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    wlp (vendredi, 03 juillet 2015 08:09)

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    RUPYIRI (lundi, 01 août 2011 17:40)

    Ariko mwabantu mwabonye cg mwitegereje ubugome bw'inkotanyi dore aba bose ni aba leaders u Rwanda rwari rufite buriya FPR biriya byose yabipanze igirango hatazagira n'umwe uzongera gukopfora. Abakatiwe ngirango nta numwe ushobora kuzava mu buroko atabupfiriyemo.

    Mbese nk'uko ubu ba Kayumba, Karegeya n'abandi barimo guhigishwa uruhindu kugirango FPR imire neza amateka iyashyire mu nda ya Rwabujindiri maze ibyabaye ku Rwanda ntihazagire generation izabibwira indi generation.

    Muri urwo ruhando niyo mpamvu ujya kumva ukumva abantu runaka bafunzwe ngo bakorana n'Umwami cg ba Kayumba ariko ni ya Politiki mpotozi ya RPF (Kwica urubozo kandi gahoro gahoro kugeza barimbuye generation) irimo kugenda ihindura isura. Ariko ngirango Kagome ibyo yari agambiriye yabonye ntabapfira gushira na benewabo yashatse ko bashyiraho ariko Imana irinda ab'Israel yabaye msso bose ntibashira.

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    Nangamadumbu (lundi, 01 août 2011 14:36)

    Aba bantu bari Arusha ndabemeye kubera kiriya gikorwa gishyize hamwe. Nari kubashima kurushaho iyo bakora boycot y'urukiko banga bose kuburana igihe cyose nta n'umwe muri FPR uhazanywe kuburanishwa. Nibamagane, ndetse n'abandi turi hanze irondakoko riri ly'urwo rukiko.

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    mugabo (lundi, 01 août 2011 12:01)

    Bantu bazima, reka guta umwanya wanyu muza hano, kuko padiri nabambaribe si ugusoma misa baracuragura!naho mwagira gute ikibi baracyonse, erega umuntu atanga icyo afite

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    Kuri # 34 (lundi, 01 août 2011 01:46)

    Abasore n' inkumi mvuga bazira amaraso mu biganza byabo kandi ndi umwe muri bo.Mbonye unyifurije ibidashoboka kuko Umwiryane uri hagati yanyu watumye amahanga amenya ibinyoma n' Uburozi mukoresha.None ko twumva ko ba Kayumba mwabahushije aho Nyagasani ntiyabakuyeho amaboko.
    Uyu mwaka mpaka usange "foundateur" umusinyishe.

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    ndimubanzi (dimanche, 31 juillet 2011 19:44)


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    Rwatwitsimputu (dimanche, 31 juillet 2011 06:15)

    Kuri abasore n'inkumi z'iterahamwe
    Kuba wita interahamwe zariye abatutsi murwanda sinzi ico urico mwa. None,None wowe wumva ufite impamvu abo bicanyi bajya mu bandi bantu nkaho ibyo bakoze byaribagiwe. Wenda nawe ukwiriye kuba hamwe nabo wanterehamwe we. Ngaho Nyagasani (harya ninterahamwe nkawe muzi Nyagasani?) abongere imyaka yubayo ntibazagaruke mu bantu kandi nawe uzabasangeye nkuko muhuj'imigambi.

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    Abasore n' Inkumi (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 15:31)

    (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 15:17)

    Kutamenya aho uwo wita" Foundateur" ari ni ugupfobya GENOCIDE yakorewe abatutsi.Ariko nanone ndabona uri umwe bamwishe kuko nta Munyarwanda wakwandika "Foundateur" aka kageni.Ikindi Uwiteka akohereze byihutirwa gusinyisha "Foundateur".
    Ntitwumva impamvu aba bantu batarekurwa.Nyagasani abongerere imyaka yo kubaho.Tukiriho ibyanyu bizasubirwamo.

    Uwiteka azadushoboza.

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    @Rwatwitsimputu (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 15:17)

    Kutamenya aho uwo wita" Foundateur" ari ni ugupfobya GENOCIDE yakorewe abatutsi.Ariko nanone ndabona uri umwe bamwishe kuko nta Munyarwanda wakwandika "Foundateur" aka kageni.Ikindi Uwiteka akohereze byihutirwa gusinyisha "Foundateur".

    Voyage sans bagage is your potion.

