A people averse to ethnic-chauvinism rubble-rousers. Pan Butamire.

Pan Butamire and F.Twagiramungu.

Source: Newtimes

 Faustin Twagiramungu was on the BBC ‘Imvo n’Imvano’ programme last 2nd September 2011 and showed he still talks in the vein of “Ariko Murasetsa!” Remember, during his short stint as Rwandan prime minister, and in 2003 as presidential candidate, he made you wonder if he was talking about his own country.

You’ll recall that every time he was asked to react to any incident in the country as PM or to his defeat as the presidential candidate in 2003, he used to grunt “Ariko Murasetsa!” and keep mum. It’s only one time when he followed it up with “You mean my people could refuse to vote for me?” about the polls that people got a hint of what he meant. He was not talking about his Rwandan followers as a candidate.

We had followed his campaigns and we knew that, all through those campaigns, he never articulated a single policy that he’d initiate once in power. Rather, he centred his effort on “reminding” the electorate that the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) – which was seeking another term – was forcing itself on them, as if it was a fact they’d forgotten. This was delivered in vague insinuations but with eloquent rhetoric, even if he had not established the truth of this stated “fact”.

At every campaign, he capped his address with: “My people! Talk with your mouths but vote with your hearts!” The thinly veiled message was that the electorate should praise the RPF but listen to their sentiments of kinship. Underlying that, however, was the even more potent message that RPF members were foreigners. He knew this not to be true, of course, but his politics was not about stating facts.

When “My people!” did not vote him in power, it was the same explanation: “Ariko murasetsa!”  As before, the message was that it was a joke to think that he could lose at the polls, since “My people!” could identify with him only. And if he could not lose, it should be clear that the electorate had been coerced into voting for the triumphant RPF candidate.

Unfortunately, we never got a chance to call his bluff again. At the 2010 elections, he decided not to test “My people!” However, there is the BBC ‘Gahuza Miryango’ Kirundi/Kinyarwanda programme to which he seems to have transferred his regular expression. And hence, his restored delight to impress. To impress emotions and nothing but.

Last 2nd September, he was hosted with two other panellists to discuss the situation in Libya. But while the other two panellists stuck to the topic under discussion, Twagiramungu wandered off to Rwanda even before he could mention the name ‘Libya’. How, he wondered, could the leadership in Rwanda denounce Kaddafi as if their leadership itself was “shyashya”? “In Rwanda”, said he, “they are recounting fairytales during daylight!”

By not being “shyashya”, I suppose Faustin meant that Rwanda was no better than Libya. And for the “fairytales” expression, apart from enjoying its sound, I didn’t get its exact meaning either. Maybe he meant that the Rwandan leadership was deluding itself. Did he mean that conditions in Rwanda were similar to those in Libya, without the leadership knowing?

I listened patiently to get the explanation of how Rwanda was no better than Libya but, alas, none was forthcoming. Instead, he delved into how “some people from his homeland” accept to be received with red carpets in the West, without considering that “ingoma zihindura imirishyo” (literally, ‘drums change drumsticks/drummers’). In other words, our leaders do not remember that “Governments change”. Well, again I didn’t get the link between change of governments and the killing of innocent citizens by Kaddafi but, in any case, I did not expect it.

So, déjà vu. Unfortunately, like him, many who masquerade as Rwandan opposition politicians rely on their mastery of the garb to say nothing, only appealing to emotions to mask their political bankruptcy. Those who are not blessed with such a gift resort to fanning up ethnic sentiments by directing course, abusive language to government leaders. For being consumed by this brand of opposition politics, all our opposition politicians are incapable of analysing and interpreting developments in any country.

And, worse still, they seem incapable of gauging the pulse of “My people”; of seeking to learn from the populace, in case any change has touched it.  Since they all necessarily turn opposition after falling foul of government and fleeing, they are losing touch with the reality in their abandoned home. Those who take the opposite route, from exile home, never take the time to ‘really touch base’; to understand their reclaimed home. As a result, all are unable to wake up to the reality that “My people” are no longer the people they knew.

Today, Rwandans are their own people. They can no longer accept to be pegged onto self-seeking individuals who have nothing to offer that can ensure a better future. Rwanda is no longer for politicians who seek to curve the masses into antagonistic constituencies of favoured majorities and marginalised minorities, the better to rule them.

Opposition, talk the politics of unity and progress or forever hold your peace.


