Rwanda’s Presidential Advisor and Army Spokesperson are Amiss on Government Critics. By Charles KM KAMBANDA

Professor Nshuti Manasseh
Professor Nshuti Manasseh



Rwanda’s presidential advisor, Professor Nshuti Manasseh, and the army spokesperson, Col. Jill Rutaremara, are on crusade in Rwanda’s New Times newspaper to respond to Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and other critics. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, Dr. Rudasingwa, Col. Karegeya and Dr. Gahima are former army chief, chief of staff, intelligence chief and Attorney General, respectively.


 These former senior government officials are among the founders of a new opposition political party – Rwanda National Congress (RNC). The four former close associates of President Paul Kagame, in their “Rwanda Briefing” accuse President Kagame’s government of, inter alia, corruption, failure to set up an objective power sharing framework among the three ethnic groups of Rwanda, lack of political space, gross abuse of human rights, terrorizing Rwandans and destabilizing Congo (DRC) for the President’s personal interest. The government of Rwanda has a right and a duty to respond to such serious allegations. Like other Rwandans, Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and his colleagues have a right to critique the government.



Jill Rutaremara
Jill Rutaremara

Professor Nshuti Manasseh, by virtue of being a presidential advisor, is a public servant. The army spokesperson, Col. Jill Rutaremara is a serving military senior officer. Whatever Professor Nshuti Manasseh and Col Rutaremara say, do or omit over an issue of public concern becomes public policy. The two government officials have a right to speak on behalf of the government. However, each is barred from partisan politics. The ideal response from the presidential advisor and army spokesperson may not reflect personal sentiments and mustn’t attack individuals that decide to claim their constitutional rights.


 Ordinary people like Gen. Kayumba and other critics of Rwandan government, in the exercise of their constitutional rights, are allowed even to make serious good faith mistakes in their analysis of issues of national concern. Whereas Rwandan Briefing, a document by private citizens asserting their constitutional rights, is at liberty even to be erroneous, no slight recklessness, negligence or inaccuracy are permitted in the presidential advisor and army spokesperson’s response to the same because the latter represent the super-institution, the government.


The government of Rwanda’s response to allegations in “Rwanda Briefing” is also contained in a series of letters published by a Rwandan newspaper, the New Times. The authors of these letters, Professor Nshuti Manasseh and Col. Jill Rutaremara, have so far concentrate on explaining the childhood experiences and private life of the authors of “Rwanda Briefing”, the relationship between the authors of Rwanda Briefing with Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and United Democratic Front (FDU). The substantive accusations against the government flaunted in “Rwanda Briefing” have not been addressed yet.



 Corruption allegation


Authors of Rwanda Briefing allege specific examples of what they perceive of as corruption in Rwandan government. First, they argue that the President flies on expensive jets that were bought from public funds but now owned by the President’s own political party, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF). That President Kagame, his family and/or some friends’ trip costs on the jets are charged on Rwandan tax payers’ money exorbitantly. The jets are allegedly fixed with anti missile gargets. It is alleged that the jets are registered in South Africa under a private company owned by Rwandan senior public servants and RPF politicians.


Secondly, Rwanda Briefing alleges that RPF business companies are involved in “in-house” dealing and public coffer siphoning. Rwandans have a right to know the truth of this accusation. The government is obligated to present a systematic answer indicating whether or not the jets exist. If the jets exist, the government of Rwanda should demonstrate whether or not the President uses those jets. If the president, his family or friends use the jets, the government has a duty to explain the process by which a private company was hired to provide such a service to their president. Rwandans deserve to know why the government chose to hire presidential jet(s) than purchasing the same. Rwandans should be informed of who purchased the jets. The source of funds for the purchase of these jets cannot be concealed from Rwandans. It would do good for RPF to inform Rwandans about all RPF business companies and associates that do business with the government.


How many government tenders do RPF business companies and associates “win” every year? What is the momentary value of those tenders? Are there other business companies out side RPF ‘wining’ government tenders? Which ones are they? If RPF has business companies doing business with government, how does President Kagame government deal with this apparently in-house dealing? These are legitimate questions to which Rwandans must get precise and concise answers. The childhood experiences, private life, or social-political relationship, of a person who raises such issues of national concern, whether Rwandan or not, is immaterial.


