberuka, in the Ruhengeri region, where Ndungutse (a pretender to the title of mwami ), Rukara (who had killed Father Loupias in 1910) and Basebya, Chief of Mulera (who had rebelled against the mwami ) had taken refuge. Ndungutse turned Rukara in to the German troops, hoping they would take mercy on him, and then fled to Uganda. Rukara and Basebya were executed. The German Lieutenant Linde took charge of ‘punishing’ the region: crops were destroyed, houses burned, and resistance was quelled. Almost 50 people were killed in total

  • #6

    kiyon (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 03:43)

    Mukomeze mutuvangure kdi natwe twarahekuwe,soit niba atri interasi ni inkata! igihe kizagera mushake ko twumvikana mubibura kdi muzahakura ikimwaro forever,kizatuma bamwe muzimanika kuko abenshi muritwe turi inzirakarengane! Imana igiye kubahana,mwaburiwe kuva kera mwanga kumva,igihe kirageze!

  • #5

    Izere JP (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 03:36)

    Ubwikunde bukabije buzatuma abatutsi mwitesha agaciro.Ko mwibuka abatutsi abahutu bishe,kuki muzinzika kwibuka abahutu mwishe!Nyamara igikabyo ni kibi.Mwagombye gushyira ubwenge kugihe kuko iyo mulilimba genocide y,abatutsi,nyamara mukiyibagiza iyabahutu,ntimwibaze ko abazungu ali ibicucu.Kandi aho ni ho muli gutera amanota kubali gusobanukirwa n,ikinamico mubamo yo guhisha ukuli.Cyereka niba mwemeza ko abahutu batava amaraso nkamwe.Amarangamutima rero abazungu iyo bayahaze uwaherekezwaga alijyana.Muzareba ingaruka z,icyaha!

  • #4

    kiyon (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 03:08)

    Ibi bintu mubikurahe ko mbonabitari original! aribyo byaba biteye agahinda peeeeeeeeee!

  • #3

    nkundabatwa (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 01:48)

    Mister Nkundabahutu, you are right. we need justice, and we need enough evidences to show to the judges

  • #2

    Nkundabahutu (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 01:22)

    If what you say is true, show the original document.
    You can scan it and we can have an evidence to show to any who will be interested in this issue.
    You have to be smart and provide an evidence insteid of talking like this. We need justice and we need evidence. thank you so much for this constructive information. I would like you to publish this information in Kinyarwanda because many people do not know English and French. Kagire Imana n'amafaranga kandi nyugakene wa mfura! Bikiramariya akurinde.

  • #1

    when the truth will be said? (lundi, 30 janvier 2012 00:58)

    The 34th (Rutaremara TITO) is the one who can witness what they did for the hutu . I AM SUGGESTING YOU GUYS TO SEND THIS 3 COOPIES TO French juge who are handling the shuting down of Habyarimana s airplane. PLEASE TAKE THESE COPIES TO THEM as you know we still have one months to say something on that report..