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    HYUNDAI Allwinner A7 (jeudi, 21 juin 2012 09:38)

    his design is wicked! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog

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    Rutikanga (samedi, 24 septembre 2011 12:05)

    Mwa padri twababwira iki...... aliko iyo umuntu ali pédophile koko buba bwarayaze. Kiliziya katolika mwayigize amacuho ye.... ubu rero muli za bulaya ngo reka tuvuge ye nakalimunda kose dutukane dusebanye n'ibindi n'ibindi,vos écrits, vos paroles ce sont des grenades que vous lancez,si vous des hommes sans peur venez chez vous commeça on vous posera des questionnaires aho kubivugira muli km 10.000 sha ngo avapfa kavuliwe n'imbwa cyangwa ni.....aliko ntamugayo nta mugore mugira nta bana akazi kanyu nukwandika kuko ntacyo muriza

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    Anna (mercredi, 21 septembre 2011 22:17)

    Hello Bahati.
    Uvuga neza cyane nkunda igiswayire ariko nakimenya nte? none se ko uvuga ngo urumucongoman ko uvugamo gacye kikinyarwanda bite?kuko ubwo mperusteyo nasanze urwanda rufire abantu bava hirya nohino bavuga igiswaire nigifaransa gusa bazi utujambo tubiri twikinyarwanda. nakwiga nte igishwaire ndagikunda cyane koko. Nuko Bahati urakoze kuvaga neza mubyukuri abatusti mbona bameze nkabisrael babishe cyane kuva cyera ariko ntibashira icyo bazira nicyo ntajya nsobanukirwa abatusti bazira iki benedata? kwihana ningenzi kabisa

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    kagerigeri (mercredi, 21 septembre 2011 07:48)

    Gahamire we tuzabatsinda twongere tubatsinde nimushaka muziyahure, abahutu bumutima mwiza barahari tuzarwubakana naho nkamwe nimushaka muzahere iyo mwangariye nambere amaraso mufite kubiganza azatuma mupfa nka GAHINI.

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    Gahamire Rosette (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 14:45)

    @Butamire, ibyo uba usebamo harya ni ibiki? Inda yawe gusa? Twagiramungu se ko avuga amateka y'igihugu azi yakuriyemo akanagikorera, wowe uravuga ay'abarutashye ngo bimare iki? U Rwanda ntirwabayeho kuko warutashye hamwe n'ibindi bisahiranda mwavanye iyo mwahungiye, na mbere rwariho kandi rwubashywe, habaye ah'intambara mwarushojemo ngo rugere kure kubi rutya, aliko abana barwo barukunda batali ba mercenaires nka mwe turacyahali, tuzaruzahura.

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    dukore (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 14:37)

    kagame ni umuperezida uhamye ubikwiye africa yose yemera ndetse nandi mahanga aho ageze bose bamutega amatwi batareba hirya no hino nta numwe uba udasusurukijw e no kumva amagambo ye ari super thank you God.

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    Kagame (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 11:15)

    Who is this STUPID man called BUTAMIRE? Does he think we have time to listen to his rubbishes and propaganda like INTORAHAMWE use to do pour distraire les gens?

    Chers amis, soyez forts en ne vous laissez pas distraire par ces voyous qui, sachant que la fin de leurs jours est proche, font tout pour plaire A leur grand malfaiteurs.

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    # 31 Unwiseman (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 10:14)

    I found no wisdon in what you wrote.Amayeli yanyu ni menshi kandi twarayamenye.you 're not one of the Twagiramungu's people for you English is full of wickedness.

    Urica urulimi kugira ngo usebanye.

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    Wiseman (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 09:13)

    well, Butamire,you've found some weaknesses out of the way of thinking and doing of opposition. As they do for you, you have right of criticizing them. But, I wonder if you should go out of your "clic" and see if things are being well done by the GoR. I wish,if you took a time to rethink!Certainly, you could highlight what do you think is wrongly being done in our country, please, don't be partial, unless your are a "prophète de la cour" where you should defend even "mensonge". We, you and me, even every person who was aware of what was happening during that 2003's presidential elections, know that the polls were trucked.We will keep reminding it and claiming for a better political change.remember and reminder your brothers and sisters,Rwanda is for every Rwandan, from one who is ruling to one who is seeing if you are doing well. We need to respect each other. If we don't, fire will fall upon. Do you think you will escape while you are firing? Maybe, you will have died, but know that we need a good country for our children.A wise man ought to forecast from the present situation.Will our president rule forever? Who will come after him? Do you think he will be like him? Our history of division and discrimination will absolutely end up by a dramatic event. Time is now to drive it out. You and me, and others, inside and outside, we should contribute in respect and fairness. God bless our priests for their good initiative to put up this web.

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    Burundiano (lundi, 19 septembre 2011 01:22)

    #29 bahati
    Sina mudha wa kupoteza dada tizama kwanza maneno yenye umeandika,shame on you!!!Ebu niambie dada bahati,wewe ni mtutsi kutoka wapi?Nyamirambo,butare,nyaruguru,biryogo,cyangugu...usiniulize

  • #29

    bahati (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 23:39)

    mimi ni mucongomani, nduguzangu, wa hutu na wa congomani ,wowote ,acheni wa tutsi, popote ,burundi rwanda, hasa na congo, piya ,kwani mungu ame wapa karama ya uwongozi, mufano, 15% nigute yategeka 85% , mugomba kubitekerazaho, abatutsi ,tubafashwa nubu keye bwabo. siyo batu bakuchezeya. numbwoko bwimana koko.