Allegation of RPF failure to share power


Gen. Kayumba and other authors of Rwanda Briefing allege that the Hutu and Twa are systematically excluded from the power and authority mantle of Rwanda. An allegation of this nature appears serious especially because all the authors are former government senior policy makers. Secondly, all the authors of Rwanda Briefing are Tutsi. The government is duty bound to explain the status quo of Rwandan government power sharing framework. For example, the government ought to show an unambiguous representation of the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa in the top military ranks.


The government should exhibit, with statistics, the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa representation in cabinet and ministerial high offices, parliament, judiciary, foreign envoys, police ranks, national commissions, governors and mayors. The government of Rwanda cannot be allowed to argue that ethnic groups do not exist in Rwanda. In previous weeks, the government sanctioned a list of Hutu that saved Tutsi during the genocide. Compilation of a nation-wide list of the Hutu who are said to have saved the Tutsi during the genocide is acknowledgement that the Hutu as an ethnic group exist and are identifiable. Since the Hutu as an ethnic group (who saved or did not save the Tutsi) exists, it follows that the Tutsi ethnic group (who were saved by the Hutu) also exist and are ascertainable. Needless to mention, the Twa exist as a group. If the government can sanction a list of the Hutu who saved the Tutsi, how much easier is it for the government to present Rwandans with statistics on ethnic representation at all levels of public administration?


The allegation that President Kagame’s government has sealed off any meaningful political opposition in the country and that Rwandan government is involved in gross human rights violation and terrorism against the people it is meant to protect are not light accusations. The government as a custodian of democratic values ought to address the issue substantively.


Is it Inaccuracy, recklessness, negligence or deceitfulness?


In its issue number 14564 article 39148, the Rwandan New Times newspaper published Professor Nshuti Manasseh’s letter. He argued that General Kayumba and other authors of Rwanda Briefing are FDLR and FDU allies. The Professor’s reasoning is that FDLR is a listed terrorist organization by both United States of America (US) and United Nations (UN). That leader of FDU (Victoire Ingabire) is in court on terrorism charges. Any person or group that has any relationship with either FDU or FDLR is a terrorist by extension. This analysis is legally and contextually flawed.


 First, there is no crime by analogy. Second, US list of terrorist organizations is a public document. The list is accessible for all purposes at This list does not include FDLR. Third, United Nations (UN) has never compiled a list of terrorist organizations. A document becomes UN policy when it is adopted by any UN organ. The Professor apparently argues that a UN panel of experts report accused FDLR of various international crimes.   However, UN panel of experts report does not represent UN official position until it is adopted by one of the UN organs. Panels of experts are mere consultants whose findings are only legitimized by adoption.


 No UN organ has legitimized such a report against FDLR. Third, FDU leader’s contested trial in Rwanda for any crime is not conviction. A government senior officer, like Professor Nshuti Manasseh, may not deprive anybody of their constitutional innocence. Shouldn’t Professor Nshuti Manasseh have been a little anxious to get these facts right prior to writing as a Presidential advisor and a professor? Isn’t the presidential advisor prying into the job of Judges?


Demeaning citizens


The presidential advisor and army spokesperson of Rwanda refer to the four former top government officials who opted out of RPF as “renegades”. Renegades are traitors and/or betrayers. Citizens pay allegiance to the country not to individuals. It is unconstitutional for the government to name-call citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms. The four former senior government officials joined RPF and/or RPA as free agents. Isn’t logical, legal and ethical that exit from RPF/RPA should be left to their free will? The four former officials’ choice to opt out of RPF/RPA and associate with other organizations should be accorded the constitutional merit it deserves.


 “Renegade” is a humiliating and incriminating term that expresses lack of tolerance and violation of people’s fundamental rights. Government, as a custodian of public values and virtue, is not allowed to debase citizens. Name-calling is a socialization tool for infants. Adults who lack intellectual equipment to identify and discuss issues often resort to name-calling. However, this childhood tool is not available for public officials acting in their official capacity.