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    peace (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 14:58)

    Très interessant votre site, au moins tous s'expriment sans complexe mais je déplore le dénigrement de certains lecteurs qui n'évoluent avec le temps

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    Rwatwitsimputu (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 14:02)

    Ndabona inama yaba minisitiri ya MRND yateraniye Arusha. Muti "Gen Habyarimana Foundateur wa Movement sugira sagamba, tuzagutora ijana ku Ijana." Ariko ko se ikinani cyananiye abagome n'abagambanyi cyo ko kitasinye? Musubizeyo Foundateur abaze asinye.

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    Rwatwitsimputu (samedi, 30 juillet 2011 13:48)

    Ariko habaho imputu igira ubwenge mwa? Kwandika abicanyi banditse barengera inyungu ziyindi nterehamwe bivuziki? Ndabona izanditse ari imputu genocideres ubwo imbwa zinterhamwe za "prophete" zirabisubiramo ngo bihinduriki ko nubundo bose nibamwe nkayambwa yo murwanda? Ngoho nimukoze nu bundi ntambwa ihinduka inyana.

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    RUKARA RWA BISHINGWE (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 23:26)

    Kuri ANALYSIS # 6 na JONIA # 3

    Ubwenge bwanyu ndabona bwaracuramye burundu nkubwababakuriye aribo ba KAGOME na mushukiwanyu ! Ibyo aribyo byose, nta giteye isoni n'ishozi nko kwumva amazina nkayaya bantu bombi aribo mutekereza ko yaba ateye agashema ! Reka abari Arusha kuko ubutwari bwabo ndetse n'ubwenge bwabo byabazengereje mwe banyakinyoma mutunzwe no guhahisha amanyanga n'uduhanga twinzirakarengane zabahutu mwariye ! Ubuhanga bwabo ni uko kugeza ubu ibyo mwari mwarizeye ko bizemezwa n'urwo ngirwa rukiko ngo ko aribo bateguye (to plan) bakana shyira mubikorwa génocide soi-disant y'abatutsi, n'ubwo bwose Leta NTUTSI yashyizwe i kigari n'amahanga yose cyane UK na USA na LONI bahagurikiye kwemeza icyo kinyoma cyambaye ubusa, na nubu byarabananiye ! impamvu y'ibyo se mwayimenya mwa bicucu mwe ? Eh bien ni uko abo bose barengana bari Arusha bazi ubwenge, baminuje, barize, si inkandagira bitabo nka ba KAGOME, nabo bandi bose birirwaga baragiye inka bararana nazo zibagangaho nabo bakazinyaraho, ngo bakanazenda, maze aho babahereye ubutegetsi ku imbehe, bose bakazana za diplome zimpimbano bavanye iyo za Uganda n'ahandi, ibicucu byibwiraga ko gutunga icyo gipapuro byonyine biha uwakibonye bujura ubwenge ishuri iyo mpamyabushobozi iha uwaryizemo ! Ibyo uzabibaze nka FRED IBINGIRA umutegetsi mwemera cyane, ubwo agitahuka i Rwanda yagiye kwiga gusoma no kwandika kandi yari atahukanye diplome ya ingénieur. Ngo ntacyamugoraga nko gushyira akadomo kuri "i" ngo akinuba cyane yataye umutwe avuga ngo "ariko ubindi aka kajinga kangora gutya ni ngombwa kugashyira hejuru yaka karongo ? Ngibyo nguko ! Mugende mukebera mwa mihirimbiri mwe, kuko ibyanyu ubu byose byatahuwe, n'akanyu kakaba kari hafi gushoboka !

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    Cyiza (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 20:26)

    @ Muneza:
    Ntago ngendera ku marangamutima na gato ahubwo va ku giti dore umuntu.
    None se urukiko rwa Arusha ruzajya ruterwa utwatsi rimwe (bavuga ko rwakoze nabi, ko rwabogamiye ku nutegetsi bwa Kigali) ubundi urushime (ngo kuko rutarahamya icyaha twavuze hepfo). Ntago uzarucira urubanza ukurikije ibyo urutezeho.

