Did Rwanda’s Karegyeya use forged CV to get UN job? By Magnus Mazimpaka.

Karegeya na Nyamwasa
Karegeya na Nyamwasa

Sources : The Newtimes,04.04.2011

Rwanda’s former spy chief, Patrick Karegyeya, was the chosen as the most qualified person for a United Nations (UN) consultancy job worth US$ 77,000 a month. The problem is that he lied to get it.


Karegyeya, together with former Rwandan chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa; former director of cabinet, Theogene Rudasingwa; and former Director of Public Prosecutions, Gerald Gahima, have emerged as the leading critics of Paul Kagame’s government accusing the president of corruption and intolerance.


Last year, the four formed a political party, the Rwanda National Congress to promote the cause of integrity and honest government in Rwanda. Their stated objective is to increase democracy and accountability in the country. Meanwhile, all international corruption indexes by Transparency International and the World Bank show that Rwanda has the least corruption of any country in Sub Sahara Africa.


Now, according to copies of Karegyeya’s CV that he submitted to compete with two other candidates, he lied 17 times about his education and experience. It was on the strength of these lies that he beat two other candidates with superior experience – Kenya’s Brig. Peter Manyara and Burundi’s Cyrille Ndayirukiye.


In the contract, the responsibility of the military consultant was to help strengthen the ability of the Somali Security Institutions and Forces to ensure security for the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). The UN required a qualified individual to achieve the objective of the mission.

In the CV, Karegyeya indicates that he graduated with a Bachelors of Laws degree from Makerere University in Uganda in 1982.
From October 1982 to December 1985, he claims to have joined the Uganda National Resistance Army (NRA), a Ugandan liberation movement where he claims to have done “army training courses” in “military and guerrilla warfare” and to have gained “leadership recognition” and where he was being supervised by “Yoweri Museveni” – all of which is not true.


Karegyeya never joined the armed struggle in Luwero in those years. On the contrary, he was arrested by the Milton Obote government in 1982 and kept in detention in Luzira Maximum Security Prison without trial for three years. He was released in August 1985 by the government of Tito Okello Lutwa after Obote had been overthrown. It is then that he joined the NRA.


It is also indicated that he acquired a certificate in intelligence and security from the Uganda Intelligence Academy, where he studied from August 1986 to June 1989. However, there was no such academy in Uganda in those years and there is still no such academy today.


Interestingly, the CV then shows that from May 1987 to June 1988, while he was apparently still studying at the Uganda Intelligence Academy, he attended the Rwanda Patriotic Academy in Kigali Rwanda, acquiring a certificate in “management of security institutions”.

From August 1990 to April 1991, his CV claims he trained in the “management of intelligence services” from the “Uganda National Army”. Since no such academy exists, this claim too is false. Karegyeya then claims to have acquired a certificate in “defense policies” from the Rwanda Patriotic Army Academy, where he claims to have attended courses from September 1994 to July 1996. Yet, Rwanda’s minister of defense, James Kabarebe, told The Independent that no such academy exists in Rwanda.


Rwandan army Chief of General Staff, Charles Kayonga, told The Independent that Karegyeya never joined or fought with the RPA until it captured power, only returning to the country in 1995. According to the CV, Karegyeya fought in both the Rwandan Patriotic Front and Uganda National Resistance Army. A UN document shows that based on the above academic record and experience, the evaluation team at the UN preferred Karegyeya to the other candidates.


The team indicated that one of the determining factors that set Karegyeya apart was his experience in reintegrating ex-combatants after the genocide. According to the document, this puts Karegyeya in “good stead in understanding the psyche and tactics of the Islamic insurgents in Somalia.” But was his CV accurate?


According to John Sayinzoga, Head of the Rwanda Demobilisation Commission, the idea that Karegyeya participated in reintegrating ex-combatants, a factor that was strongly considered in awarding him the contract, is a “big fat lie.”


“To the best of my knowledge, the person who can claim credit for formulating the ideas and plans of reintegrating ex-combatants is Gen James Kabarebe, and not Karegyeya,” Sayinzoga said. Kabarebe, a former Chief of Defense Staff, is the individual who Karegyeya reported to while working as the Army Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense.


Kabarebe told The Independent that he knows Karegyeya as a very reckless man “who has no fear for anything, even telling a blatant lie that would be discovered – just to get his way.” In a relaxed tone, Kabarebe added that “Karegyeya lacks seriousness and never takes anything seriously.”

In one of the application forms, there is a section where Karegyeya is said to have been a combatant in the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) from 1990 to 1994. Caesar Kayizari, Rwanda’s Army Chief of Staff, told The Independent that when the RPA invaded Rwanda, Karegyeya was not in the equation, even though Karegyeya’s CV indicates that he fought genocidaires in 1994.


Kayizari said that he remembers a day in 1985 when RPA members held a meeting at Karegyeya’s house in Kampala. Oddly, Karegyeya did not attend the meeting at his own home. “He told me he was only a sympathiser and not a supporter,” Kayizari said, adding that Karegyeya’s claim to have been a combatant during the genocide is a testament to his character. According to Gen Kayizari, it is because Karegyeya “is somebody who would want to project himself as powerful” that he made the claims in his job application to the UN. “He’s very corrupt, morally very corrupt,” Kayizari said.


Another section of the CV indicates that Karegyeya is a man who has never been in prison. Karegyeya has severally told The Independent’s Managing Editor, Andrew Mwenda of his experience in Luzira Prison for three years under Milton Obote’s regime in June 1982 charged with treason.


Karegyeya, who now travels on a Ugandan Passport by the names of Patrick Batenga, has been imprisoned twice in Rwanda, tried in a court of law, served his sentence then stripped of military rank and dismissed with disgrace from the army. Yet in his CV he claims he left the army on “early retirement.”


The Permanent Secretary in the ministry of defense in Rwanda, Jack Nziza, told The Independent that Karegyeya fled Rwanda in 2007 after being released from prison upon completion of an 18-month sentence. On July 13, 2006, an army court sentenced Karegyeya for deserting the force and disobeying his superiors – all now missing on his CV.


In an interview with The Independent, Lt. Gen. Charles Kayonga, Chief of General Staff of the Rwandan army said Karegyeya’s superiors always had issues with him, including on matters of corruption and using his position in the army to advance personal interests.

When The Independent contacted Karegyeya on his cell phone in South Africa to respond to the allegation that his CV is false and the accusations made against him by his colleagues in Rwanda, he refused to comment. At first Karegyeya hang up the phone, accusing The Independent of conspiring with authorities in Rwanda to blackmail him.


Shortly afterward, The Independent sent Karegyeya an SMS inviting him to respond to the allegations. He then responded to a second telephone call that was made to him. In this interview he asked: “Does that CV have my signature? If it does not, then that is not my CV.”

When asked to explain further, he said: “The UN is a big organization; you think they can fail to crosscheck my CV? Why would I create a wrong CV to get a UN job?


At my level, I am not the type of a person who can create a forged CV. I do not create lies.”

According to Karegyeya, the copy of the CV The Independent received from a trusted source is not his. “The Rwandan government has my CV,” Karegyeya said. “Why [don’t] you go ask them to give you my CV?” Asked whether he knows of the schools mentioned in the CV, including the Rwandan Patriotic Academy, Karegyeya denied knowing of them.

Yes, I know they don’t exist,” he said”.In response to the military trainings mentioned in the CV that he supposedly acquired in Uganda and Rwanda, he said, “Who doesn’t know me in Uganda?”


Before The Independent finished going through the CV with Karegyeya over the phone, he became extremely frustrated. “Please leave me alone. I know the CV was created by your guys to blackmail me and I know who these people are. I know what they are trying to do,” Karegyeya said.


But before hanging up, he had one more thing to say: “You [The Independent] are lucky that you work in a country where people who write wrong things and are not sued.” (Many newspapers in Uganda have been closed down by hefty bills arising from successful civil defamation suits in Uganda. Karegyeya is free to sue The Independent in Ugandan courts - Editor).


Karegyeya does not deny having won the contract in question from the UN, but he claims that the CV obtained by The Independent is different than the one he submitted that placed him as the front candidate for the position.

However, The Independent obtained the documents from the UN and has comments of the UN on the CV it used to give him the contract.


If the CV The Independent has is indeed the one that Karegyeya submitted, how is it possible that he was awarded a position from the UN with a forged CV? Did someone else in the UN forge a CV contrary to the one Karegyeya submitted? What would be their motivation?

Does the UN not crosscheck information provided by candidates for high profile positions? If Karegyeya did lie on his CV, and the UN knowingly overlooked these lies, what is the motive of the UN in hiring a convicted criminal?


Not only did Karegyeya spend time in Ugandan and Rwandan prisons, but was also recently convicted in absentia by a Rwandan court for terrorism, creation of a criminal organisation, treason, incitement of ethnic divisions and deserting the army.

According to UN documents obtained by The Independent, Karegyeya was supposed to be paid US$ 77,250 for the job. However, according to the bank transfer details to Karegyeya’s account in South Africa which The Independent has obtained, he got only US$ 54,000. Where did the rest of the money go? Did the UN pay him less or was US$27,250 the cut for someone who helped him get the job?


The UN staff who handled this matter was one Bruno Mpondo-Epo, based in Nairobi. Since The Independent began covering this story, Mpondo-Epo has been very evasive, refusing to pick our calls, claiming not to hear what is being told to him on phone (when we called using blocked numbers) and answering by SMS only by saying, “I did not know that” or “Thank you for letting me know about that.”


However, a big question hangs over the reputation of the UN and of Keregyeya on this matter. First the UN hired a sworn enemy of a member state. This was a clear violation of the UN mandate and its own state modus operandi. Then it relied on a fabricated CV to exclude more deserving candidates from winning the contract. Finally, it paid Karegyeya less than he was entitled to either in collusion with him or by cheating him.