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    Mbwire kabuye. Pierre (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 22:30)

    Wize he utazi no kwandika psychologique? ahubwo ko ari wowe wahahamutse!!!utazi ibyo uvuga ko ugomba no kumenya kubyandika wa muginga we!!!

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    P.K @ CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 22:10)


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5n5HRUycu0&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kr_xm0upgs&NR=1

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    NAHO BARAMWAMAGANYE DISI (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 22:08)

    REBA IBYABEREYE I CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY: UMUGABO ayaratangatanzwe. Nubwo yagiye yihishahisha bari bamuvumbuye. ABAZUNGU bati bamutwaye bamuhishahisha!!!!




    Bati: Ko turi abantu wowe uri iki? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kr_xm0upgs&NR=1

    Ariko ubu murabona azabigenza gute? Ndiwe nakwegura tu. Mbabajwe n'INTORE abeshya.

  • #25

    @ 20 (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 22:00)


  • #24

    IGISUBIZO #23 (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 21:48)

    Ahubwo izo NTORE muzimenye KADDAFI navaho zizabazwa IBYO ZARIMO. Erega izina siribi (INTORE) GUTOZA...Ntibyari bibi no kwitwa INTERAHAMWE(GUTERAHAMWE) Ikibazo NUGUKORESHA IZINA nabi. UGATOZA kwica aho gutoza Kugira neza, Cg UGATERAHAMWE wica aho Guterahamwe Ukiza.

    NTA KIBUNO NTA NNYO RERO kuko BOSE BAZAHANWA KIMWE! Gusa mubamenye ho hose kuri za Bus naza GARE YAMWOSHI(TRAIN STATION) nahandi zihishahisha mukugira nabi. NSUBIREMO ZIZABIBAZWA niyo mpamvu zikora ZIHISHAHISHA kuko zizi ko ZIKORERA UMWICANYI N'UMUJURA.

  • #23

    INTORE MUBUFARANSA BARAZIBESHYE ! (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 21:39)

    Nyuma y'uruzinduko rwa kagame kwa Sarkozy, dore ko abafaransa ariko babivuga ko yari umushyitsi we atari uwabo, intore zihishe muri icyo gihugu zikaba zarakoraga rwihishwa gahunda y'umwicanyi kagame zaramenyekanye!

    Izo ntore zakoze amanama akomeye mbere y'uruzinduko rwa kagame, zahawe inshingano nyinshi, mu gihe zari mu cyumba zakiriyemo umukuru wazo , hari intore imwe yahagurutse itanga ubuhamya , ibwira izindi ko imaze igihe gito isubiye mu gihugu ( mu Rwanda) ko nayo yabaga hanze ikora akazi nkako izo ntore z'iburayi zikora ubu, noneho igerekaho ko rwose izo ntore ziburayi ko ntacyo zigomba kwikanga ko u Rwanda ubu rwagutse rukagera kunyanjya, rukagera n'iburayi (mu bufaransa), amashyi yabaye menshi cyane!

    Aho ntore nkuru kagame isubiriye mu rwanda, ubu intore z'iburayi zitangiye kuganya, zirimo ziyenza ngo leprophete na veritas byarazitanze, ngo zarabavuze ....ikibatera aka gahinda (kandi ngo intore ntiganya daaa!!) kikakuyobera ! None se ntabwo ari intore? kuba intore se n'icyaha? none se ntizakoze amanama n'ubu zikaba ziyakora... kuki ziha kuvuza induru ngo bamenye ko ari intore kandi umukuru wabo Kagame yarabivugiye mu ruhame ngo abanyarwanda bose babaye intore ? Igisubizo kiroroshye , ni uko izi ntore z'iburayi zabaye nka ryabuye ryagaragaye riba ritakishe isuka! Ubu babaye kizi bose nk'umuravumba!! Izo ntore rero kagame yongere azitere agashinge zikore icyazizanye zireke kuganya, gusa ikibazo zifite ni uko aho ziri atari ikigali, aho ziniga abanyarwanda mu mutuzo nta n'inyoni ikomye!! mu Bufaransa ho n'intabwe umuntu yakoze buri munsi ziba zibaze!

    kwinyagambura birazigoye; ariko nkaba narangiza nibariza akabazo : Niba Kagame yemera ko abanyarwanda ari intore, kandi izo ntore zikaba zaramwakiriye ari nyinshi, ni kuki zitangiye kwitotomba ngo bavuze ko ari intore ? buri wese yakwishakira igisubizo ,ariko njyewe icyo nabaha kiri hafi , ni uko batinya kwitwa iryo zina kumugaragaro kuko bafite imigambi mibi yo kurimbura abanyarwanda!

    Ni bemere rero bambare umwenda shebuja yabambitse kandi nabo bakawishimira!