    "Ubwicanyi bwabaye mubusobanura uko mwishakiye kubera inyungu bamwe babifitemo, ntabwo muvuga uko ibintu byagenze". Ntago njye ndimo. Njye mvuga ibyo nabonye kandi nawe utigijije nkana niba wari uhari nkuko uvuga ko banyaguhigwa mwari muturanye warabibonye.
    Niba ufite ukundi wabisobanura, ngirango nguteze cg n'abandi tuguteze amatwi kuko ukuri ntikujya kuba kubi kandi ntago kujya gukererwa, Tumare amatsiko.

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    HAKIZA (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 18:02)

    Turabizi ko uru rukiko rwa TPIR rukorerwa mu kwaha kwa FPR na kagame.Nawe se rurananirwa gucira urubanza uwateguye Jenocide Kagame agira ngo abone uko yifatira ubutegetsi none ririkwicisha inzirikarengane ngo rurazohereza kuburanira mu Rwanda rugendera ku mategeko y'inyeshyamba.

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    sebu (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 17:36)


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    Muneza (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011)


    Reka amarangamutima uvuge uko ibintu bimeze, mbese icyo cyaha cyo gutegura genoside ko na rwa rukiko rwa Arusha rutarabona uwo rukigerekaho, ko na Bagosora mwise ruharwa icyo cyaha ntacyo bamurega, aho ntikizafata Kagame nk'uko amatwi ajya ansumira?

    Ikibazo cy'abahutu n'abatutsi ntabwo cyabayeho kuva intambara ya 90 ibaye, ahubwo iyo ntambara niyo yongereye ibibazo, kuva Habyarimana yafata ubutegetsi abahutu n'abatutsi barasangiraga bakanashyingiranwa, biriya uvuga ngo abatutsi bahoraga bafatwaho ingwate uko Inkotanyi zabaga zokeje igitutu inzirabwoba, ni bya binyoma byanyu by'ibihimbano nka kiriya cy'ama liste.

    Ko abatutsi se twari duturanye tuziranye ayo ma liste yari ay'iki, bagombaga kuyaha nde? Tubwire noneho umututsi warokotse kubera atari yarashyizwe kuri liste? Hanyuma utubwire niba hari abatutsi bari bemerewe kwicwa abandi batabyemerewe.
    Ubwicanyi bwabaye mubusobanura uko mwishakiye kubera inyungu bamwe babifitemo, ntabwo muvuga uko ibintu byagenze.

    Ahubwo se ko uvuga ngo nyuma y'amasaha 48 Habyarimana apfuye abatutsi b'ingenzi bari barangije kwararikwa, ahubwo reka nkwibarize impamvu iyo ndege yamaze kugwa abatutsi twari duturanye bwakeye bamaze kwambuka umupaka?(umupaka ntabwo uri kure).
    Aho ubwo mwe ntimwari ku isiri?

    Ubwumvikane bw'abanyarwanda buri kure igihe cyose mudashaka gushyira hamwe ngo muvaneho igituma ubu bwicanyi buhoraho bucika burundu, ahubwo mukaba ari cyo muha intebe.

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    kamasa (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 17:09)

    Cyiza rwoseeee!!!!!
    akumiro ni amavunja
    1.Iyo bavuze interahamwe wumva iki? ni umutwe witwaje intwaro
    w'ishyaka rya MRNDD (kuko MRND yariyamahoro n'ubumwe1975-1989)
    wari ushinzwe kumaraho abo bitaga abanzi babo selon
    ababakuriye uko babyumvaga kungenga bitekerezo yabo.
    2.Iyo bavuze INKONTANYI wumva iki? ni umutwe witwaje intwaro
    y'ishyaka rya FPR wari ushinzwe kumaraho abo bitaga abanzi babo selon selon ababakuriye uko babyumvaga kungenga bitekerezo yabo.
    3.Iyo bavuze IMPUZAMUGAMBI wumva iki? ni umutwe witwaje intwaro
    y'ishyaka rya CDR wari ushinzwe kumaraho abo bitaga abanzi babo selon selon ababakuriye uko babyumvaga kungenga bitekerezo yabo.

    4.INZIRABWOBA cg FAR zari ingabo z'igihugu cy'u RWANDA zari
    zishizwe kulinda ubusugire bw'igihugu no kurinda aho
    umwanzi yaba aturutse hose zikabiheshwa n'ITEGEKO NSHINGA.

    zirikana ibyo.