Meanwhile, Karegyeya who claims to be in a struggle for “democracy and free media” in Rwanda cannot tolerate it when the free media ask him questions about his personal conduct and integrity. Instead he accuses The Independent of getting the documents from the Rwandan government. Yet The Independent obtained the documents from a disgruntled UN employee who wanted to expose alleged corruption in the world body.


Contradictions in Karegyeya’s CV


1.The CV says he has never been arrested, indicted, summoned into court as a defendant in a criminal proceeding, or convicted, fined, or imprisoned for the violation of any law.

• Has been imprisoned three times.First, he was in Uganda’s Luzira Prison from 1982 to 1985 under Milton Obote’s regime. Then in Rwanda, he served two prison sentences for deserting the force, misconduct and disobeying his superiors. In 2007, he fled Rwanda upon completion of an 18-month sentence.


2. The CV says Karegyeya wrote a number of classified documents related to defence and security in the Great Lakes region, southern Africa, and Horn of Africa. He also says he wrote two unpublished books: A concept note on the structure of the Rwanda nation in Sept 1998 -unpublished (secret) and another on the reintegration of ex-combatants in Jul 1995-unpublished (secret).

• RDF leaders say they don’t remember him doing any research and writing any such documents.

Academic record


3.The CV says he has a Certificate in Defence Policies from the Rwanda Patriotic Army from Sept. 1994 to July 1996 in Kigali.

• There is no such an academy in Rwanda. For all the years he was in Rwanda, he only received a one-year military administrative training alongside other junior officers.


4. The CV says he has a Certificate in Management of Intelligence Services from Uganda National Army in Kampala, Uganda from Aug. 1990 to April 1991.

• There is no such a school in Uganda.  Therefore, he couldn’t have gotten a certificate from a school that does not exist.


5. The CV shows that he acquired a Certificate in Intelligence and Security from the Uganda Intelligence Academy in Kampala, Uganda from June 1986 to Aug. 1989.


• This academy does not exist in Uganda.

6. CV says he has a Certificate of Management of Security Institutions from Rwanda Patriotic Front Academy in Kigali, Rwanda from May 1987 to Jun1988.

• First, it overlaps with the time at the Uganda Intelligence Academy. Second, in 1987 to June 1988, RPA was not yet in existence and could not have been in Kigali. Third, the academy does not exist. Finally, he was a director of counter-intelligence at the Directorate of Military Intelligence in Uganda.

7. The CV says he trained in Military and Guerilla Warfare with the Uganda National Resistance Army
(NRA) from Oct. 1982 to Dec. 1985.

From Oct. 1982 to Dec. 1985, he was in Uganda’s Luzira Maximum-Security Prison.

9. The CV says that in 1979, he graduated from Old Kampala Senior Secondary School (SSS) with an East African Advanced Certificate of Education in Mathematics, Science, Biology, Statistics, Literature, and Physics.

• Such a combination with those subjects does not exist in Uganda. And because he studied law, his subject combination could not have been for sciences.


10. The CV also shows that in 1976, Karegyeya graduated from Old Kampala SSS with an O-Level East African Advanced Certificate of Education in Mathematics, Science, and Literature.

• In the Ugandan education curriculum, O-Level classes have more than five subjects, including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, agriculture, history, commerce, and others. Science and literature do not exist as separate subjects until university.


Work experience


11. The CV says he was a combatant in Rwanda Patriotic Front from Oct. 1990 to July 1994 to fight genocidaires.

• From 1990 to July 1994, Karegyeya was still in Uganda working with the Anti Smuggling Unit.  RDF officials confirm that he only came to Rwanda at the end of 1994 after the liberation struggle.


12. The CV says that from 2004 to 2007 he was in charge of establishing defence attaches in various countries in Europe, US, Asia, Russia, and Regional African countries.

• First, RDF officials say that establishing defence attaches is the job of the Ministry of Defence as an institution, not a task of one individual. Two, Karegyeya was under National Security Service, which is under the Ministry of Defence.


13. The CV says the reason why Karegyeya left work in 2007 was because he took an early retirement.

• In 2006, Karegyeya was stripped of his rank of Colonel and dismissed with disgrace from the army after trial in a court of law.


14. The CV says Karegyeya helped end the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

• Karegyeya never fought.  Gen. Kabareebe says Karegyeya was never in the mainstream defence force and he came to Rwanda after the genocide.


15. CV says from Jan. 1982 to Sept. 1985 Karegyeya was a combatant in Uganda National Resistance Army under the supervision of President Yoweri Museveni in Luweero.

• From 1982 to1985 Karegyeya was in Luzira Maximum Security Prison and therefore Museveni could not have supervised him.


16. The CV outlines his achievements while in Uganda before he went to Rwanda: It says liberation of Uganda from Milton Obote and stability of Uganda.

• Karegyeya never fought in the Uganda liberation was since he was in jail.


18. The CV says Karegyeya’s reason for leaving Uganda in 1990 was because he joined RPA in the liberation war in Rwanda.

• Karegeya was not in Rwanda until 1994 after the end of the liberation struggle.


The Independent


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    Cyomoro (vendredi, 08 avril 2011 17:40)

    Ariko sicyomoro wa Pilato.umva rero nkubwire urwo umukunda twe nirwo tumwanga.abowita ibigarasha twe dufite impamvu idutera kubakunda kuko batinyutse Rwabujindiri wamaze abantu.Kacelewa

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    Toronto (mercredi, 06 avril 2011 13:26)

    abantu mwese mwanga Kagame mutoke kure muturekere muzehe mwa bigarasha mwe.

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    Is it true if yes then references are useless (mardi, 05 avril 2011 22:52)

    I do not believe what is called Karegeya's CV. UN is a broad institution and getting a job there is very hard it is not possible for someone to get such job using a false CV. What about references? You can't get such job without reference I'm really sorry for you guys who said these lies. Furthermore interview is an other way to defend your cv,. If Karegeya did then he is great.

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    MUNYABUGINGO (mardi, 05 avril 2011 17:41)

    KURIMANGANYA kwa biriya byihebe byo muri FPR niko konyine kuzabimara !iyo Imana ivuga iti: MURANGWE N'UKURI MAZE KUBAHE KWIGENGA. None iyo umuntu atagira akantu nakamwe kukuri aba atari imfungwa y'ubwoba ? Ahora akebaguza, ahora yikanga, uwo abonye wese yihitira akamwuka inabi ! Burya ntayindi mpamvu aba yibwira ko uwo muntu yaba azi amariganye ye kandi rwose ntaho amuzi.Ntekereza nkuriya kayumba na kagame ?! bombi n'abicanyi bo kw'isoko y'abwo. Kuriya gusubiranamo ntimuzaveho mwibeshya ngo haba hari ufite ukuri muri bombi. kayumba arashaka gusimbura gusa kagame maze ahasigaye nawe agakomeza gahunda baziranyeho yo gukomeza kumara abanyarwanda. Bombi n'abicanyi bakwiye kuzamanikwa ku giti kandi ntibiri kure ubwo umuvumo w'amaraso bamennye wabagezemo ntibazawuva imbere. Muzariha kugeza kw'isenge rya nyuma murabeshyerubusa !!!

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    Do you think so??? (mardi, 05 avril 2011 11:50)

    Makerere University ranked eighth in Africa
    Monday, 4th April, 2011
    E-mail article Print article
    By Taddeo Bwambale
    and Ruth Nakayima

    MAKERERE University’s global ranking has improved, according to recent rankings of top universities.

    The university is ranked eighth in Africa by the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), a new system. The system observes universities’ academic progress at global and national levels.

    The ranking is based on six academic indicators including the number of articles published, results from the search engine, Google Scholar, number of citations, cumulative impact of journals, quality of research and collaboration with other universities globally.

    The survey, which covered the top 2,000 universities worldwide, was developed using information obtained about the universities between 2005 and 2009.

    According to the rankings, Makerere is the 736th best university in the world, behind the University of Cape Town (253rd), University of the Witwatersrand (401st), Stellenbosch University (416th), University of Pretoria (470th) and the University of KwaZulu Natal (510th).

    Out of over 20 universities in Uganda, Makerere is the only one that made it to the top 10 in Africa. The vice-chancellor, Prof. Venancius Baryamureeba, said the rankings indicate that Makerere is the best in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Last year, Makerere was ranked 15th best institution of higher learning in Africa by Webometrics, an organisation that monitors university performance worldwide.

    Baryamureeba attributed the improvement to the ongoing reforms at the university.

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    Good site on Rwanda (mardi, 05 avril 2011 10:23)


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    MUSHIHA (mardi, 05 avril 2011 09:59)

    Ariko hari ubarusha KUBESHYA bo babimbye ibindi bakagenda bakabaha akandi!

    RNC ahubwo mukwiye kutaba abana.Dore babashyize mugatebo kamwe mwese naba RUSESABAGINA naba INGABIRI(nako ngo yitwa NYIRAMAMA WANJYE...selon NGARAMBE). Muzubahuka da!

    Hejuru IMANA hasi abantu!

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    keila (mardi, 05 avril 2011 08:05)

    None se uyu uvuga ngo gufungwa n'abantu batandukanye, ngo bisobanuye ko umuntu aba ari umunyamakosa?? sibyo na gato kuko utazi neza Obote uwo ariwe, kuba umwere ntacyo bisobanuye ku banyagitugu.