  • #22

    l (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 20:47)

    Inyandiko y'uyu mugabo Butamire nta kintu gifatika kirimo:
    1. Aravuga ngo Twagiramungu yita abantu ''My people'' , ubwo ngo akaba azanye ivangura , aba RPF akaba abise abanyamahanga. None se mwa bantu mwe niba Twagiramungu yibonamo abanyarwanda akaba yumva ari abantu be abuzwe n'iki kubita ''my people'', ''abantu banjye, abavandimwe banjye , umuryango wanjye''. Kagame n'abambari be ntibashobora gutinyuka kwita abanyarwanda ngo ''my people'', kuko bazi ko birwa baturenganya. Ntiwafata abantu wirwa wicisha inzara, wirwa ubatera ama grenades, ubarasa ku manywa y'ihangu ngo nurangiza ubone imbaraga zibita ''my people''. Umutimanama wawe wagucira urubanza. Bavuga ibigoramye imihoro ikarakara. Ko Twagiramungu ntawe yigeze yita umunyamahanga, ubwo bunyamahanga mubwiyumvamo kubera iki? Ese ntiyaba ahubwo ari uko ibikorwa mukora nyine bibagaragaza nk'abanyamahanga ? Nta muntu muzima wakwica abenegihugu be nk'uko Kagame n'inkoramaraso ze babikoze kandi bakibikomeje nanubu. Kuba mwiyumvamo ubunyamahanga rero ntawe byatangaza kubera ko bibafasha kwica abanyarwanda mwibwira ko ari abanyamahanga mwica. Reba Kagame ubu aho agiye hose baramwagana, wigeze wumva Twagiramungu hari umuntu umwamagana? Hari undi muperezida wo mu karere dutuyemo k'ibihugu bigari wumva abaturage be birwa bashinja kumena amaraso / Babashinja ruswa, gusahura, n'ibindi ariko nta bwicanyi. Tuzabyite ishyari se ra ? Kuburyo UN imugirira ishyari igasohora Mapping report imushinja Genocide, Spain ikamushinja, France ni uko, abakongomani, abanyarwanda… ariko uretse ubujiji no kuba wenda mwarasangiye kunywa amaraso y'abanyarwanda ni ikihe kintu kindi gituma mwizirika ku mwicanyi ruharwa Kagame?
    2.Kuvuga ngo mu Rwanda si shyashya nta kinyoma kirimo. Iyo abantu birwa baterwa grenade ku manywa , abandi bagacibwa imitwe, abandi bakaraswa mu bwenge bwinshi bwa Butamire yumva haba hariho umutekano. Icyajyanye NATO muri libiya (dukurikije uko babivugaga)kwari ukurengera abasivili , ntibyari ugukuraho Gaddafi. Ni ukuvuga rero ko na leta ya Kagame niba idashobora kurinda abaturage amagrenade birwa baterwa(uretse ko ari nayo iyabatera) ntacyo irusha Libiya.
    3.Ngo ''opposition talk the politics of unity and progress''. Hano ho harimo ukuri gucye. Nk'uko ubivuga opposition ntirashobora gushyira hamwe ngo babe umuntu umwe ubundi ngo urebe ngo Kagame baramurishyira ku ruhande. Nizere ko ibyo uvuga utashatse kuvuga ko opposition yifitemo ivangura moko. Kuko Kayumba na bagenzi be bahoze mu RPF yisasiye imbaga y'abanyarwanda itagira uko ingana ubu barimo barakorana na ba BM Habyarimana nabo bakoranye n'ubutegetsi bwisasiye imbaga y’abanyarwanda. Opposition rero ntiyifitemo ikibazo cy'amoko, ifite ikibazo cyo guhitamo ukwiye kuyiyobora, buri wese ashaka kwigaragaza kandi byo ntacyo bizayigezaho.
    Niba ushaka kwigisha ubumwe bw'amoko uzahere kuri FPR niyo mbona isa nk'ifite ivangura ry'amoko mu nshingano zayo, aho usanga mu miryango nka AERG , Imbuto-Foundation, FARG, ari indiri z'intagondwa z'abatutsi , zirwa zigisha abana b'abatutsi ubugome uretse ko bibeshya abana b'iki gihe nabo bamaze kujijuka. Uzitegereze urebe ukuntu abana b'abahutu n'abatutsi bari gushyingiranwa hagati yabo nibwo uzabona ko ziriya ngirwa miryango z'intagondwa zigosorera mu rucaca. Aho kwigisha urukundo mukirwa mwigisha urwango no kuroga ? Ariko kuki amateka atabigisha ngo murebe uko ivanguramoko ryacitse muri Afurika y'Epfo, muri Amerika n'ahandi? Abarikoraga se mubarusha intege ? Ni ikibazo cy’igihe gusa. Ndagira ngo mbabwire ko umuntu wese wumva ko ubwoko bwe buri hejuru y’ubundi ari umurwanyi ukwiye kujya kwa muganga.