The way forward


The standard for analysis of what public officials say over issues of public concern is objective and higher for ordinary persons who seek to assert their constitutional rights against the government. Attacking the person who asserts his rights is an improper approach for public officials even when the right is asserted in an unconventional way. Democratic values like tolerance, accountability, equity require of public officials to desist personalizing official issues. Future Rwandan leaders deserve a legacy of political civility. Going personal on national issues is a manifestation of a culture of political incivility.


Done on this 23rd day of March 2011


Charles KM KAMBANDA, Dip.Phil., BA., LLB., MA.ETPM., MBA., MA.HRTs., .LLM, PhD
St. John’s University Law School
LLM Center
New York, US




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    evelyne (jeudi, 03 novembre 2011 10:48)

    Kambanda azibuke impanvu yatangaga zero ku banyeshuri just because they are Tutsi. Otherwise this is just no sense to me.

  • #85

    Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 18:32)

    Over my dead body I will join people of views like yours. This does not mean that we can't live in the same country so long as there is rule of law. Keep your views stay with your cabal I will stay remain true to my values. No No No I will never join you.

  • #84

    @Mwenemunyeshuli (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 17:55)

    Ntabwo ndi uwavuze ko ntakinyabupfura uvuga ariko ibi wanditse hasi binteye kugira icyo nkwibariza: Ukuri ushaka kuvuga nukuhe? Aho si kwa kundi abayobozi dufite mu Rwanda batubwira? Hari umunyamakuru w'umubirigi niwe wigeze kwandika ati "Kagame akubwira ikinyoma murebana mumaso abizi ko ari kukubeshya nawe ubizi ko ari kukubeshya".

    Nkaha rwose iyo uvuze ngo turwanye amafuti nibintu byiza cyane, ariko bigahita bihinduka iyo bigaragaye ko utangiye kuba umuvuguzi cg kwibasira amajwi anenga leta.

    Iyo uvuze ngo gukorana n'abakoze amabi biri muri zamvugo zateye ziri vagues: Abakoze amabi barimo ibice 2:

    - Inkotanyi kuva 90-kugeza ubu zirangajwe imbere nuwiyita Hero
    - Interahamwe n'abaturage bitwaye nkazo batsemba abatutsi muri 94. Muri aba 2 abo ushaka kuvuga ni abahe? Nizere ko bose wabashyize mugatebo kamwe otherwise ntakuri kwawe.

    Ubu nsigaye nkurikirana umunsi kuwundi ibyo iriya leta igenda yita gahunda za leta nyamara wareba neza ugasanga hari ibyo twita hidden agenda biba biteye ubwoba.

    Naho kuvuga ngo gushyigikira ba Kayumba nabagenzi be ninde se utabashyigikira mugihe ibyo bavuga ari ukuri kwambaye ubusa? None se mubyo bavuze byose nikihe leta yabashije kunyomoza uretse guharabikana nkuko ubigenje ngo bakorana n'abagizi ba nabi? Burya ngo koko ukuri kuraryana. Ubwo se wowe ko ushyigikiye abagizi ba nabi bari kuregwa ibyaha by'indengakamere bishobora kwitwa genocide (UN-Mapping report)? Kuriya gusahura umutungo se byo ko ntacyo ubivugaho ahubwo ukibasira ababishyize ahagaragara? Uko niko kuri se wavugaga? Niko gukunda amahoro se? Utwo n'uduke niba ufite ubushake bwo kumenya cg kutaba igikoresho ibindi uzabyimenyera cg ubyibonere niba uri mu Rwanda cg ukunda kuhagenda.

    Kubera ibikorwa bibi leta ya Kagame nayimenyeho nibyo niboneye ubwanjye n'amaso yanjye, nibyo irimo ikora ubu, i am now fed up kuburyo niteguye gutanga umusaada uwo aro wose harimo no gutanga ubuzima bwanjye ariko abanyarwanda bakava kungoyi bariho. Then if you like peace and freedom as you said if you are not confused with Kagame's peace and freedom, please join my hands and together we will free our people.