  • #22

    Inyenyerinews nanjye nayiretse! (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 17:07)

    barakwiza ibihuha ngo Kayumba afite ingabo zirwanya u Rwanda, hari ibyo yigeze ababwira nibavane urunwa aho! baravuga ngo UN yahaye karegeya amafranga yo kuzarwanya kagame ba koresheje inyeshyamba ibyo babikuye he?? hari ibyo karegeya yababwiye,ko yagiye muri UN mukazi nk'abandi bose? basajije abanyarwanda ngo ingabo za RNC na FDRL zateye ibyo babikurahe bitavugwa na BBC yewe habe n'iradio n'imwe yo mubiyaga bigari!!

    kagame ashobora kuba ari kubakoresha kugirango abone ikindi yitwaza yisubirire muri congo kwishakira amabuye y'agaciro!

    NB:mwitondere n'ibintu bari kuvuga ngo batere inkunga umuhanuzi mashiji Leon go bohereze amafranga kuri western Union!!!!! babwiwe n'iki se ko abakeneye ubuhanuz bwe ari abari hanze?? muzashiduka bavuga ko mutera inkunga FDRL na RNC mwoherereza amafranga inyeshyamba hakoreshejwe western Union!! agapfa kaburiwe ni impongo

    mwumve nkome!

  • #21

    Sabana (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 16:42)

    KURI CYIZA #17#

    Horana amahoro kandi ukomere. Wari utangiye neza wigiye imbere uba urampemukiye uba ubivuze nabi rwose. Nibyo rwose Abahutu bose ntabwo biroshye mu bwicanyi kimwe nk'uko bamwe mu batutsi harimo ababaye imfura nk'uko bamye n'abandi wagira ngo bari baramize kabutindi yo kwica...

    Ntabyo gutegura Jenoside byabayeho iyo biba rwa rukiko rushyigikiye Leta ya Kagame ruba rwarabishyize ahabona. UZABAZE BAZAKUBWIRA. Umugambi uzwi na Kagame nubwo yigira les oiseaux nyoni nyinshi...iyo ajya kuba umugabo yari kureka dutabarwa n'amahanga abo bicanyi bagakanirwa urubakwiye...kandi byarashobokaga...Inkotanyi zateye zizi ko mu minsi mike ziba zigeze i Kigali...ariko zarumiwe imyaka ishira ari hafi 4...zirabanza zihuha Ndadaye...zisanga nizitivugana Habyra ntaho zizakandira...
    erega byose bizajya ahabona ni isaha itaragera...ese arya matorero yari agamije iki mu gihugu....aho bitorezaga se ho...imyobo se yari yaracukuwe ku batutsi bamwe na bamwe ntabwo ari bose...ndetse abenshi ntibari bazi iyo biva n'iyo bigana aha ndavuga abari baragize amahirwe yo kwiga cg gukira...

    Ikinyoma cya FPR NI HATARI ndetse ngo bazi ko amayeri yabo ntawayavumbura...ese burya zirya NAMA ZO KWICA ABASIGAYE BADAHUNZE---ZIRYA NAGO...AGAFUNI...AMALISTI SE ABO BATUTSI NAVUZE HARUGURU B'INTAGONDWA BARI BAFITE ANGANA IKI...CYANE AMAZINA Y'ABAHUTU BIZE CG abafite imitungo...dore ko bamwe bari barigabanyije amazu...EREGA NTA GIHISHWE KITAZAGARAGARA....
    Ibyo by'amaliste se ntawabitindaho...muri icyo gihe twari dufite amoko 3 akab anagaragara mu bituranga...ku buryo rero kuvuga ngo kuri komini hari amaliste ni ugusetsa imikara...uretse abagiye bihutura cg bakitutsura cg se bakabyarana...nubwo abanyarwanda twirata abenshi ntituba tunazi ba data batubyara...ushobora no kwigamba...ubututsi cg ubuhutu kandi so ukubyara ari umutwa,cg se undi muntu usuzuguritse...tujye ducisha makeya...
    Cyiza rero uretse aho abatutsi bari batuye barangwa no kwishongora cg kwirata aho bari babanye neza n'abaturanyi babo nta kibazo bigeze bagira uretse ko nyuma izo ntindi z'interahamwe doreko zari umutwe ugizwe n'amoko uko ari atatu...abatwa...abahutu n'abatutsi...abo bari indakoreka...barataye umutwe yari amashitani yigize umuntu nayo yahura n'intindi z'inkotanyi nazo dore ko zimwe muri zo aho zanyuraga amarorerwa zahasigaga ariyo yatumye n'ibintu bidogera...ese abavaga mu byabo aho babaga bafashe ukeka ko batavugaga akaga bahuye nako...EREGA NGO INGWE NTIYARI IZI GUFATA KU GAKANU YARABWIRIJWE....uzasobanuze uwo mugani abagukuriye bakubwire.