  • #21

    Kabuye.Pierre (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 20:44)

    Reaka mare impungenge Alice Umuhoza, Kuberako mfite uburambe mukuganira nabagize ihungabana, ndagusaba ngo u8zanshake maze nguhumurize kukjo biragaragara ko umfite ikibazo probleme pyschrogique, kandi burya uwagize ihungabana siwe ubwe ubimenya ahubwo bimenywa nabamwumva ndetse nabamureba. Cyose Ali, Urumva ufite ubushobozi bungana iki kuburyo ushobora kumenya ibintu byose mu gihe Kagame we adoshobora kubimenya? Uti indege 5 zamaze kugera mukarere zije kurasa Kagame! nonese kubimubwiye kandi mudashaka ko abimenya? Ntabwo rero mu kimuguye gitumo kuko yamaze kubimenya.Burya rero umushonji ngo arota arya? Ibyo mwirirwa mo nibyo murota, nagirango nkubwire ngo PLUS JAMAIS, never again........... kereka Imana nsenga niba ibeshya, naho ubundi abakora bakore bekwita kubivugwa kuri uru rubuga, urebye na Title wahaye inyandiko yawe urasanga ari diablelique, abo ubwira guhunga ni bande? ko abo mufatanyije ibitekerezo bahunze abandi wifuza ko bahunga ni bande? Cyangwa urifuza ko bakomeza bagahunga? Twe Imana iravuga amahoro kandi namwe itubwira ko muzataha tugasangira umurage w'abakurambere bacu. Ntabwo ntukanye ahubwo nakuvuraga.

  • #20

    Haaa Kagame wanyu? ok look down here. (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 20:26)

    H.E President Paul Kagame, Here I am writing this to you. It 's been long time around 17 years ago presiding our Country, we do understand how tough this job is. You accomplished a greatest. However, YOU are a problem for all Rwandan people. You are the one who is creating genocide denial. You don't allow a wide political space. You are a special killer . You don't even trust your best adviser in any way. Igihe wari Belgium, ushaka kujya Spain, UK, Chicago wabonye abakwamagana nubwo batari bashize hamwe. Ejobundi muri France muhisha abantu aho muba muganirira nk'intore ariko abanyarwanda barahamenye baraza. IKINDI AHA BYAGARAGAYE KO ABATWANYA UBUTEGETSI BWAWE BISHIZE HAMWE..Ikibabaje cyane ujya muri usa kuri CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY ntabwo abantu bari babizi ko wava i Paris ugahita uhagera ariko noneho abantu bakwakirije imyigaragambyo mukanya ko guhumbya.. Aha nyakubwa wowe ntubona ko ubaye ikibazo gikomeye cyane kubanyarwanda? Inama nziza rwose tanga ubutegetsi neza kubantu wabashije gutegura kandi bazagukingira ikibaba ntukurikiranwe na ICC.
    Kuba wizera indege z'intambara ,abasirikari bawe kuri revolution ikenewe aba ndetse nibyo bikoresho ntabwo bikiri ngombwa.. Reba nawe izi video urasanga nabanyamakuru bo mu rwanda batazi ibyo barimo kuko bagaragaza amaso yubuhumyi cyane ntibabashe kwerekana n'ibitagenda neza muruhande rwawe.. HE NAWE IREBERE. UKORE COMPARISON



    Reba ibyo igihe gitangaza nawe uraseka rwose..


  • #19

    Mwahunze hakiri kare ra! (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 19:07)

    Amakuru agera kukinyamakuru inyangenews,avuga ko ngo intambara yo mukarere k’ibiyaga bigari yaba irimo gutegurwa buhoro,amakuru aturuka ahantu hatandukanye,mu biro by’iperereza muri East African Community(EAC)avuga ko ngo ubu mu bihugu bituranye n’uRwanda ngo haba hamaze kugera indege zigera kuri eshanu (5) za Misire,zitegurirwa kurasa uRwanda.

    Nyuma yuko amahanga amaze kubona perezida Kagame ko abaye ikibazo ku isi yose,byabaye ngombwa ko bashakisha uburyo bwo kumukuraho badahungabanije abaturage, none byarananiranye,amakuru atugeraho avuga ko ubu ngubu intambara yogukuraho perezida Kagame imaze kugera kure cyane.

    Amakuru dukesha bamwe mu bategura iyo ntambara akomeza avuga ko ngo ibikorwa byose ubu biri gukorwa mu ibanga rikomeye cyane ku buryo kagame adashobora guhirahira amenya uko ibintu byifashe,bivugwa ko impamvu bahisemo iyo nzira ngo ni uko kagame ar'umunyabwoba cyane ngo ku buryo aramutse amenye gahunda uko zimeze ngo yahita atera bimwe mu bihugu biri muruwo mugambi ,byaba bitabaye ibyo ngo ashobora gutera urusaku ku buryo yatuma ibintu bitajyenda neza .