  • #83

    Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 17:52)

    Ndasubiza uwansubije. N'ubundi ntaho nari navuze nabi. Ngo ushyigiye abavugana nabi Kagame; that is your choice. Ariko se ahubwo washyikiye abavuga ibitagenda muburyo bwubaka ariko bakerekana maze bo bakerekana uburyo babikora. Noneho tugira debate based on polcy not personality. Ikindi kandi informed debate ntabwo izaturuka kuri iyi website. But we are free to express our views on it and that's it.

  • #82

    Nsubije Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 17:20)

    Nuko nibyiza reka dukomeze tuganire neza kandi nshimye uburyo noneho ugerageje kumva no gusubiza neza ku nyandiko nari navuzemo ko kugira ikinyabupfura ntacyo bitwara ubikora.

    Muri make rero ntidukwiye gukomeza kujya impaka ku byahise ahubwo dushake umuti nyawo watuma abanyarwanda babaho neza nta macakubiri ndetse n'ubusumbane nkuko benshi bakomeje kubivuga no kubigaragaza mu nyandiko zabo.

    Banyabwenge basomyi nimurusheho gukaza mu gutekereza icyaduhuriza hamwe twese aho kugirango turyane. Ikindi kandi kuba tutumvikana ku ngingo runaka si byiza ko twabipfa cg se ngo dutukane nta mumaro wabyo kuko ntibyubaka.

    Jyewe nshigikiye umuntu uzatuzanira conference national ihuriyemo abanyabwenge benshi b'ingeri zose kandi batarangwa no gutukana ahibwo bagamije kugirana ikiganiro cyubaka urwatubyaye.

    Naho ibya ba Kayumba na ba Rudasingwa gewe barantangaza cyane kuko bakoreye ingoma ya Kagame babyumva kimwe kugeza ubwo inda nini za bamwe muribo zibarenze bahitamo kwigobotora. Jyewe sinshyigikiye uburyo bavuga Kagame nabi kuko niba ari amabi bamuvugaho amenshi yabaye bahari kandi icyo gihe nta numwe wakopfoye cg se ngo agaragaze ko abangamiwe n'ibyakorwaga icyo gihe.

    Ikindi gusubiramo ubuzima babayemo muri Uganda biragayitse kuko aribo ubwabo n'uwo basebya cg se abo basebya bose bitabahesha ishema ahubwo biha umugayo mu maso ya rubanda n'amahanga.

    Dukomeze dushakire hamwe umuti w'uburyo twabaho neza no kugira politike ishimwa kandi ikanogera abanyarwanda bose.

  • #81

    Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 15:55)

    Muntu unsubiza abeshya ko ari ntakinyabupfura ngira nagira ngo nkumenyeshe ko wibeshya cyane ariko ni uburenganzira bwawe bwo kunva intu uko ushaka.Kuvuga ko ukunda amahoro nibyiza najye nayakunda. Ariko ibyo ntabwo bizambuza kuvuga ukuri cyane cyane iyo ari ukugaraza tactics zabashaka gukina politcs igamije amacakubiri. Do not play the victim here you entered this debate voluntarary I suppose! Nayo kuvugako udashyikiye amabi cyangwa abayakoze; that is good. Ntuzanigere uyashyigikira kuko Abanyarwanda abantu nkabo tugomba kubaha akato. Ariko ntuzanirengaize ko hari nabandi kandi utari gukeka ko bashyigikira kandi bafatanya nabakoze amabi. Kereka niba udakurikira cyangwa ushyigikiye ibikorwa na ba Kayumba, Rudasingwa, Gahima na Karegeya. By the way Ntabwo Abatalban bazwi ku izina rya Al-Quaeda. Ndagira ngo nkumenyeshe ko iyo mitwe yombi izwi kandi ko Itandukanye. kandi ko niba ukeneye ko nabyo tubijya ho impaka I am ready to give you facts.