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    nyambwana (mardi, 05 avril 2011 02:46)

    Igitekerezo cya: Mujene
    Byanditswe: 04-04-2011 20:12:15 -0400GMT

    Yewe, njye iby'inyenzi byaaranyobeye ! Alikose niba Karegeya yarahimbye CV ye kugira ngo abone ako kazi, uyobewe ko kenshi ali uko bigenda, ko kwaka akazi ku isi hose, ubikoze ahera ku amashuli nyayo yize, nakazi nyako yagiye akora, akagenda ashyiraho akarusho aliko adatandukira cyane, kugira ngo CV ye ikomeze kugendera ku ukuri, ngo bitazamutera ibibazo ! Ngo il faut bien savoir vendre son CV : Ni ngombwa kumenya kugulisha CV yawe, aliko bitavuga ko igomba kuzuramo ibinyoma, kuko bishobora no guhanirwa !Gusa njye ndabona izi nyandiko zose kuli icyo kiraka cya Karegeya, ziterwa n'uko abamufitiye ishyali ali benshi, cyane abakorera ubutegetsi bwa Kigali.None dushize mu agaciro, umuntu yakwihandagaza akandika ati hagati ya 1982 na 1985 nakoraga akazi aka n'aka, kandi isi yose iziko yali muli prison ngo ya Luzira iyo za Ouganda, etc... ? Gusa njye ikindi kintangaza, ni ukuntu uwo Karegeya yafunzwe inshuro nyinshi mu ubuzima bwe ! Burya ngo ntakabura imvano, nawe agomba kuba afite ikintu kitagenda neza muli we ! Gufungwa ejo na none kandi utabikorewe n'abantu bamwe, ni ikintu gikwiye kwibazwaho byinshi muli kamere y'umuntu ! Nonese tuvuge ko abo bose bamurenganyije ? Niba byose biba biturutse ku amakosa ye, ni uko Karegeya uwo nawe adashobotse, ko ndetse n'izo miliyoni yabonye zivugisha benshi amangambure ntacyo zizamumalira, ko azahora arorongotana hirya no hino, abaho bwihishwa nk'imbeba mu umwobo, ndets n'iyo imali ntayinezererwemo ngo abeho mu ituze, mu amagoro n'umunezero ! Mbega none ubuzima nk'ubwo bumaze iki ? Uretse ko ku abantu nka bariya, aha ndashaka kuvuga abo ba FPR baturutse iyo za Ouganda, babayeho gitindi bikabije, bityo bigatuma bagira n'imico ya gitindi nta bupfura na buke ku umutima, ahari kuli bo, nubwo baba baryamye muli prison, cyangwa bagenda bakebera, bahindura amazina ngo ababahiga batabahitana, aliko baziko izo miliyoni zabo zihishe ahantu bo bonyine bazi, kuli bo uwo ibyo byonyine ahali bibatera umunezero. Burya inzira y'ubuzima umuntu yanyuzemo, niyo imwubaka uwo aliwe wese ku uburyo bwose. Ibi bigambo byose ikibitera ni amashyali, umutima wa gitindi bakuriyemo kandi bazasazana, ku uburyo nyuma y'imyaka 18 bamaze barageza mu ubuzima bwagombye kubigisha kubaho nk'abantu distingués, civilisés, byabananiye burundu, kuko ngo akabaye icwende ntikoga ! Mubareke bose bazapfa bapfa amafranga y'ibyibano, doreko nduzi ali ryo shuli bigiye ahari iyo za MAKERERE (amafeke gusa, baboneye impamyabushobozi, naho ibindi ni ikinyoma gusa, kandi bazi kugisunika kabisa ! None ibyo by'ama CV mubirekere aho, kuko abo bose baturutse iyo, imbarwa zibalimo zize koko, ni nk'abo ba Karegeya bize imyaka 2 gusa iyo Makerere, batanakuye ubumenyi buhagije, ku uburyo n'icyongereza cyabo bagombye kucyihuguramo aho bagereye ku ubutegetsi mu Rwanda. Wigeze ubona umuntu ngo wize université utagira urundi rulimi byibuze rumwe mu indimi zemewe na UN avuga ? Nigeze gukulikira ikiganiro Kabarebe yatanze nyuma yaho bafatiye Zaïre, mbega icyongereza yavugaga ! Yebabaweee, wagiraga ngo alimo arakivuga mu ikinyarwanda ! Naho Karegeya nimumuhe amahoro kuko iryo shyali mumufitiye ntilizamubuza gutunga ayo mafranga. Alikose ubundi n'ubwo yatunga miliyari bizamumalira iki ko atazigera ayatunga mu umutuzo, mu umunezero,ngo ayisanzuremo uko ashaka. Ubwo buzima bwe ahora afunzwe cyangwa se agenda yihishe, none umva ko ngo yagombye guhindura n'amazina... Uwarya duke akaturya neza da ! Aliko ku abantu nka baliya babayeho gitindi, bagakurana imico ijyanye n'ibyo, kuli bo ahali n'ubwo bapfira muli prison, aliko bazi ko bafite miliyari ihishe ahantu bo bonyine bazi, ubanza kulibo umunezero mu ubuzima ali uwo ntawundi ! Si nali nzi ko yigeze no gufungirwa i Bugande ? None abo base baramurenganyije ? Nawe agomba kuba hali ikintu kitagenda neza mu umutwe we, kandi nkulikije ukuntu Kagame n'abambali be bababajwe n'uko yabonye ayo mafranga, yewe ndabona kuyalira hejuru y'iyi isi dutuye bizamugora, keretse niba azayalira ikuzimu mba nkwambuye ! Mwifulije kuzaryoherwa n'izo miliyoni zakanuje amaso abo basangiye ubuhirimbiri wwa mugani w'inararibonye Casimir !

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    UKURI KUBISI (mardi, 05 avril 2011 00:35)

    @Gilbert Munyemana and #46

    Nongere mbisubiremo ngo :

    1. Aho kugira abo wita abanyabwenge 30,000 barangiza buli buli mwaka muli NUR n'izindi ziyita Universites prives zavutse ku bwa Kagame zingana n'ibiyege(mushrooms/champignons) batazi no kwiyandikira ibaruwa isaba akazi kuko nta n'ururimi na rumwe bazi(ni Francais, ni Anglais, ni Kinyarwanda ni Ikigande), birutwa na UNR yasohoraga bake ariko bazi ubwenge !!!!!

    2.Kwimulira abantu ubusa (promotion automatique) no gutunga abarimu b'izo za Unuversites imbunda ngo batange amanota y'ubuntu ngo babe babona bucya, ibyo si ukwiga no kwigisha, mbiheruka cyera mu kibeho twigira guhabwa amasakaramentu ya Batisimu n'ugukomezwa kwa padiri ngo niho nta muntu utsindwa kabisa!!!!

    3) Ibi nkubwira ndabikubwira nk'umurezi kuko kwimulira abana ubusa(nta bumenyi buhagije), ibyo au niveau primaire et secondaire no mu bihugu byadutanze amajyambere (USA, France, Canada,...) barabikora rwose!! Ariko iyo ugeze au niveau des Colleges et Universites, baratsindwa bagataha nta mishinyiko mwa!!!!Ntibatanga ay'ubusa nk'aho i Rwanda!!!!! CE N'EST PAS N"IMPORTE QUI QUI FINIT L'UNIVERSITE mon cher ami, nta PROMOTION AUTOMATIQUE IBAMO, kuko ibyo bihugu bikeneye les vrais cadres pour la survie du pays, byaba na ngombwa bakajya kubashakisha mu bindi bihugu nka za Thailand, India, Iran,etc..... Abo bandi rero batemererwa kujya muli izo za colleges cg Universites kubera unumenyi bucye cg se batujuje n'ibyangombwa byo kuzinjiramo, nibo bashoka AKAZI KO MU NGANDA kuko niko kabakwiye kuko niba udafite mu mutwe, ak'amaboko (ingufu) karakubona nyineeeee!!!!

    4) None se Gilbert, aho amaherezo amadiplome (degrees na masters ) mutanga zabaye uburo buhuye,ba nyirazo ntibazazicarana bakazitekesha ibishyimbo ko nziko nta n'akazi bazibonera??????

    Ngaho nimwige kandi munigishe , ariko education itagira umusaruro birutwa nuko itabaho kabisa!!!!!!!!

    Kera washoboraga kujya kugura diplomes zo muli Zaire ku isoko, none no mu Rwanda byabaye uko !!!!!!!

    Genda Rwanda naho wari amabuyeeee!!!!!!

  • #56

    Rupiga (mardi, 05 avril 2011 00:31)

    Mugira igihe cyo guta, mwamuhaye amahoro akikorera akazi ke ko yabasigiye igihugu! Icyangombwa ni uko akazi agakora kandi agasohoza ibyo bamusaba. Ibipapuro by'ibicurano byo i Kigali mu ma bureau birarunze uwabikurikirana Guverinoma n'abandi ba cadres bose bashirira mu munyururu! Muceceke, Puuuuuuu!

  • #55

    Patriote (lundi, 04 avril 2011 22:20)

    RNC igizwe n'abicanyi gusa , ntaho bataniye na Paul Kagame bafatanije kurimbura Abanyarwanda ! Nzajya mu rindi shyaka ritari RNC! Abahutu murashukika koko ! Kayumba aturasira mu Ruhengeri, twarabyibagiwe ? Kayumba Patric si we wahamagaye i Kigali ngo dore indege ya Habyarimana irahagurutse nibayirase !!!??? None turi ku yihe taliki !! None Biragaragaye ko na ba Karegeya ari ababeshyi gusa gusa ! N'ibitaraza biri inyuma ! Wait and see ! Patric nafatwe bwangu ashyikirizwe ubutabera !

  • #54

    Rezistanse Pasifique (lundi, 04 avril 2011 22:08)

    London Review of Books

    Rwanda in Six Scenes
    Stephen W. Smith

    A number of memories connected with Rwanda play in my mind like scenes from a movie, although I don’t pretend they add up to a film. In 1994 a genocide was committed against the Tutsi minority in Rwanda. All else about this small East African country, ‘the land of a thousand hills’, is open to question and, indeed, bears re-examination. ‘Freedom of opinion is a farce,’ Hannah Arendt wrote in 1966 in ‘Truth and Politics’, ‘unless factual information is guaranteed and the facts themselves are not in dispute.’ The problem with Rwanda is not only that opinions and facts have parted company but that opinion takes precedence.