    Dore ko akunda byacitse kugira ngo abone uko akora ubugome bwe,ibyo byatumye amahanga muri rusange,arabatavuga rumwe na leta y’ikigali,ari ibihugu bitamwumva bose bahisemo gukora rwihishwa kuburyo Nyakubahwa Paul azashiduka bamuguye hejuru.

    Amakuru dufite avanze n’ubuhanuzi,avuga ko umunyacyubahiro Paul Kagame azabanza kwicwa,kugirango abazaba bamurwanirira bazahita bacika intege,ibyo bikazatuma hapfa abantu bake,ariko n’ubwo bimeze gutyo ibintu ntibyoroshye kuko igihari ni uko abarepubulika batifuza nagato ko Umwami w’uRwanda KIGELI V NDAHINDURWA yagaruka ar’Umwami ku buryo ingoma yacyami ariyo Monarchy Constitutional yasubira ku ngoma.

    Ibi mu gihe bivugwa birahwihwiswa ko ngo ubu noneho abemera repubulika ngo baba barimo kwiyegeranya gahoro gahoro,kugirango bazabashe kuburizamo umugambi wogusubiza ubwami ku ngoma.Mu gihe bari gutegura ibi ,bamwe ntabwo babivugaho rumwe,biravugwa yuko abanyarwanda bo mu bwoko bw’Abahutu barimo ibice 2 abanyenduga bo barashaka umwami naho abakiga bon go ntibashaka Umwami.

    Aho rero ngo niho FPR yinjirira,igashaka gukoresha iryo turupfu kugirango yigarure abanyenduga ibbabwira ko ubwami bwasezerewe,nyamara amakuru avuga ko ngo abanyanduga ngo baba bemera ubuhanuzi ndetse banabugenderaho,ngo ibyo bituma bashaka uburyo bakuramo akabo karenge.

    Amakuru ikinyamakuru inyangenews gifite avuga ko ngo ibintu ubu ngo byaba bitoroshye nagato,ubuhanuzi buvuga ko ngo Paul namara kwicwa hazaba intambara y’uruvange,ku buryo abazaba barwana batazamenya uwo barwanira uwariwe,ariko abahanga bavuga ko ngo bitewe n’uko abashyize kagame ku ngoma babonye yabashije kuyobora kandi ntaho yizendetse ari ninjiji ngo benshi bazashaka gufata ingoma kugirano nabo bategeke nkuko Paul yategetsi.

    Ibyo biri mu bintu bizatuma abantu benshi bicwa ku buryo bukabije,ndetse bivugwa ko hazimikwa abaperezida batatu 3 bazaba bameze nka SINDIKUBWABO,bose bazicwa hanyuma yaho abantu bazatinya gushaka uwo mwanya wabanyacyubahiro,kandi ibyo byose bizaba igihugu cy’Ubufaransa kizaba kibifitemo uruhare hamwe n’Ababirigi kugirango baburizemo ingoma ya cyami.

    Kandi icyo gihe intambara mukarere kose izaba imeze nabi,haba kuruhande rwa Tanzania,kongo,Uburundi,nagace gato ka Uganda.Ubwo n’ubuhanuzi buvanze n’ibitekerezo by’abantu.Ubwo rero niba ariko bimeze murumva ko abanyarwanda dukwiye gusenga,bamwe bazaba barwana bakuraho kagame abandi barwana bagarura uduce tw’Urwanda twashyizwe kubindi bihugu.

    Umuhoza Alice.


  • #18

    Ko ubanza ibintu bitoroshye (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 19:06)

    perezida kagame mu Bufaransa ngo bahawe amafaranga yo gukora misiyo yokuroga abatavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bw’ikigali.
    Uwitwa SGT.Sasita yagiye muri ibyo birori byogushyigikira shebuja perezida Paul Kagame akaba yarafite umukobwa akoresha,mu buryo amusambanya ariko ntagire ikindi amumarira.
    Amakuru avuga ko akimara kuva mu birori bya shebuja,ngo yahise aha umukobwa misiyo yokwica muri bamwe batavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bw’Ikigali.Nyamukobwa yaje kumenya ko SGT Sasita yahawe agatubutse naho we akamuhemba kukwezi kandi bagomba kuyagabana.
    Umukobwa yaje kubibonamo akarengane,maze agize ngo aravuga undi ati umva inkoni,ubundi bivugwa ko yari yaramusezeranyije ko azamurongora,umukobwa yaje gutahura ko atazamurongora maze nawe yikomereza kuba muri icyo kinyenga cyo kwirira amafaranga aturuka mu misoro yabanyarwanda.
    Ubwo umukobwa inkoni zimuzambije ajya hanze aravuga,ati kwanza n’imigambi ufite yo kuroga abantu batavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bw’ikigali ndabivuga hose bakumenye.
    Sasita ubu akaba amerewe nabi n’inzego zishinzwe umutekano,yibagiwe ko ari mu burayi,agirango aracyari muri Africa,aho birirwa bakubita abagore babo nk’ihene cyangwa imbwa,ngibyo rero ivuye mukwakira umukuru w’igihugu cy’uRwanda perezida Paul Kagame.
    Banyarwanda rero muri mu mahanga murye muri menge,abo muzi bagiye gushyigikira perezida Kagame mukwiye kubirinda,byaba Atari ibyo bazavutsa ubuzima kandi hari hasigaye igihe gito ngo dutahe tujye mu rwa tubyaye!
    Mukwiye kugira ubwenge rero kandi mwirinda bishoboka,urumva ko Imana yateje ikibazo kugirango igihishwe kibashe kumenyakana,erega ijambo ry’Imana niryo rivuga ngo nibihishwe bizashyirwa hagaragara.Ubanza rero bihereye mu Rwanda.
    Birababaje kumva abantu bize bazi ubwenge basigaye baremeye kuyoboka inzira yo kuroga nkaho arumwuga bagiye kwiga mu burayi!?ese uwo ushaka kwica ko n’ubundi uzakomeza kuba uko uri ubona bizakumarira iki?ibi byose murabiterwa ninda nini ivanzemo n’ubusambo.
    Byaruhanga I