  • #80

    Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 15:31)

    Kabano,I would like to reaffirm my comments.Yes FDRL is on the list of Terrorists if you read the report on:
    U.S. Department of State
    Country Reports on Terrorism 2004
    U.S. Department of State
    Washington, D.C.
    April 27, 2005
    You clearly see that FDLR is on that list end of. Whether you accept it or not Kambanda is telling lies.

  • #79

    Kabano (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 04:12)

    Mwenemusenyeri, are you sure of what you are saying the Professor Kambanda is telling lies? The Prosecutor General Ngoga told the world that everything Professor Kambanda said is correct. Professor Kambanda said "FDLR is not on US list ..." He did not say "it was not ..." And, for your information, FDLR has never been on that list.

  • #78

    Ndasubiza Mwenemusenyeri (dimanche, 03 avril 2011 02:47)

    Kugira ikinyabupfura ntacyo bitwara ukigira cg ubikora ariko gushotora cg se kukomeretsa abandi munyandiko bifite icyo bitwara nyir'ukubikorerwa cg se n'abandi basomyi badakunda amatiku.

    Inyandiko ngufi nanditse mbasubiza mwembi na Gregory kwari ugukosorana aho umuntu aba yibeshye cg se adasobanukiwe si ukuvuga rero ko byatuma uhita witirira abandi amazina mabi y'abakoze ibara si byiza. Ikindi uwo ubwira ntuba umuzi namba. Nagirango nongereho kandi ko ntashyigira amabi cg se abayakoze nkuko ubikeka kuko nanjye nayapfushirijemo.
    Umutwe w'abatalban uriho uzitegereze sinanawuhakana ko ukora ibibi ahubwo impamvu waba ukeka ko utariho ni uko uzwi ku izina rizwi cyane rya Al-quaeda.

    uvandimwe rero ntacyo dupfa twese turi abasomyi kandi turi kungurana ibitekerezo gusa twifashishije inyandiko z'abandi baba basohotse. Nakugira inama ko umuntu mutumva ibintu kimwe utagombye kumva ko ari umwanzi cg se yakoze amabi nkuko ubikeka sinon ariko uteye ntaho twaba turi kujya ntanaho waba utandukaniye kimwe n'abandi bose bagiye bakora amabi. Impamvu ni uko imvugo mbi igaragaza imiterere ya nyiirayo.

    mbaye ngushimiye niba unyumvise neza kandi ku ruhande rwanjye amagambo ngusubije niba atagushimishije umbababarire mbisabiye imbabazi kuko nkunda amahoro, ngaharanira amahoro kandi nkanayashakira abandi.

  • #77

    Mwenemusenyeri (samedi, 02 avril 2011 16:57)

    Mbese muntu udusubiza uri nde? Ntabwo wavuze izina ryawe. Uretse ko atari ngombwa cyane. Reka gusa nongereho ko ibivugwa na administration ya Obama atari byo tugomba guha agaciro cyane kurusha ako duha ibivugwa na Governement yacu. Aha muzajyaho muvugeko Abatalban atari abaterrorists nibyo bakora muri Afghanistan na Pakistan;kuko batari kuri ayo malist umuvugizi w'interahamwe Kambanda yihaye kugaragaza nkaho ari ubushakashatsi bushyashya yavumbuye.

  • #76

    Gregory and Mwenemusenyeri (samedi, 02 avril 2011 14:45)

    Nagirango mbasubize mwembi ko iyi list muri kujyaho impaka yo kuba FDLR ari umutwe washyizwe kuri list y'imitwe y'iterabwoba nibyo kandi byahoze aribyo. Icyo muri kujyaho impaka kandi zidafite aho zishyingiye nuko mwiyibagiza ko buriya buyobozi bw'America buvugurura iriya liste kenshi na kenshi nyuma y'igihe runaka.

    Niyo mpamvu mutari mukwiye guhinyuza Charles Kambanda kuko we ajya kuvuga ko uriya mutwe utari kuri list yifashishije liste ivuguruye (updated) naho mwebwe muri gukaba mukoresha liste ya kera nkawe Mwenemusenyeri utanga ikigereranyo cyo muri 2004-2005 kandi cyatewe n'impamvu izwi yo kuba uriya mutwe warigeze kwivugana abanyagihugu b'America mugihe batemeberera parki y'ibirunga ku ruhande rwa Uganda.