  • #20

    Rudasigwa (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 16:42)

    Erega ntibibatangaze, iriya Gacaca ngo ni TPIR, iriya yamaze kurya uburozi bwa kagame.Uriya mu nya SENEGAL turabizi kandi tubifitiye gihamyea ko yariye ruswa za KAGAME kugirango amuhagarareho we ninkoramaraso ngo ni aba Generali bari kumwe.Ikindi tuziko yariye ruswa kugirango akomeze aburabuze imfugwe, azigerekere ,kandi ngo abo Leta ishaka bababoherereze.Ni muhumure rero twarayimenye iyo migambi mibisha,kandi turi gukora ibishoboka byose kugirango iburizwemo.Niba mwibuka umu dame ntashatse kuvuga izina wayoboye uru rukiko, akavaho :Ni ukubera iki Kagame yamwanze(subiza amaso inyuma) yanze kurya ruswa.
    Jalo ararye ari menge, ashatse yanyurwa n'ama Dollars arya yubusa ntakamaro ke!Nawe iriya Gereza azayijyamo tu!!!!

  • #19

    turamagana inyenyerinews n'ibihuha byayo (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 16:26)

    Ariko abanyamakuru b'INYENYERINEWS bizehe, baziko ubunyamakuru ari umwuga.NIbareke ibihuha ,niba babuze ibyo bandika nibajye mwisoko bazajye birirwa batanga amakuru y'inyanya zaguzwe, izamenetse.Bose n'ibigarasha.Ngo Bukavu yagoswe?Nibo babibona bonyine?,Nta nindi radiyo izi kubivuga.Nibakomeza gutya nta nkuru nimwe yabo izahabwa ,agaciro!Ntimunyunve nabi, ariko abanyarwanda twese tuba dushaka amakuru afatika kandi atwungura.Niba kandi bafite uwo bakorera, ubwo azabahembe.

  • #18

    Nkundurwanda (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 16:14)

    bwana cyiza waba uzi impamvu abatutsi boherezaga abana babo munkotanyi nimujya kuvuga ubusa mujye mubanza mutekereze neza sinigeze nshyigikira abicanyi bamaze inzirakarengane zabatutsi ariko kuba byarashobotse kariya kageni kuba abasore batari bacye baragiye munkotanyi ibyo byateye urwikekwe rukabije hagati yabahutu na batutsi, ubuse abahutu batagiringano uzamenya muminsi irimbere bishwe mugace kagisenyi na Ruhengeri hitwaje ngo abacengezi ibyo se nabyo byarimpamvu yo kurombura abantu, interahamwe zigomba kubazwa ibyo zakoze inkotanyi nazo zigomba kubazwa ibyozakoze nusoma neza izinyandiko zihita kurururubuga uzasanga aricyo zigamije, icyakora niba ubonako inkotanyi zarizifite uburenganzira bwokwica ntizibibazwe ibyo nuburenganzira bwawe.

  • #17

    Cyiza (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 15:52)

    Kuri Comment 13:

    Ndemeranya nawe ko abahutu bose batakoze genocide yakorewe abatutsi muri 94. Ariko nta gushidikanya ko Genocide yari yarateguwe kandi ikaba umugambi wari utegereje imbarutso, ntago iki ari ikinyoma cya FPR nkuko abayikoze benshi bakunda kubyitwaza.
    Uzibaze impamvu ama liste y'abatutsi yari yarakozwe ku makomini za s/perefegitura n(izindi nzego zose.
    Uzibaze impamvu abatutsi bahoraga bafatwaho ingwate uko Inkotanyi zabaga zokeje igitutu inzirabwoba.
    Uzibaze kandi impamvu, nyuma y'amasaha 48 Habyarimana apfuye abatutsi b'ingenzi bari barangije kwararikwa.
    Ntitugapfe guhakana nyamuneka, abatutsi barishwe kandi byari bigambiriwe.