    The first scene: I’m walking beside Paul Kagame, the current president of Rwanda and then a rebel leader, past low picket fences and small prefabricated houses in a residential suburb of Brussels. It’s cold and our breath mingles in the air as we speak. Kagame is swaddled in a thick coat. Even so, he remains a spindly figure with a birdlike face. I can’t warm to him, but I know him well enough by now to hazard the question that has been preying on my mind for a while: ‘Why is it always you, the vice-president, whom I meet when I have dealings with the Rwandan Patriotic Front, and not Alexis Kanyarengwe?’ Kanyarengwe was the movement’s president. ‘Don’t worry,’ he chuckles. ‘You’re seeing the boss. Kanyarengwe is only our front man.



  • #53

    NGARAMBE Vs RNC (lundi, 04 avril 2011 21:52)

    Kuri RNC ndetse nandi Mashyaka: Nagirango mbisabire kimwe: NTIMUCIKE INTEGE. Nkurikije ibyo NGARAMBE FRACOIS wa FPR yavuze kuri BBC yo kuwa 05-4-2011 BIRAGARAGARA KO FPR ubwoba bwabatashye. NTIKIGOHEKA kandi BAZIKO IMINSI YABO IBAZE.

    None rero RNC n'andi mashyaka: KOKO MWAKOZE IBISHOBOKA MUKISHYIRA HAMWE ko namwe MWUMVISE ko NGARAMBE yabashyize MUGATEBO kamwe. Mufite UMWANZI UMWE(1=FPR) ariko IKIBABAJE mwe murimo IBICE. Kuki koko? FDLR,RNC,FDU,nawe RUKOKOMA, mwe ba HABYARIMANA EMMANUEL, ba MUSHAYIDI, nawe NYAKUBAHWA KIGELI V . RUSESABAGINA koko Mwahuye mukava muri ayo macakubiri maze Mugahashya Uriya ubatukaaa akabahindura IVU.

    Niba mwumvise NGARAMBE nyamara mwakuramo ikintu.


  • #52

    Uburezi (lundi, 04 avril 2011 21:37)

    Ariko ninde wababwiye ko abantu bose biga kaminuza. Université se n'irimbi ko ariho hajya abapfu bose? Kaminuza n'iy'abanyabwenge gusa ntabwo ari aho bashakira imibereho y'ejo hazaza. Ubu bavuga ko Ubudage mu Burayi bwose, ari igihugu gifite ikoranabuhanga n'ubukungu biri hejuru. Nyamara ni kimwe mu bihugu bifite abize kaminuza bake cyane ugereranyije n'ibihugu by'Ubutaliyani n'Espagne. Ariko abo bake ni urumuri ruboneshereza abandi. N'aho mu Rwanda ngo hari abarangije kaminuza batazi no kwandika ibaruwa isaba akazi haba mu kinyarwanda mu gifaransa cg se icyongereza kuko bapfubye muri byose kandi kubapfubura ntibyoroshye! Nibige tuzareba. Wenda mu Rwanda abo ku ngoma bazajya babona imyanya. Abashakisha akazi i Burayi bizajya bibagora. Hari abahagera na za kaminuza zabo no kuvuga icyo gifransa cg se icyongereza bikabagora.

  • #51

    Munyengabe Gilbert (lundi, 04 avril 2011 20:08)

    Rwose abajya ku rubuga babahutu nti mukunve ko arimwe mubangamiwe na Kagame gusa.Ese buriya abatutsi baba nyecongo bitwa abanyejomba mukeka ko bishimye? Ndabara abo mu bwoko bwa Nkunda!!! Abatutsi bavuye Congo bita Abanyejomba,abagogwe,amabanuyamurenge,bafatanije urugamba rwo kubohoza igihungu ariko bagera mu gihungu babima ku matunda twariribye mwi shyamba!!! Inka za bagogwe bariya ,abatutsi bavuye Zaire, no mu Rwanda biswe mwi shyamba bazira amashuri menshi ngo bazabayobora udufuni twarabariye cyane!!!Abanyamurenge bamariye murenge biswe na Dany Gapfizi aho bita mu Minebwe ya Murenge urebe abiswe bose bazira ibitekerezo byabo muri congo abitwa ba ltMurekezi,ama OFFICERS menshi cyane yashhigigikiraga ko habaho kureka akarengane mu gisirikare.Unva nzababwira byinshi kuko nunva narira.Ndibuka Major Edmo wari uvuye kwa Mobutu ari A0 ayobora batallion agapfa tutazi ikimwishe akaraswa nta ntambara yabaye turi karama mugihe kimishikirano ni byinshicyane rwose,A0 Rurangwa wari uvuye Gisangani wiswe ari I.O wa batallion ya 3 bitaga 3rd .mbese nvuge iki koko? mureke turwanye inkoramaraso za bagande batumarishije ifuni .Nta muntu wari uzi ufuni nibo bayizanye!!! Ingoma mbi izavaho murabesya tu!!!

  • #50

    Paul Kagame cv (lundi, 04 avril 2011 19:57)

    A la victoire de Museveni en janvier 1986, Kagame est nommé chef des Services de Renseignements militaires de l'Armée ugandaise, la DMI (Directorate Military Intelligence), la même qu'on retrouve aujourd'hui au Rwanda, avec pour chef Jacques Nkurunziza, alias Jackson Nziza, ugandais de souche et ex-adjoint de Kagame à la DMI ugandaise. Nziza est de la province du Bufumbira, non loin de la frontière, du côté de la préfecture Ruhengeri. Son frère fut longtemps Directeur de l'Office des Cafés en Uganda A la tête des renseignements militaires, Kagame a été caractérisé par une méchanceté indescriptible qui lui a valu le nom de PILATO, comparaison à Ponce Pilate qui a ordonné la mort de Jésus Christ. Ceux qui le connaissent rapportent qu'il enfermait ses prisonniers dans des containers et jetait les clés. Il employait des militaires sous ses ordres pour piller et lui rapporter le butin. On rapporte qu'un jour, un de ses militaires est allé voler avec son arme dans Mulago Village à Kampala. Il fut attrapé et révéla qu'il était envoyé par Kagame. Celui-ci le convoqua et le mit à mort. Au sujet de cette méchanceté extrême, il est connu que ses interrogatoires étaient toujours musclés. E. Ndahayo (2000, p. 89), un des ses connaisseurs (il a été Directeur de cabinet du Ministre de l'information dans le Gouvernement du FPR, entre juillet 1994 et août 1995) souligne : les prouesses de délinquant du jeune Kagame et de ses pairs dans les milieux du vol et crime organisé de Kampala et de Naïrobi, et de son parcours de tortionnaire au sein des services de securité ougandais. Mr N., un ex-militant du PSD (Parti Social Démocrate), m'a décrit Kagame presque dans les mêmes termes. Leur rencontre à Kampala en 1991 lui a donné l'impression de quelqu'un qui a reçu une éducation de la rue. Il m'a dit: «Kagame s'embarrasse pas mal du savoir-vivre. Ntabwo yarezwe: il n'a pas reçu une bonne éducation» (Entretien avec N. à Bruxelles en novembre 2001). Un autre témoignage sur Kagame soulignant son caractère «méchant» nous vient de Uganda Democratic Coalition (janvier 1993), un mouvement d'opposition au pouvoir de Yoweri Museveni ayant son siège aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique. Pour ce Mouvement, Kagame a été caractérisé, dans ses fonctions de Chef de Renseignements militaires ugandais, par des tortures atroces qu'il infligeait à ces victimes, comme par exemple: asphyxier la victime en couvrant sa tête d'un papier en plastique, serré autour du cou par une corde jusqu'à ce que mort s'en suive; mettre des décharges électriques sur les organes génitaux de ses victimes; attacher une grosse pierre sur des organes génitaux jusqu'à ce que la victime s'évanouisse, ce qui provoquait la mort ou de graves séquelles psychologiques ou physiologiques; lier les bras et les jambes derrière le dos: la victime, devenue comme une boule, mourrait par éclatement. La torture est connue sous le terme ougandais de akandooya.

  • #49

    PAUL KAGAME CV (lundi, 04 avril 2011 19:48)

    Kagame s'est marié en 1989 à Kampala à Jeannette Murefu, fille de Murefu, ex-tenancier du café Eden Garden à Kigali au Rwanda et appartenant à l'ex-Président du MRND, Matthieu Ngirumpatse. Murefu venait de rentrer de son exil du Burundi. Parti pour les cérémonies de mariage de sa fille à Kampala, il ne reviendra plus au Rwanda et s'installera à Jinja avec sa famille, prévenu probablement de l'attaque imminente du Rwanda. Avant son mariage, Madame Jeannette Kagame a vécu avec ses parents à Bujumbura puis elle est allée à Naïrobi au Kenya où ses études étaient financées par l'homme d'affaires H. M., grand frère de Robert Kajuga, Président de la milice Interahamwe. Jeannette Kagame a travaillé, pendant un petit temps, dans la société Spie Batignolles à Naïrobi pour rejoindre finalement Kampala où elle a travaillé avant de se marier. Après son mariage, Kagame fut envoyé, en juin 1990, aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique pour un stage de commandement militaire (Command Staff) à Fort Leaven Worth au Kansas. Après quelques 3 mois, Kagame interrompit son stage et arriva au front le 14/10/1990 pour remplacer Fred Gisa Rwigema à la tête du FPR-Inkotanyi.

    De retour donc des USA, Kagame réorganisa son armée qui avait été refoulée hors du territoire rwandais le 30/10/1990. Celle-ci gagna la guerre en juillet 1994 après avoir défait les Forces Armées Rwandaises (FAR). Le FPR s'empara du pouvoir et forma son Gouvernement le 19/07/1994 dans lequel Kagame fut Vice-Président et Ministre de la Défense Nationale. Il fut également élu chef du Parti FPR. A la démission du Président Pasteur Bizimungu, Kagame fut investi comme Président et Commandant Suprême (High Commander) de l'Armée Patriotique Rwandaise (APR).