    Abanyarwanda rero nimureke kubashyira mu gihirahiro uriya mutwe wa FDLR ntukiri kuri list yakozwe n'America igaragara uno umwaka cg se uwashize kuko itakiri mu mitwe ihangayikishije America n'abanyamerica.

    Ikindi bajya gushyiraho iriya FDLR si ukubera gukunda abanyarwanda cg se kwerekana ko bari bashyigikiye ko uriya mutwe wiciye bamwe muri twe cg se ukomeje kubica ahubwo ni ukubera inyungu z'abanyagihugu babo.

  • #75

    Rwandan tears. (samedi, 02 avril 2011)

    Tu es quoi ! Professeur ? Vraiment c'est grave ! Tu es fou puisque tu nous racontes des betises à cause de votre " soumission chez les assassins de haut niveau." tous les Rwandais sont au courant de ce qui se deroulé actuellement au Rwanda sur plan militaire, politique, et economique. On connait tous sauf rien. "Rira bien, c'est toi qui rira à la dernière fois."

  • #74

    Mwenemusenyeri (vendredi, 01 avril 2011 13:49)

    Charles Kambanda ni umunyakinyoma. Phd Ye njye nemeza ko irushwa agaciro n'urupapuro yanditseho. FDLR iri ku iliste yabakora iterabwoba mushobora kubona iliste yose kuri:
    U.S. Department of State
    Country Reports on Terrorism 2004
    U.S. Department of State
    Washington, D.C.
    April 27, 2005

    Kambanda rero wahindutse umuvugizi w' interahamwe. Nareke amafuti ye yo kubeshya abanyarwanda. Icyakora ikinyoma ke gishigikiwe nyine n'interahamwe ubwazo n' abashaka gukorana nazo nk'aba bapadiri bananiwe kwigisha ijambo ry'Imana muryo buwbaka bagahitamo inzira yo kugarura amacakubiri ndetse nabandi buzuye ubugome mumitima yabo nka ba Kayumba bashyira imbere inda nini kuko bakorera ibihugu byamahanga nka South Africa na Uganda.

  • #73

    Gregory (vendredi, 01 avril 2011 07:38)

    Responsible journalist,
    Thank you for the update. iyo proof ndi mu bari bayigusabye. Nanjye nari nabonye indi itari iyi iriho ALIR ariko bikagaragara ko yaje kuva ku rutonde kimwe nuko za Nothern Sudan zaruvuyeho mu minsi ishize ndetse bikanatangazwa n'ubuyoboisi bwa USA. Igisigaye rero ni ukumenya niba FDLR nayo hari aho yanditse as a terrorist group cyangwa se tukamenya icyo the USA itekereza kuri merging ya ALIR na FDLR uyu munsi, surtout que ku rutonde rwa nyuma (see my previous comment) nta ALIR cyangwa FDLR bigaragaraho.Burya ibintu iyo bifite aho byanditse biba biroroha mu kumvikana kuko umuntu ashobora gusesengura inyandiko kuruta amagambo. Keep it up!

  • #72

    Ubuhanuzi (jeudi, 31 mars 2011 21:39)

  • #71

    Hehe (jeudi, 31 mars 2011 18:48)

    Kwishongora nibyo bisigaye biranga inkotanyi, kuvuga ko abanyarwanda bicanye kuva kera se ni ukwigamba ubwicanyi cyangwa ni ukwerekana ko amahano yagwiriye u Rwanda kuva kera, kandi ni ukuri kwambaye ubusa.
    Ndabona wigamba intambara ariko umenye ko na Mobarake wa misiri yavuyeho ntayo ibaye!

  • #70

    Nkunda R'da (jeudi, 31 mars 2011 16:01)


    N'ukuri ibyo uvuga n'ukuri naho abo batera ubwoba ngo ejo, cyangwa ejo bundi ngo bizakugendekera gutya, bihorere ibyo bavuga ntibabizi pe!naho ibyo bavuga ng'abanyarwanda bicanye abafaransa bataraza, umuntu muzima yigamba ubwicanyi?ariko reka mbabwire aho kugirango abantu birirwe kumbuga za internet birwaza imitwe ni mutahe mu Rwanda barabashuka vrmnt!ufite icyaha agihanirwe umwere ajye mu kazi mwarasigaye cyane n'ukuri!