  • #16

    Izo ngabo ziri he? Tuzishyigikire!!!! (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 15:33)

    Written by Administrator
    Saturday, 23 July 2011 14:07

    Amakuru aturutse ahantu hizewe muri maneko za perezida Paul Kagame ,avuga ko ngo Ingabo zari zarajyanywe muri repubulika iharanira demokarasi ya kongo.Aamakuru yizewe neza aravuga ko abasirikari bajyanywe kurwana muri repubulika iharanira demokarasi kongo RDC mu bice bya Masisi na Rucuro.
    Biravugwa ko nyuma yuko Ingabo z’uRwanda zigereye muri kongo ngo zatinye kurwana n’Ingabo za General Kayumba Nyamwasa atari uko arabanyabwoba ahubwo ari uko bumva badashobora kurwanira perezida Paul Kagame ngo kuko adatinya kwica n’Imiryango yabo.
    Biravugwa ko nyuma yo kwanga kurwana ngo Ingabo z’urwanda ngo zose zahise zinjira mwishyamba rya kongo zirabura zanga kugaruka mu Rwanda ngo kuko zari zizi icyo zisize mu Rwanda.Ubu Leta y’Urwanda ngo yaba yatangiye gusubiza izindi ngabo rwihishwa mu gihugu cya kongo.
    Ubu hari gukoreshwa imodoka za gisivire mu kwinjira muri kongo mu buryo budasobanutse ngo abari kujyanwa muri kongo harimo amakapiteni benshi cyane na bandi basirikari bato bari munsi ya bakapiteni,icyo abantu bari kwibaza ni uko n’Abandi nabo bashobora kuzagerayo nabo bajyenda nkabandi bose baba banjirije zagiye batarwanye .
    Andi makuru twabashije kumenya ni uko ngo inyeshyamba ngo zaba zimaze kwinjira mu gihugu cy’Urwanda harimo ingabo za FDRL zikaba zimaze gutega ibisasu byinshi cyane mu gihuguhagati none ubu izo ngabo za FDRL umwanya uwari wo wose batangiza intambara,bakaba barekereje ngo nibura hagire agati ka koza mu ntozi ngo bamwereke uko intambara zambarwa.ubu ingabo za FDRL zisigaye zirirwa zigisha abaturage ngo ndetse n'Ibya amoko barabiretse,ubu barangamiye n'Ugufatanya n'Abandi banyarwanda bakabohoza igihugu cyabo.
    byaruhanga I

  • #15

    NIBYO SE??? (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 15:31)

    Written by Administrator
    Wednesday, 27 July 2011 10:01

    Amakuru agera kukinyamakuru inyenyerinews avuga ko kuwa 26/07//2011 habaye intambara ikomeye cyane hagati y'ingabo z'urwanda ni za FDRL na RNC kuva kuri Rusizi kugeza aho izo ngabo za FDRL na RNC zagose urenze umujyi wa Bukavu gato bivugwa ko banafashe ubwato bwari buvuye muri Tanzania bwari bufite ibicuruzwa, bakabaka amadollar igihumbi n’amagatanu 1500$. Intambara ikaba yabaye intambara idasanzwe aho uRwanda rwari ruzwi nkabarwanyi bakomeye mukarere k'ibiyaga bigari none byababereye ibindi, burya koko ngo na nyina wundi abyara umuhungu.
    Bikaba bigaragra ko intambara imaze gukomerera leta zombi, iya kongo yitabaje MONIC n’ingabo z’Urwanda biba iby’ubusa’izi ngabo za FDRL na RNC barwanye na MONIC ndetse hiyongeraho n’ingabo z’Urwanda niza kongo zose ziraneshwa ndetse ingabo zimwe z’uRwanda zifatwa matekwa kugeza ubu twandika iyi nkuru twari tutaramenya umubare wa bafashwe uko bangana,tukaba turi bubagezeho abafashwe uko banmgana tumaze gutohoza aya makuru neza.
    Amakuru akomeza avuga ko nyuma yo gufatwa bitabaje izindi ngabo za kongo zabaga mu gace ka BENI nazo zaraza zirakubitwa’aya makuru twayahawe n’umunyamakuru wacu washoboye kuvugana n’umumajoro umwe wo mu ngabo za RNC.
    Amakuru akomeza avuga ko hari ubwato bwarimo ibikoresho ningabo z’uRwanda nabyo byahise bifatwa , bikaba bivugwa ko izi ngabo ziyobowe na General Kayumba Nyamwasa ngo zaba zifite ubundi buhanga buhanitse cyane,ku buryo iy ntambara yaguwemo abantu benshi cyane batagira ingano.
    Amakuru agera kukinyamakuru inyenyerinews avuga ngo na nubu kumpande zombie ingabo ziracyahanganye,bikaba bivugwa ko yaba kuruhande rwa leta kongo cyangwa kuruhande rwa leta ya Perezida Kagame paul ngo baba babuzeicyo bakora ngo kuko ubu Urwanda ntirushobora kwambuka ngo rujye hakurya gutabara ingabo boherejeho.
    Bikaba bivugwa ko ubu ninyanja ya Tanganyika ngo yose yaba igoswe n’ingabo zirwanya leta y’uRwanda hamwe na leta ya Perezida peter Nkurunziza uyobora igihugu cy’Uburundi kugeza ubu mukwaha kwa perezida Paul Kagame.Ubu abahutu bamerewe nabi cyane ngo kuko aribo bamwicaje kuntebe none abituye ibyanfura mbi,ukoma urusitsyo akoma n’ingasire no muRwanda abakomoka mu bwoko bw’abatutsi bakaba bamerewe nabi.
    Ubu abanyarwanda bakaba barangamiye kuza ku Mwami w’Urwanda KIGELI V Ndahindurwa akaba ariwe wabakura mu kaga gakomeye kagiye kugwirira igihugu cyacu,ariko kandi na none bikaba bidasobanutse niba umuntu ashobora gutelephona Umwami akabizira ngo atanyuze kubayobozi bishya ese Umwami n’uwishyaka?cyangwa n’Uwabanyarwanda bose!.Bomyi bacu tukaba tubijeje ko tugiye gukomeza gukurikiranira hafi ibyo ryo shyaka n’amateka tutaretse niyo ntambara iri kubera mukarere k’ibiyaga bigari.