    Kagame est un homme qui ne supporte pas la contradiction. Le capitaine Kayitare, à en croire des sources du FPR, serait mort pour cette raison. Commando hors du commun qui a dirigé avec succès des opérations sur les villes de Ruhengeri le 23/01/1991 et de Byumba le 5/06/1992, il était parvenu à se faire une renommée parmi les membres du FPR. Lors d'une des exhibitions qui avaient lieu à Mulindi pour un fund raising, la chanteuse Kamaliza venue de Bujumbura lui dédia une chanson, séance tenante. Il le magnifiait en le comparant au lion (la chanson est elle-même intitulée Intare c'est-à-dire le lion) qui, par son courage, fait peur à ses ennemis (intare yaciye ibintu), au bouclier qui remporte la victoire après avoir terrassé les ennemis (ngabo itsinze, ihashya ababisha). Kagame ne digéra pas ce militaire qui lui faisait ombrage. Car non seulement le lion est courageux mais aussi il est le roi de la forêt. Le message était clair. Kayitare pouvait même supplanter Kagame à la tête du FPR. Un jour qu'il était au sommet de la colline de Murore en commune Cyumba où il supervisait une opération militaire fin 1992, Kayitare fut appelé par radio pour une urgence dans leur état-major à Mulindi. Il devait descendre la montagne de Murore, traverser la théiculture de la vallée de Ngondore et monter vers Mulindi. C'est dans la théiculture qu'il a été arrosé de balles et rendit l'âme. Sa mort provoqua la consternation dans les rangs du FPR mais également les FAR n'en revenaient pas de façon que lors de son inhumation, le Commandant des FAR à Byumba, le Colonel Bahufite, se rendit à la cérémonie car il croyait en la paix avec les négociations d'Arusha.

    Kagame ne cache jamais ses plans criminels car il sait que personne ne peut y croire tellement leur réalisation est inimaginable pour un homme normal. A Kibuye, en 1995, il a traité les réfugiés hutu de l'ex-Zaïre de «chiens» et a juré de les poursuivre là où ils sont. Il a mis cette idée en exécution en bombardant leurs camps en octobre 1996, en tuant au moins 200.000 d'entre eux et en achevant les rescapés arrivés à Tingi-Tingi et à Mbandaka. Le Rapport Garreton, dans ses différentes versions, est éloquente à ce sujet. Après qu'il ait dit, en août 1996, dans un meeting à Nyamirambo, qu'avec une petite capsule ou une petite cuillère, on peut vider un tonneau, Kagame est passé aux actes. Pour lui, le fait que les Hutu soient nombreux ne constitue pas un problème. Cette métaphore donne une idée de l'ampleur de sa méchanceté et de son ethnisme. Il suffit de tuer les Hutu, petit à petit, jusqu'à les exterminer. A la manière d'une goutte d'eau qui tombe du tonneau sans discontinuer. Le tonneau finira par se vider si le petit trou n'est pas colmaté. Les événements passés et récents confirment cette politique d'annihilation de l'ethnie hutu. En effet des tueries massives des Hutu ont eu lieu surtout depuis 1994 : les massacres de Kibeho, le nettoyage du Nord du pays, les camps de concentration et de crémation notamment dans le Parc National de l'Akagera.

  • #48

    Omushaija (lundi, 04 avril 2011 19:31)

    Ni byo koko bigitangira Kagame yari afite igitekerezo cyiza kubijyanye n'uburezi. Nyuma sinzi ibisazi byamuje mu mutwe maze byose arabizambya: ukudaha abarezi icyubahiro, kubahemba nabi,...

    Nyamara yikubise agashyi haracyari igaruriro: gusa ni uko mu bwonko bwe haba huzuyemo ba Kayumba na Karegeya n'abandi yita abanzi umuntu atazi abo ari bo. Igiteye agahinda ni uko atemera umugira inama: yumva ko ibimuri mu mutwe ari byo nyabyo kandi ko bigomba gukurikizwa. N'ugerageje kumugira inama ahita amuta mu munyururu. Wabona ari cyo cyatumye ba Kayumba bikuriramo akabo.

    Ni complexe d'infériorité. Ese akora kandi agatekereza nka Kaddhafi.

    Naho biriya @Ukuri_kubisi avuga by'abahutu b'intiti ndumva ntacyo bitwungura. Icyo benshi tugamije ni uko u Rwanda rwaba urw'abanyarwanda: icyo gihe tuzavuga ngo abanyarwanda babaye intiti.

  • #47

    Dany (lundi, 04 avril 2011 19:16)

    Basomyi musesengura hano muri iyi nkuru njyewe ntoyemo ko na Karegeya nawe yari muri FPR bikomeje kugaragara ko FPR igizwe n'abaswa ibisambo, ababeshyi, abakora amanyanga n'ibindi bibi... Dutegereje no kuzareba na Diplome ya Kagame cyangwa Kabarebe aho bazikuye nibamara kwegura. Kuko ndabona nta muntu n'umwe wo muri FPR utari icyo ntazi nkuko bitangira ubuhamya bonyine duhere kuri bumwe bwa ba Rudasingwa, Tito, Jule wavugiraga Police... bose baba amasazi, amabyi, kwamburwa amapeta kuko batayakoreye yo barangije umwuga wo muri FPR wo kwica, gusahura, kubeshya... Tuvuge se ko ariko gahimbazamusyi cyangwa Pension FPR itanga yo bayivuyemo?

  • #46

    @Ukuri kubisi (lundi, 04 avril 2011 19:08)

    Ntakuri kwawe mbonye aho. Urimo urasenya, urimo uragereranya ibitagererekanya. Kuri education, nubwo ireme ryagabanutse, ndemeranya na Gilbert 44 ko inkotanyi rwose zatumye abana biga kubwinshi bagendeye kumanota gusa nubwo zirangije umugambi wazo nyirizina ugaragaye ko zitabyishimiraga ubwo zimaga abana inguzanyo nkuburyo bwo gukumira abana b'abakene ngo badakomeza kwiga. Naho Habyarimana rwose buriya ntabwo bwari uburezi. Kaminuza imwe nayo yigamo abanyeshuli 1,000 gusa na za secondaires mbarwa kandi nabwo kuyikandagiramo wagombaga kuba uri umunyabenge kabuhariwe. Ibyubutiti uvuga ntabwo mbona kuko abantu bize kuri iriya ngoma hafi yabose bari closed minded kuko iyo baza kugira ubwenge amafuti n'imitego inkotanyi zabateze baba barabivumbuye kera bakirinda kugusha igihugu mwicuraburindi nubu twe twabyirutse nyuma tukishyura amakosa bakoze tutanazi.

    Naho Kagame iyo rwose akomeza nurubyiruko yarabyiruye ntiyirohe mumafuti yijanditsemo agikomeza no kwijandikamo, ndaguhamiriza neza ko ibintu byari kuba sawa. Ariko kubera nyine yari yifitiye indi migambi ihishe inyuma (Hidden agenda) kandi yagombaga gusohoza, byose byarapfuye ubu he is my best ennemy. Naho mwe muziko muri abahutu cg abatutsi ubwenge bwanyu nubwo kumenya ko kanaka ari umuhutu cg umututsi: ibyo se barabirya? Murabura kureba ibibazo bidukomereye birimo igitugu, iterabwoba, ubusahuzi no kuyoborwa ninjiji z'intagondwa mukanya mubintu bidafite shinge na rugero. Namwe mwibeshya ko muri abatutsi nka Kagame muzagende mumurerese ijosi imbere murebe ko atarikata? Yishe abatutsi bangana iki? Abahutu ntabo nigeze nvuga mbagize ibanga. For him, anytime you start interfere his program, even a stupid one, you are an obstacle, you have to be eliminated, that's the only thing he knows, ntuzamubaze ibindi. Burya no kwiba s'umuhanga akoresha igitugu gusa n'akanwa kimbunda akakunyaga ukanuye amaso wazamura ijwi ururimi akarukata.


  • #45

    AHII (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:53)

    Abo birirwa basebanya urahaze.Kuvuga ngo yavuye mu gisirikare bamwirukanye banamwambuye impeta za gisirikare no kuvuga koatafunzwe kandi ngo yarafunzwe:none se yafungiwe iki?Ababbasakuza hari icyo yafungiwe kigeze kigaragazwa?None se icyatumye ngo yamburwa impeta za gisirikare cyo cyaramenyekanye?None se impamvu yatumye birirwa basebya na Rudasingwa cyangwa Gahima yo ni iyihe?Pasteur yegura Nyakubahwa Tite RUTAREMARA yahamije ko yari afite ibisazi ibyo banabivuga kuri RUDASINGWA.Gusebanya rero ni inkuru imenyerewe kandi ONU ntiyabiha agaciro kuko kuko n'ubundi yahaye akazi umuntu izi.Muzasome kuri CV ya Kagame murebe ibinyoma bibamo aho avuga ko yize par correspondance ariko akaba atavuga umwaka yizemo ngo mutabishaka kuri internet kuko yabeshye.Mbese uwo KABAREBE we ntahamya ko yize MAKALELE kandi yarahageraga agiye gukora ikiraka cyo kumesera abanyeshuri.NAGENDETURAMUZI NAWE TUZAMUVAMO

  • #44

    Gilbert Munyema (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:35)

    Niko Ukuri kubisi ubwo icyo unenze nuko Kagame atavangura nka habyarimana koko? Koko urivugiye ko gahutu mwigaga gatutsi se na gatwa si abanyarwanda koko? sha nta kwiga kwawe uri ikigoryi pe!!! Mbere ya 1994 higaga abana 19700 ubu hariga 10000 ubwo se koko urunva uri muzima kandi hagakurikizwa amanota umuntu yagizwe ahubwo weho uri umuswa mubi pe!! Ndi mu bize ku ngoma ya Habyarimana ariko si mbishima namba nubwo Fpr itumariye abantu ariko sinayinenga kuri education na gato rwose.Ahubwo nicyo yakoze gusa.Igabanya na conditions kugia ngo abaswa baba Gnde na ba Congomani babonereho na bahutu bakungukiramo kuko baba barize neza nicyo nabonye naho rwose vuga ibibi ni byinshi naho education nta ngorane

  • #43

    @ ceque jecois (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:10)

    Please, allow me to quote you:
    "Is Karegeya's CV relevant than finding out where the Manasseh's planes are coming from?" Hahhahhh Kigali we mudufata ngkabana bibitammambuga kweli! Any way,ok!