    Naho abavuga kurwana naba nabo nibayishoze tuzayirwana abo n'abantu babagabo cyanee...!!N'ukuntu tubikumbuye weee....!

    Ur'uRwanda uzashaka k'urubanamo n'abandi ni karibu sana, utazabishaka uwo we niwe uzajya aruvamo tu!

  • #69

    Cyomoro (jeudi, 31 mars 2011 13:07)

    YOU responsible Journalism

    Ushobora kuba uri na NGOGA ibyo ubaza bibaze kagame
    ninde nubutabera bwo murwanda ninde uzabakorera
    ubutabera Rwarakabije nabagenzibe kuki mutabashira
    mubutabera ahubwo Ingabire wakoranye nabo muka
    mushyiramo cyereka nimba rwarakabije yarababwiyeko
    Ingabire ariwe wamushukaga kwica abanyamerika
    no gufata abagore kungufu KAGAME NIWE NAKUNDAGA \

  • #68

    Nice analysis (mercredi, 30 mars 2011 18:55)

  • #67

    Responsible Journalism (mercredi, 30 mars 2011 18:18)

    Here you go, everybody.

    ALIR is stated under "Army for the Liberation of Rwanda".

    I did not say that the author is not aware of the existence or the danger of FDLR.Just that with his comment, people could think otherwise.
    Actually, I don't understand this obsession with US or UN lists anyway.We as Rwandandas have the right to know organizations who are threatening the peace and life of Rwandans.Did any American citizen consult France or the UK to determine whether Al-Qaida is a terrorist group?
    We know the agenda of these people, it's not even a secret.Tell me, what is the matter?Why do we need permission to name those who threaten us?
    I agree that the government needs to deal with these allegations.True.As far as I can see it they even reacted on this article (see New Times, todays edition). Do me just one favour and let us be our own judges.Who will act on our behalf?
    Everyday people will publish something,say something...and of course, if we don't know better we believe everything.
    My recommendation to people like the Professor is to inform in a way that people will have the same background about the info given.Because he might know even the answers to the questions he is asking.
    So,no offense but let us maintain a minimum of responsibility and professionalism here.

  • #66

    @Narumiwe (mercredi, 30 mars 2011)

    Niko @Narumiwe we!!
    Ibyo wanditse ujye ujya kubyandika kuri za mbuga z'abamotsi ba Kagame mu Rwanda aho bahitisha inkuru ziheza abantu mwicuraburindi.

    Iyo wikoma abantu ngo bashaka kuba ibikoresho by'abazungu, Kagame uzi icyo ari cyo? Clinton and Brair proxy cg marionnette. Kuriya kwishongora kwe umenye ko yaguterwaga nikibaba bakomeje kumukingira. Ibyo uzana abafaransa ngo barabashutse mwica bene wanyu, uwashutswe ari iyo ari aho yemeye gusacrifia abaturage be abandi akabiyicira.

    Niba utijijisha reka nkurangire aho uzakura amakuru y'invaho ureke kudidimamanga. Uzasome iyi article" Bill Clinton derrière le complot pré-conçu dans le génocide au Rwanda"

    Abanyarwanda bapfuye uzabanze ubabaze bwa mbere Kagame hanyuma nabatumye yiyunva nkigihangange. Ndagirango nkubwire ko ibyo urimo wiratamo utanazi, umunsi bazamukura mukibaba bamuhishemo kandi byaratangiye, ivuzivuzi rizashira. Ntawe barusha kurwana kandi bo nininjiji gusa zizi kwica byonyine. Tegereza gato bamukureho amaboko uzarebe we namwe bambari be nubuhemu mwahemukiyemo abanyarwanda aho muzarigitira. Ubwo muzatangira ngo Clinton yarabashutse. Reka dutegereze