    Byaruhanga I
    Last Updat

  • #14

    Umwana wu Rwanda (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 15:11)

    Abo babyeyi bari arusha muri TPIR Imana ikomeze i barinde bihangane turaba shyigikiye twese kuko barimo kuzira akarengane.

    Muri 1994 kagame ubwe ntiyemeraga ko habaye genocide kugirango ingabo zamahanga zidatabara , nukuberako yabonaga ashobora kudafata i gihugu nuko abuza ingabo zamahanga kuza mu rwanda kugirango yifatire ubutegetsi , yivugiragako UMUTUTSI ARI UWO BARI KUMWE KU MULINDI , ibyo bitwereka ko ariwe wateguye iriya genocide nuko abeshyera abahutu binzira karengane , bariye bose bari arusha muri TPIR bifuzagako ingabo za mahanga zatabara u Rwanda kugirango habe umutekano ariko kagame arabyanga na america nayo yarabyanze cyane ibyo bituma kagame afata ubutegetse amennye amaraso menshi ya bana bu rwanda .

    Aribishya kuko iminsi ye ubu yageze aho ubwongereza bwa mwiyamiye ubu ashaka kugaruka ku ba faransa nibinti bibi cyane bayabeshyeye .

  • #13

    KURI KAGERIGERI (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 14:27)

    Niwewo GICUCU AHUBWO kuko ibyo uvuga ni bitabaphu . ibyo ZELOTE yavuze nu kuri muvugako aba Hutu bose bishe , ubwo se muba mufite ubwenge , ntago abahutu bigeze bategura kwica aba tutsi kuko iyo ba bitegura abaTUTSI bari mugihugu bose bari kurangira . ibyo nibyo koko nkuko ZELOTE yabivuze.
    Genocide yakoreze aba Hutu yo yarateguwe neza na kagame ni ntore ze kandi bashakaga kurimbura aba hutu bose abandi bakabagira ingwate mu gihugu, Imana niyo yakinze ukuboko maze imounzi zaba hutu ntiza shira .

    Wowe KAGERIGERI ibyo uvuga ujye ubanze utekereze , ntago iyo genocide yigeze itegurwa nibintu bya gwiririye abantu kubera ubwo bugome bwanyu na kagame wanyu

  • #12

    Humuka (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 13:57)

    Ariko kweri abantu nka kagerigeri bazahumuka ryari! Niko wowe iyo ushyize ku munzani ibyabaye mu Rwanda, ubona ibyo bavuga kuri ba Bagosora ari ukuri! Niko nka Bagosora kwica Habyarimana amurasiye mu ndege yari kubigiramo nyungu ki! Niba ntibeshye nta muntu ukora igikorwa agamije guhomba, (kwaca Habyarimana ubundi bagatakaza ubugetsi + kuba bari kuzakurikiranwa mu nkiko, nicyo cyahaye Bagosora imbaraga zo gukora ibyo INTORE zimuvugaho!)