  • #42

    UKURI KUBISI (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:05)

    Sha nagende Habyarimana nubwo Inyenzi-Nkotanyi zamuhitanye ariko yari yaradusigiye umurage mwiza wo kwiga, amadiplome nya madiplome turayabona yaba za IPN, UNR ndetse n'amahanga twarayogogoje !!!! None INYENZI_NKOTANYI zo nta kindi zo zizi usibye kwica (kurasa), kwiba no kubeshya nibyo bitunze REGIME-NKOTANYI !!!!! Hize GAHUTU ndetse n'amahanga arabemera intiti nyinshi ziriya hirya no hino ku isi !!! Apana Inyenzi -nkotanyi kugeza na nubu ntizapima n'Abahutu mu mashuli no mu bumenyi !!!! Ahari kujya ubwenge ku Batutsi hagiye UBUGOME no KUBESHYA !!!! Umufaransa Pierre PEAN yari yarabarungurutse none yabavuze ukulim koko !!!! Genda Rwanda warakubititse utegekwa n"INKANDAGIRA nsa nsaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  • #41

    Ja (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:04)

    Karegyeya niwe wateje umutingito wibasiye Japan none reba ingaruka aho zigeze abaturage baho....!

    C.A=Character Assasination !!!! ni ukurwana umuhenerezo tu, by all means....!

  • #40

    Ubuhanuzi 5 (Last part) (lundi, 04 avril 2011 18:00)

    Atangira guhigwa bashaka ko apfa.

    Kubera ubwo butumwa butigeze bushimisha abo yabuhaye ngo hatangiye umugambi wo gushaka uburyo yakwicwa, maze hapangwa kumwohereza kurugamba ahantu habi kugirango apfiriyo, Sgt Nsabagasani avuga ko yaje koherezwa kurwana Kongo, Imana nanone yaje kumubwira ko agiye koherezwa ahantu habi ariko ntacyo azaba, ngo bari ahantu hitwa Mpfizi muri Kongo, yari ayobowe n’umusirikare witwa Maj Rutayomba Theogene, yaje koherezwa kurugamba ahantu habi, ajyana n’abasirikare 2 gusa kureba aho abasirikare barwana bari bari. Ariko ngo wari umugambi wo kumuroha ngo agwe aho, yakomeje kwizera ijwi ry’Imana ko iri bumurinde. Avuga ko Imana yakoze igitangaza ngo abagezeho yumvise ijwi rimubwira ngo narase isasu rimwe gusa, amaze kurirasa abasirikare bose bari ruka ngo barahunga bata imbunda nyishi cyane kuburyo abasirikare bandi baje kuza basanga azicaye iruhande wenyine n’abasirikare 2 bari kumwe kuko batari gushobora kuzikorera zose. Yaje gusubizwa mu Rwanda muri 2002 ariko asize ababwiye abasirikare ko bose bagiye gutaha kuko ariko Imana ngo yari yamweretse.

    2003 Kagame yaje kumutuma ho intumwa amubaza niba azatsinda amatora, ariko ngo amusubiza ko atazayatsinda ahubwo azayiba, amaze kumusubiza gutyo ategeka ko bamukura mu gisirikare, yaje gukurwa mu gisirikare atabizi yumvise gusa bamusoma kuri lisiti y’abasirikare bagomba gusezererwa. Avuga ko amaze gusezererwa yasubiye iwabo i Musambira, ariko akomeza kuvuga ubutumwa, hirya no hino mu gihugu.

    Uko Sgt Nsabagasani yavuye mu Rwanda.

    Avuga ko mu kwezi ku Ukwakira 2009, yabwiwe n’ijwi ry’Imana ko agomba gushaka ibyangobwa kava mu gihugu, kuko ngo ibyo Imana yahanuye byenda gusohora, amaze gushaka ibyangobwa byose, we ngo ntabwo yaje yihishe kuko yategetswe ko agomba gusiga abibwiye abantu igitumye agenda kuko Imana igiye gusohoza ibyo yavuze. Yatangiye gusezera abantu ahereye ku baturanyi be, ndetse n’abayobozi ababwira ibizaba, asezera ngo amatorero ndetse n’iy’i Kigali, cyane irya ADEPR riri ku Kacyiro aho bakunze kwita Meridien, abibwira bakirisito bose ko agiye kugenda ariko ngo Imana yamutegetse ngo ibone gusohoza amasezerano yavuze ku Rwanda.

    Ubuyobozi ba leta bwumvise ko asezeye yamutumye ho uwitwa Senateri Antoine Mugesera, amubwira ko nubwo agiye ariko atagomba gutwara abantu, kandi amusaba kudakomeza kuvuga ko igihugu kigiye gusubira mu bwicanyi kandi kizapfamo abantu beshi.

    Ku itariki ya 8 Gashyantare 2010 niho ngo yahagurutse mu Rwanda Imana imubwiye ko ngo izagaruka kandi azaza azanye n’Impunzi nyishi zabaga hanze zose kuko igiye gusohoza imigambi yayo.

    Yatubwiye kandi ko mu byo yeretswe byose igisigaye ari ugusubira Kongo kw’ingabo z’u Rwanda, kwicwa kwa Kagame n’abanyarwanda no kugaruka k’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.

    Iki kiganiro ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyagiranye na Sgt Nsabagasani, twagitangaje uko cyakabaye, twirinze kugira icyo dukuramo cyangwa se twongeraho.

    Basomyi bacu, n’ahanyu buri wose afite uko abyumva, n’uko abyemera !

    Ifoto iriho niya nyirubuhanuzi Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic

    Charles I.

  • #39

    Rwanyonga (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:59)

    Tuzi benshi mu Rwanda biyitirira diplome badafite. Uwize ikigoroba gutera inka urushinge ati ndi docteur. Abazi imiryango y'ishuri muzi ko doctorat itangwa umuntu amaze gukora ubushakashatsi buhanitse ashobora no gushyira mu bitabo abandi bakabusoma, iyo basanze bufite ireme. Abo bagabo b'i Kigali badushyiriye ibyo bashakashatse ahagaragara, abanyarwanda bakabimenya? Ni amafaranga se yo kwandikisha ibyo bitabo babuze? Aho bukera ubusambo bwabo burabagaragaza.

  • #38

    Ubuhanuzi 4 (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:59)

    Bimwe mu bimenyetso yahawe bizagaragaza ko kwicwa kwa Kagame kuri hafi.

    Kuko ubu butumwa yabuhawe ari 1996, harimo kujya Kongo kw’abasirikare no kuvayo gucyurwa kw’impunzi nyishi zari zarahunze u Rwanda ; intambara y’abacengenzi no kurangira kwayo ; Kagame aba perezida , no kwamamara kwe hirya nohino ku isi ; ifungurwa ry’abanyururu ; agahe k’amahoro ; gahunda zihindagurika za leta ; kumanurwa muntera kwa Kagame no kwangwa n’abanyarwanda n’amahanga ; gusubira Kongo kw’ingabo ; ngo ingabo zimaze gusubira Kongo Kagame azicwa, gusubiranamo kw’ingabo Kagame amaze gupfa ; kugaruka kw’ingabo zagiye muri Kongo zihuruye kubera ubwicanyi buzaba buri mu gihugu ; Kugotwa impande zose z’u Rwanda nabasirikare beshi ; kumeneka kw’ amaraso meshi y’abanyarwanda kuruta ayamenetse mbere muri 1994, kugaruka kwa k’Umwami Kigeli V Ndahindurwa ; gutahuka kw’abantu beshi bari hanze ; kuzaba Sgt Nsabagasani nyiribuhanuzi atakiba mu Rwanda.

    Ubuhanuzi buhabwa Kagame.

    Avuga ko akimara kubyerekwa muri 1996 yahise abibwira abasirikare bose babanaga muri Batayo ya 31 nk’uko yabibwiye abasirikare babanaga kwa Habyarimana. Amaze kubivuga kandi yabivugiye imbere y’abasirikare bari munama yari iyobowe na Gen Mubaraka. Ngo Gen Mubaraka yamubajije niba igihugu kizafatwa n’abacengezi kuko aribo barimo kurwanya igihugu , amubwira ko igihe kitaragera.

    Avuga ko Mubaraka yaje kuhava asimburwa n’uwitwa Maj. Jacob Tumwine icyo gihe, ngo Imana yakomeje kumuhata ngo yandike avuga ubuhanuzi bwe kandi abubwire abayobozi bohejuru. Ku itariki ya 13 Gicurasi 1998 yandikiye Perezida Bizimungu amubwira ibyo yeretswe , ariko ibaruwa yamwandikiye yatwawe n’ ushinzwe urwego rw’iperereza muri iyo Batayo ya 31 yabagamo, 2Lt Claude ( ntabwo ngo yibuka irindi zina), arutwara muri G2, urwego rushinzwe iperereza muri Ministeri y’ingabo, ari naho banyujije ibaruwa y’ubuhamya yandikiwe perezida ihabwa Kagame wari visi perezida akaba na minisitiri w’ingabo icyo gihe.