  • #17

    vaho (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 17:16)

    butamire yabuze ibyo atamira,

  • #16

    Ubundi ngo igisambo kirya gikebaguza ! (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 17:15)

    Ni ubwo atari mu gihugu, akaba yaratsinze amatora ntategeke, akaba yaranze kongera kujya kwiyamamaza, biragaragara ko FPR igifitiye ubwoba Twagiramungu! Kandi ni mu gihe inkotanyi zizi neza ko zibye none zikaba zikebaguza ziti uwo twibye aramutse adufashe byagenda gute ?

    Twagiramungu aravuga nkabandi ntimushobore no gushyikira imvugo ye , kuko FPR ivuga ubusa , ikaba yirirwa ibeshya amahanga mu maso ya rubanda! Uwakwereka ibiri mu mitima yabaturage bitewe na FPR , Imana yonyine niyo ibizi!! Gusa rero , mwavuga mu gishinwa, mwacurika amagambo, mwakwigira ibicucu, ntabwo muzashyikira imvugo ya Twagiramungu !

    Ukuri kuzatsinda , uyu mugabo azwi n'amoko yose y'u Rwanda , yababaranye n'abatutsi , arongera ababarana n'abahutu! Kuzamushobora bizabagora kandi aracyafite imbaraga zo kubazunguza!


  • #15

    Mr butamire (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 16:21)

    Nimwihera amaso


  • #14

    kagame wacu (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 16:10)


  • #13

    Murekezi (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 15:57)

    Butamire aratera iyahararutswe. Ariyibagiza nkana ko Twagiramungu yatsinze amatora yo mu w'i 2003. Niba atabizi, azabaze Kagame cyangwa Chrysologue. We nyine ashobora kuvuga ngo "my people" kuko yibona mu Banyarwanda nabo bakamwibonamo, Abahutu n'Abatutsi. Naho Kagame we yanga Abanyarwanda, Abahutu n'Abatutsi, kandi arabica bose rwose. We rero ntashobora kuvuga ngo "my people" kuko yaba abeshye. Butamire arabura icyo anegura inka ngo "dore igicebe cyayo". Harya ni nde urusha Abatutsi kwishongora no kuvuga ko baruta abandi?

  • #12

    kirungurira (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 15:31)

    Poor Mr Butamire, honestly speaking, this is all could tell us ! I advise you to forget about writing!Please go and look after your goats and cows from Girinka project because us rwandese have moved on.... and have no time for people like you:continue daydreaming.....

  • #11

    Please leprophete.fr ! (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 15:21)

    @Leprophete.fr,please I beg you to remove this picture of such a senile moron with such idiotic writings who, in this age still think that "...there people who are born to lead and those born to be led and, thing has been so and people have accepted it without question throughout history" This I quote from his poorly written blog.

    For all purpose, it appears that he isn't a good student of history; throughout history, all the way from the Jews in bondage in Egypt, through the French (French revolution)and the Americans or the South Africans(apartheid) to the recent 1959 Popular Revolution in Rwanda, the people have always raised their voice against their leaders (for whatever reason) and they have always prevailed, whatever the cost(...)

    This Butamire, seems to be devoid of a logical thinking pattern, his eyes are still covered by the dross of ethnic stereotype and hatred, the jingoistic character of those who in their chauvinistic hearts purport to love Rwanda more than their perceived enemies or victims.

    Please remove this nonsense from here, this is a forum for the freedom-hungry people, not for idiots or the like of Butamire, let him post his views on his blog or on the umusoto yahoogroup but not here.