    Ntore mujye mujya kuragira INKA, abantu mubareke!

  • #11

    ngaho ga da! (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 13:56)

    ubu se nabwo ni ba bapadiri ba le prophete bagiye muri arusha kuri bariya bacamanza? ubwo se nabo ni abahutu ra!! mwakwiceceye ko imizinga izavamo imyibano aho bucyera? Reba, bahaye copie ahantu hose Kagame yaciraga inzaâra!Ubu se azaza mu bufaransa adafite ikimwaro!!birandenze noneho!!

    Imana imuhe iruhuko ridashira kuko mbona yarapfuye, igisigaye ni ukunogoka

  • #10

    Nahayo (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 13:51)

    Kuri njye TPIR ni nka Gacaca Mpuzamahanga. Ibereyeho kurinda Kagame bateretse i Kigali ngo akore ugushaka kwabo. Ariko barabeshya, le droit c'est le droit. Nibishaka bizabe n'imyaka amagana n'amagana. Ubutabera buzabaho. Kuko mbona biriya Habyarimana yakoze kuwa 06/04/1994 nko kwitangira u Rwanda n'abanyarwanda dushyira mugaciro. Ikibazo ni kimwe gusa habuze abize amategeko bafaturaho ngo maze ikinyoma gitsindwe burundu mu rwanda. Ariko bizaba, Abanyakinyoma bazabura aho bakwirwa.

  • #9

    Ukuri kuzagaragara (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 12:53)


  • #8

    kagerigeri (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 12:42)

    Ibicucu biragwira ariko si aka ZELOTE! Umuntu yaba atekereza akavuga ngo ntabwo abatutsi bari kubakorera genocide ngo barangize bafate ubutegetsi? ibi ni ubushinyaguzi ni nko kuvuga ngo FPR ntiyari kwica impunzi muri congo ngo nizirangiza zihunguke, ibi byombi ntaho bitandukaniye nibyo bagosora yavuze agira ati" abo nishe bazaze banshinje". Banyarubuga rero hari abandika bakayobya abasoma bibwira ko bavuga ukuri ariko buzuye extremisme, ubwo rero mujye musobanukirwa, kurwanya igitugu no kwikoma ubwoko ubu n'ubu, ariko uko bimeze byo gushinyaguriranira ntaho mwagera na hamwe. Amahoro masa murwagasobo.

  • #7

    BIZAMVUGA (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 12:38)

    Salutations aux signataires et bon courage à tous.

    Vous avez raison d'avoir écrit cette le monde verra si ce n'est plus la justice du vainqueur qui s'est installée à Arusha et au Rwanda.

    Je reste convaincu que "la justice" de ce monde n'existe que dans la théorie tandis que dans la pratique, il ne s'agit que d'une jungle ( la loi du plus fort)où les animaux les plus forts mangent les petits.

    C'est malheureux mais c'est comme ça et à chacun son le monde continue à tourner.


  • #6

    Analysis (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 12:03)

    Amazina menshi y'abasinye kuri runo rwandiko ateye isoni. twizere ko imyaka bamaze Arusha yabafashije gutekereza kuri byinshi. Imana ibagenderere.

  • #5

    Gaheza (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 11:56)

    Mushyireho indi nkuru ishyushye, ubu turi tayari yo kujya kubohoza abo Kagame yagize ingwate.

  • #4

    @ JONIA (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 11:51)


  • #3

    jonia (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 11:09)

    amatekayo kweli ya bicanyi ntazavaho narimwe .cyane ko bwari bwaranateguwe.

  • #2

    ibyubaka u Rwanda (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 10:51)

    Mushyireho indi nkuru rwose!!!!iyi nkuru irashaje, kandi inkiko zirahari, dutegereze amaherezo!!!
    Mukomereze mu murongo umwe wo kutubwira uburyo twabohoza agahugu kacu.

  • #1

    MESSAGE D'APPRECIATION (vendredi, 29 juillet 2011 10:39)