    Nyuma yaje gutumwaho n’uwitwa Capt Franco (nawe ngo irindi ntaryibuka) wakoraga muri G2, amubwira ko ubutumwa Visi perezida adahari ( icyo gihe yari Kagame), ariko ubutumwa yabubinye, asabwa gusigara i Kigali ariko arabinginga ngo asubira aho yari mu gisirikare kuko yumvaga aribyo byamufasha.

  • #37

    Ubuhanuzi 3 (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:58)

    Ajya kwicwa Inuma imuhagarara ku mutwe abasirikare bagira ubwoba.

    Ku itariki ya 7 Gicurasi, 1994, abasirikare abahawe amabwiriza yo kujya kumwica, bamutwara hanze y’ikigo ahegereye ahantu ngo bita Murugando, bakigerayo abasirakare bari gushaka ahantu ho kumwicira bagihagaze ngo hamanuka Inuma ihagarara ku mutwe we abasirikare barwana no kuyirukana ariko iranga, barwana nayo nk’iminota 5 yanze bariruka bagira ubwoba. Babibwira abari babohereje bamusubiza mu kigo batangira kumugirara ikizere ko yatumwe n’Imana. Ariko bategeka ko atagomba kurenga icyo kigo cya Camp G P ( Umutwe warindaga Habyarimana).

    Yinjira mu gisirikare cya FPR.

    Ku itariki ya 3 Kamena ngo hapanzwe kumwica bwa kabili, ariko ngo umwe mu basirikare babanaga, yamubwiye ko bapanze kongera kumwica, ndetse ngo amufasha gutoroka, yanyuze Kivugiza i Nyamirambo, yinjira ahari abasirikare ba FPR, asanga abari kuburinzi basinziriye bose, arabakangura afite imbunda yambaye n’imyenda ya gisirikare, umwe ngo ashaka kumurasa,ariko amubwira ko atari umwanzi ntiyabasha kumurasa. Yajyanywe kwa Lt Col Nzaramba ubu usigaye ari Maj Gen muri RDF,niwe wari ukuriye abo basirikare ba FPR bari bo muri Batayo ya 21 yari aho.

    Avuga ko agezeyo yahise yerekwa n’Imana ko Kigali izaba ifashwe ku itariki 4 Nyakanga 1994 abibwira Nzaramba. Nyuma yo gufata Stade ya Nyamirambo, ikibuga cy’Indege i Kanombe, yajyanywe kuruhuka, amara umwaka wose ntacyo Imana imubwira.

    Ahabwa ubuhanuzi kuri Kagame muri 1996 agatekwa nawe kubimubwira.

    Nyuma ngo yaje kuryama nanone yerekwa ukuntu Kagame azapfa, kandi ategekwa kubivuga, ngo muri iryo yerekwa yeretswe . Ngo yabonye Kagame araswa n’imwe mu nshuti ze zimuri hafi, ariko atashoboye kumenya izina neza cyangwa kwerekwa isura. Nyuma ngo Imana yaje kumuha ibimenyetso, avuga ko ibyo byose yabyeretswe ari Gisenyi muri Batayo ya 31.

  • #36

    Ubuhanuzi 2 (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:58)

    Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic ni muntu ki?

    Ni umunyarwanda wo mu bwoko bw’abatutsi, yavukiye mu cyahoze ari Gitarama, 1971, ahitwa Musambira, yatubwiye ko akimara kuvuka Mamawe yahise yitaba Imana nyuma y’ibyumweru bibiri, hashize ukwezi na Papa we aba arapfuye, ngo yarerewe kwa sekuru nawe waje kwicwa muri jenoside y’abatutsi muri 1994.

    Mu 1992 yinjiye mugisirikare cya Habyarimana, arangije inyigisho za gisirikare yanjiye muri Batayo ya 71 yabaga Bugesera, Gako, nyuma ngo ajya Byumba, ahava yinjira muri Batayo ya Paracomando yabaga i Kanombe ngo icyo gihe yari afite ipeti rya Premier solda / R. Caporal. Yatubwiye ko ngo yinjiye igisirikare ari umukatorika ariko ngo yaje guhinduka aba umurokore.

    Ahanurira Habyarimana.

    Muri 1993 yarose inzozi zirimo iyerekwa, hanyuma yumva ijwi rimubwira ko ngo agomba kubibwira Habyarimana ko ingoma ye irangiye kandi bazica abantu beshi, ariko agira ubwoba bwo kubivuga kuko yacyekaga ko ari buhite yicwa, nyuma ngo ijwi rya komeje kumuhata, aza gushirika ubwoba ara bivuga, ahereye kubasirikare bose babanaga muri iyo Batayo ya Para commando. Nyuma ngo yaje kubibwira Majoro Ntabakunzi Aloyozi wari umukuru w’iyo Batayo ya para commondo yabagamo ( ubu Maj. Ntabakunzi afungiye Arusha), ndetse amusaba ko abibwira Habyarimana kuko ngo Imana ariko yari yamutegetse.

    Abo basirikare ngo ntibabyumvaga batangira kuvuga ko aribyo yatumwe na bene wabo kuko ngo yari umututsi, bimuviramo ingaruka zikomeye zo kwangwa n’abasirikare babanaga,ariko ngo Imana imubwira ko atazicwa. Nyuma ngo Maj Ntabakunzi yaje kubibwira Habyarimana, ngo ategekwa ko agomba kurindirwa mu kigo cya gisirikare i Kanombe ntasoheke.

    Indege ya Habyarimana imaze guhanurwa, ngo yari mu kigo i Kanombe, naho bavuga ko ngo yari abiziranyeho nabene wabo baba tutsi, yajyanywe mu kigo cy’abasirikare barindaga Habyarima ( Camp GP) ku Kimihurura, ajyanywe kwicwa, ariko ngo Imana ikomeze kumuha isezerano ryo kuzabaho ntiyicwe.

  • #35

    Ubuhanuzi 1 (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:57)

    Umusirikare Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic yahanuriye Kagame uburyo azicwa n’inshuti ye.
    Written by Administrator Wednesday, 30 March 2011 19:50

    Mu bimenyetso yamuhaye hasigaye 1 gusa.

    Mu kiganiro ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyagiranye na Sgt Nsabagasani Dominic, yatubwiye ko Imana yamweretse ko ubutegetsi bwa Kagame bugeze mu gihe cyabwo cya nyuma, kandi yabimubwiye, ariko ntiyabiha agaciro, atubwira kandi ko nambere y’urupfu rwa Habyarimana yabimubwiye nawe ngo ntiyabyumva.

    Abantu beshi bakunze kuvuga ko ubutegetsi bwa Kagame buri mu marembera, bavuga ko ari ubuhanuzi Imana ibahaye, ariko akeshi nta muntu wigeze ujya ahagaragara ngo atange amazina ye, avuge n’uko bizagenda mu ruhame. Ikinyamakuru Inyenyerinews cyegereye umunyarwanda wahoze ari umusirikare wa Habyarimana akaza no kuba umusirikare wa FPR atubwira uko Imana ngo yamweretse amarembera y’Ingoma ya Kagame, ndetse adusaba gutangaza ubuhanuzi bwe uko bwakabaye ntakintu nakimwe twibagiwe, kuko ari amagambo y’Imana, kandi ngo ikaba imutegeka kubitangaza mu banyarwanda .

    Twamubajije niba kubitangaza bitamutera ikibazo cy’umutekano we, atubwira ko we ntakibazo afite kuko azi iby’Imana yamubwiye kandi ariyo yamutumye, bityo ngo kutabitangaza nibyo bibi kuri we kuruta kubitangaza.

  • #34

    rusanganwa (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:48)

    Ndashaka CV ya Boss Kagame. Uyifite ayitugezeho tureba za Kaminuza yize. Harya ngo "Ko Yezu tumusenga yize angahe'?

  • #33

    Dunia (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:46)

    Nkurikije uko kinyamakuru Independent cyandika, wagira ngo ni newspaper ya presidence y'u Rwanda.

    Wagira ngo bagitumye kuvuga nabi abantu bose baba bashaka democratie n'ubwiyunge mu Rwanda.

    Uzi ko mu kobogama kirusha Kangura ya kera?? Ese abanditsi bacyo nabo bagombye kwihana. Journalism ubu aho igeze isaba guhubuka, wabogama ntubigaragaze.

    Bagombye kwiga uburyo bwo kubogama kandi ntubigaragaze ariko ibyo bisaba ubuhaga. Rero nkeka ko aribwo bashobora kuba babuze.

    Journalism isaba kuba nka ARBITRE was foot cg indi sport, ashobora kubogama ariko ntakigomba kugaragaza ko yabogamye.

    Naho iki independent newspaper imeze nka arbitre umwe wo mu Rwanda, ikipe ashyigikiye yatsinze igitego cyo kwishyura ku munota wa 90, maze akora kiribite

  • #32

    Appolo (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:46)

    ubu ni buryo kagame akomeje kwerekana ukuntu, malgre que ashaka kwigaragaza nk'igitangaza, mu by'ukuri ari umuntu w'agaciro gake. Njye nsanga akenshi twivunira ubusa tujya impaka ku byo akora cg avuga kuko tumushyira ku rwego rw'imitekerereze atariho. Nawe se umuntu ubuza abantu kujya gushyingura umubyeyi w'uwo ngo batavuga rumwe, umuntu uziza abandi ubucuti bifitaniye, umuntu inkoramutima ze ari ba gacuramagambo.. mu by'ukuri ni akahe gaciro afite. Nitureke kwishyira ku rwego rwe dutinda ku manjwa yirirwamo nubwo bigaragara ko aho bukera azajya ku gasozi akiruka.