  • #10

    To Butamire. (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 14:24)

    It's amazing to know that the So-called intellectals or intelligentsia in RPF do not comprehend Twagiramungu's Language.Shame on us.This reminds me of Powerful speaches of Mr Mbiyombiyo ,Mfizi ,Habyara ,Kayibanda in UN and other men and women gifted beyond doubt.
    Isn't strange to publicly confess that you enjoy the sound of an expression without getting the exact meaning ?
    Mr Twagiramungu can not be limited that's why he went beyond the borders of Libye to Kigali.
    May you always suppose and not get the meaning.
    You will always listen patiently but you will not get the meaning before the right time.You know well that Governments change but the link with the killing of innocent citizens will always be far from your mind.
    Mr Butamire, the time is now to listen and see what you didn't expect.Plz,we are tired with your jokes.Ntimugisensa ahubwo Murariza.

  • #9

    Munya kuri (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 14:22)

    Poor analsis and lack of vision as well as focus . I think and well believe that people in rwanda needs a person who resolve thier problems and not the one who is eloquent in his speach . So leave twagiramungu alone coz he knows what he is saying he has a reputable track record . So if rwandans are allowed to vote freely and fairly . Believe you me the results would put him far ahead of others.

  • #8

    Munya kuri (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 14:18)

    Poor analsis and lak of vision as well as fous . I think and well believe that people in rwanda needs a person who resolve thier problems and not the one who is eloquent in his speah . So leave twagiramungu alone oz he know what he is saying he has a reputable trak record . So if rwandans are allowed to vote freely and fairly . Believe you me the results would put him far ahead of others.

  • #7

    Kuri Marginalized (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 14:02)

    Wambwawe no mwijuru uzaba marginalized kubera ubwicanyi bwanyu. "Small group of minority people" binterahamwe nukubirinda cyane doreko ntacyo muzagerako.Majority barimo kubaka igihugu interahamwe zo zikigaragambya. Imburamukoro zitegereje gusahura ibyo zitakoreye. Uri imbwa ikurura umurizo.

  • #6

    marginalized (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 12:30)

    Security and protection for small group of minority people, killings and assassination for majority and marginalized ones!! No wonder!?

  • #5

    # 2 (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 11:33)

    Abumva uki Kilimi (English) kandi bumva imvuga ya Twagiramungu Birinde kugira ibisobanuro batanga .Ndakeka bageze igihe cyo kumuhimbira ibirego bitwaje imvugo ye .Umwanditsi ndabona yiyemerera ko atumva imvugo ikomeye y' umunyapolitike TWAGIRAMUNGU kandi ni mugihe.

  • #4

    nimwirebere (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 11:32)


  • #3

    Kuri numero 2 (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 11:31)

    Ndasubiza 2 bigiki se imitunu y'urukwavu ntibuza ishyamba gushya ngaho nibatukane muruzungu!!! Kagame oyeeeee ndakwemera cyane byarabatunguye kubona ujya mubufaransa none baravuga ayandongo na yesu bamushyizeho amakosa atakoze abobajyinga sinshidikanya kwatarizo nterahamwe za mubabye!!

  • #2

    KO MUTANDIKA (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 10:57)


  • #1

    Analysis (dimanche, 18 septembre 2011 09:26)

    This is one of the most brilliant and honest Pan Butamire has ever written ! And he has so many great articles I find to be amazingly honest. I like the last line most " Opposition, talk the politics of unity and progress or forever hold your peace". There's nothing wrong with disagreements and two opposing ideas in nation building, that happens all over the world, the problem arises when the politics of opposition are centered on things that are of little value or lower priority. I have nothing against Twagiramungu personally and in fact think he could be a great historian. May be Kagame should find him a job as the director of the national museum in Nyanza. ( the idea of going to D.R.Congo to bring Yuhi V Musinga's corpse to bring it to Rwanda, and all those stuff he wrote in the article related to that shows that he is someone very interested in things of history, to what extent Yuhi V Musinga's body would be the next grand thing to transform the Rwandan society I have no idea, and for such a suggestion to come from Twagiramungu, It makes me laugh - all this said- he seems to deserve some position in things related to history in Rwanda ) but as for politics and running a party and being president, I doubt that even his own party sees viability in that.
    By the way Eric Nshumyumuremyi's situation is catastrophic. I felt sad to hear those news. I am waiting to hear what the government or the police's spokesperson is going to release in the communiqué. I am pretty sure they will tell us some "Abagizi ba nabi" tried to kill the PS-Imberakuri party member. My question is, why do these "Abagizi ba nabi" seem to target only opposition figures like Jean Leonard Rugambage ( Umuvugizi), Rwisereka ( Green Part ), Kayumba ( RNC), why haven't we heard of Abagizi ba nabi trying to shoot down James Musoni ( RPF) or Mzee Rutaremera ( RPF )--Not that I wish that those RPF good men be shot- God forbid- but doesn't such a question show us how it doesn't require an I.Q higher than average to suspect the security forces behind the assasinations ( attempt) of these oppostion figures? The point is no one deserves to die because of their ideas no matter how weird they may be.I would suggest that the security forces protect the opposition figures as well as they protect the ruling party's high ranking officials.