  • #31

    MUSARE (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:43)


  • #30

    Ceque Jecrois (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:32)

    As usual, i like good media that gives us relevant info. If this happens to be true, shame on the UN and the Rwandan Govt for having hired this "morally very corrupt" guy as Caesar Kayizari told the Independent.
    But for how long has this gentleman served the Rwandan Govt? Did this affect his efficiency? It's only when he fallen out from the ruling man that he became Ikigarasha. This might be true, but the Independent should try to find out how they think this'd affect his new job?
    The Independent is known to be used by Kigali... If they're as private media as they claim, why didn't they help us to do another investigation about the corruption cases the 4 guys are accusing Kigali?
    Is Karegeya's CV relevant than finding out where the Manasseh's planes are coming from?
    If the readers of this "The Independent" article knew how much Rwanda pays this The Independent for just publishing the stories that supports its side...
    All of this is rubbish. It only shows us how terribly is Kigali concerned about what the guys are able to do.
    Regardless of which side I support, please fellow readers, what has the Govt done to clean themselves from the "Rwanda briefing" accusations?
    I didn't believe the release, but the feedback from Kigali tends to support the "Rwanda briefing" accusations.
    Stop these stupidities.

  • #29

    @ Dunia (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:23)

    My dear you made a good point...You get to teach those jealous and low minded people...

  • #28

    Kayitare (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:21)

    Ndabaza nti: Independent niyo isoma CV z abasaba akazi muri UN? Ubundi Ikinyamakuru nk Umuvugizi gikunze gufata inyandiko zikayikorera scan zigashyira picture yayo ku nkuru kugirrango berekana ko koko ari ukuri atari ibinyoma.
    Independent rero ni cya kinyamakuru kishyurwa na Leta ya Kagame ama $$$ atagira ingano (Umuvugizi wacishijeho impapuro zisinywe na Minisitiri Musoni na ba Rwangombwa byo kwishyura Independent za Miliyoni ziva kuri account yitwa Operational Costs ikoreshwa n ibiro bya Intelligence ya Kigali...) kikaba kiyoborwa na Bwana Mwenda wirirwa aririmba Kagame ku isi yose.

    iri sebanyabuhanga rero si rishya kandi murata igihe nkaho mwagasubije ibyo abantu nka Professor Kambanda banditse babagiraho Inama...Mutubwire izo ndege aho zavuye, uko tender process yagenze, uko zitwara abadamu n abana mu ngendo za buri gihe, uko ba Blair bazigendamo...naho Karegeya ibyo muvuga byose ntibibuza Salary ye kuba processed...

    Mukure mu mutwe kuko mukabije ubuswa n ubugome bidatinze kubarangiza niba mudahinduye strategy.

  • #27

    Dunia (lundi, 04 avril 2011 17:20)

    This article from independent newspaper is irrelevant and has no any reason to be there.
    The writer or publisher of this article is jealous. To get a job you have to make sure your CV is a winner otherwise you won’t even get an interview.

    In interview I presume during interview, he was asked questions to prove how he can do the job and Mr Karegeya responded successful and other contenders did not.

    How can you conclude that he got the job without qualifications? Dou you think UN Human resources are idiot? It is not only qualification that counts but also skills,experience.

    I am not supporting Karegeya but He proved that HE CAN do the better than other applicants.

    Dou you think you could get that job if you get his CV??? no way.

  • #26

    BAGANAHE (lundi, 04 avril 2011 16:57)

    PILATO ni hatari mba ndoga RUKARA RWA BISHINGWE !! La revolution mange ses enfants !!! BAGANAHE.

  • #25

    Inyangamugayo (lundi, 04 avril 2011 16:48)

    Col. Karegeya:

    Birashoboka ko waba usura uru rubuga rw'abanyarwanda. Urabona nawe ko Kagame n'abambari be batagushakira amahoro: bashatse kukugaraguza agati nk'aho wahindutse urutozi, none barashaka no kukubuza umugati wari wiboneye. Ndetse banabonye uburyo bakuvutsa ubuzima bwawe.

    Reka nkwisabire ikintu kimwe: emera gutanga ubuhamya ku bugizi bwa nabi kariya gatsiko kakoze, kanagikomeje gukora. Shyira ahagaragara ibyavugirwaga mu manama atandukanye ubwo imyanzuro yatangwaga yo kurimbura aba n'aba.

    Cyangwa se andika igitabo aho uhishurira isi yose ubugizi bwa nabi bwakozwe n'abari bakuriye RPF. Shyira ahagaragara uruhari abanyamerika, abongereza n'abayisirayeri bagize. Koza isoni Bill Clinton.

    Alexandre Kimenyi yapfanye agahinda kubera ko ibyo yari yiteze kuri RPF atari ibyo yabonye. None wowe Karegeya mu gihe Rurema akigushyizeho akaboko, bwira abanyarwanda ibyo bakeneye kumenya.

    Ibi ngusaba ntabwo byoroshye: uribaza uti ese nimbishyira ahitaruye ko hari benshi bazashirira muri "gacaca". Nyamara ubwo uzaba utanze umuganda wawe wo kubaka imitima y'abanyarwanda. Bahora babigushimira wowe n'abagukomokaho bose. Naho nushaka kurica ukarimira, ushobora kuzibagirana mu mateka y'iki gihugu.

    Ibikubaho byose biragaragaza ko wahamagariwe kuba intwari. Witenguha abanyarwanda.

    Yari Inyangamugayo, ikwifuriza kuramba.

  • #24

    RPF wapfuye neza! (lundi, 04 avril 2011 16:38)

    RPF wapfuye neza ukareka kwanduranya! Ubu noneho Karegeya ibirego byose murabibuze musigaye kuri CV ye? Uwamuhaye akazi ni we wari ushinzwe kuyigenzura ubwo niba taranabikoze cg yarirengagije inconsistencies zarimo ni we uzi impamvu. Nta na hamwe bibareba burya umuhanga mukwandika CV ayadaptinga kuri situations zinyuranye!Ubundi kubasha akazi ubyerekana neza iyo ukagezeho (except in Rwanda kuko abambari ba RPF n'iyo kabananiye bagumishwaho). Kandi CV ni agace gato kitabwaho mu kureba niba umuntu akwiriye akazi aka naka. Ubwo rero wenda UN yasanze kwita kuri CV atari ngombwa candidate washobora akazi ari Karegeya!!!

    Ese abo muri RPF bo CV zabo ni shyashya ra? Ni nde se ukigira amazina yiswe akivuka cg amatariki yavukiyeho? Iby'amashuri byo nta warubara. Muzambwire impamvu abantu bose bo mu Rwanda bandikisha ko bavutse 01/01. Ariko ye, mu Rwanda bayara ku Bunani gusa?

    Mbere yo gutokora Karegeya, RPF nibanze yivanemo ibinonko biyuzuye mu maso kugeza aho byayihinduye nk'ifuku ubu abantu bose bakaba babona kuyitokora ari ari uguta inyuma ya Huye!

  • #23

    Umwana w'umwami (lundi, 04 avril 2011 16:36)

    Kagame can do everything at any cost kukirebana na 4 gungs Rusesabagina ubu nawurabyumva, naho ibyo guhimbimpapulose erega nabwonubwenge umenye kubihimba ukanabisobanura ntugire ngo bikora uboneste wese ubwo se bariya badepite wagira ngo amashuribize nayo gukoma mumashi bizehe? Ubuse haruyobewe ko inkotanyi zose zikorera kumpimbano, Kagame we upfakuba uzi kumena amaraso ahita guha ministeur.

    Yarumwana w'umwami

  • #22

    tulikumana (lundi, 04 avril 2011 16:33)

    Aliko se ibi ntabwo tubimenyereye koko?
    .Kuli FPR , abantu bose uretse abo ishaka bagomba kwicwa n'inzara. Abaganga babanyarwanda , baharabitse bangana iki? Baziraga iki? FPR yali igamije iki ? Uwitwa callixte Mbarushimana yabuze akazi ke muli ONU gute?
    Baliya bose kiliya kinyamakuru cy'abajije bose bafite izihe diplome? Twizere ko Karegeya nawe adushyilira ahagaragara CV ya Kabrebe,Jack Nziza,Kayonga, Kagame, etc....

  • #21

    Ivan (lundi, 04 avril 2011 15:29)

    Urwanda rwarakubititse.Ese bataragaya CV ya karegeya,harya aba depute bacu bagira CV.Ngo abayobozi bibanze bagomba kugira diplome ihanitse kugirango babone akazi murwanda, Harya abayobozi bacu bakuru uhereye kuri President Kagame we agira iyihe?, cg se abandibose bari mumyanya yo hejuru. nkurikije iyi article kuri CV YA KAREGEYA, yanditse nabambari ba kagame ntabwo yakabaye ashobora kuba yarabaye na sergent kuko ndunva ntakintu yigeze akora cg se yiga nagato. mbega KAGAME NARETA YE!!!

  • #20

    KARABAYE (lundi, 04 avril 2011 15:28)

    Aho bucyera KAREGEYA aratugezaho liste y'abayobozi bafite DIPLOME Z'IMPIMBANO. Erega KAREGEYA yarize ntabwo arinkandira bitabo. Mwakojeje agati MU NTOZI. birabareba nibabashyira hanze !!

  • #19

    Mukomere (lundi, 04 avril 2011 15:24)

    Kuki abanyarwanda badahaguruka ngo barwanya abaganda bigaruriye u Rwanda.Ariko birababaje kubona abantu biyemerera ko babaye abasirikari ba uganda barangiza bakaza gufata urwanda bakirukana abasirikari babanyarwanda barangiza bakanavuga ko abo basirikari ari abateroriste ubwo se ushize mugaciro koko FPR siyo twakwita abateroriste.ariko kuberako ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana wagirango ntaho bari bazi uko isi ibaho .Twaremeye abaganda baratuyobora. Ahaa icyo nabwira abanyarwanda ni uko twakwibohora kandi tukarwanya bariya bagande