  • #65

    Rwagasabo (mercredi, 30 mars 2011 14:40)

    #64Wowe NARUMIWE ndagira ngo nkubwire ko 94 hari abamaganye ibyabaga icyo gihe, uzakurikirane neza. Icyo duhuriyeho rero nikimwe ni uko Kagame na FDLR bari kurwego rumwe, bararerwa ubwicanyi, icyo dushaka ni uko ubucamanza bukora akazi kabwo.
    Ibyo byo kwitwaza ngo abafaransa barabashutse mwica bene wanyu, ni ukwibeshya cyane kandi ukurikiye neza amateka y'u rwanda, abanyarwanda bicanye kuva cyera sinzi niba ari abafaransa babibatozaga, nanubu bakicana kandi.

  • #64

    Narumiwe! (mercredi, 30 mars 2011 11:21)

    Ariko mbabazwa nuko abenshi bavuga muri 94 ntawavugaga, mwarangiza ngo muraharanira amahoro!

    Cyakora bene kanyarwanda mwaretse tukubaka igihugu cyacu mukava mu matiku kweli, benshi nakomeje gusoma bavuga ngo amashyaka yandikire "Obama" muzaba ibikoresho by'abazungu kugeza ryari?ejo bundi abafaransa baradushutse twica bene wacu,kumanywa y'ihangu nkaho turi inyamanswa amahanga yarumiwe ubugome abanyarwanda bakoresheje butaraboneka kw'isi yose!!none ubu abantu twishimye ngo FDLR ntiri ku rutonde rw'Amerika rw'imitwe y'iterabwoba.....kweli???

    Ese muri mwe ninde utanzi FDLR nibyo yakoze cyangwa igikora n'ubu?ese ningombwa ko Amerika ibanza kubashira ku rutonde? cyangwa niya ngeso yo kumva ko abera babyemeje?niba kugirango icyaha cya FDLR cyemerwe bibanza kwemezwa n'Amerika cg Kambanda, sinzi vrmnt?ibi n'ikibazo gikomeye vrmnt!!Niba dushaka kw'ubaka u Rwanda rwejo hazaza, ntamuntu muzima wakishimiye ko FDLR ya kwitwa ishyaka risanzwe, si non ibi biratuma abakorewe ibyaha na FDLR bakomeza ubutagondwa!

    Ibjyanye naba Rwarakabije,rwose bahoze ar'abarwanyi ba FDLR, ariko sinabo gusa kubera politike ya FPR kuva na kera muri 1990, umuntu wese washiraga imbunda hasi akayisanga yaba nde, yarakirwaga kandi akajya mu ngabo za APR,mu gihe abo FAR yafataga yabicaga urwagashinyaguro!nyuma nabwo yakomeje gusaba ingabo kutivanga mubwicanyi, ahubwo ibasange bahagarike Genocide yakorwaga icyo gihe usibye ko enshi kubera ibinyoma bakababwira ko ar'amayeri Inkotanyi zishaka kubica!

    Byarakomeje na nyuma FPR ifashe ubutegetsi,yakoranye na benshi mu bari baragize uruhare muri Genocide wenda kuko yo yagombaga gutegereza inkiko, zikazakora akazi kazo, yewe ndetse n'ubu ku misozi hirya no hino hari benshi barekuwe atar'uko ar'abere ahubwo kubera Imbabazi no gushaka kubaka U rwanda rwejo hazaza rubereye umunyarwanda wese!

    Yes,none se hari uwigeze azana ikirego kur'abo muvuga bose, ngo gisubizwe inyuma?

    Naho bene mama mureke mbabwire ukurikije realite yari mu Rwanda 1994, nuko wenda benshi muri mwe mwari mwahunze cg n'ubu mukiri hanze, ndakakuroga gushaka umuti w'ibibazo by'uRwanda rw'icyo gihe, bake muri twe bakarugejeje aho rugeze aha, nyibura dushobora no kuba tukiri kw'ikarita y'isi!niba mbeshya muzabaze, abagiye kugisha inama Mandela, Nyerere....etc umuti babahaye!!!

    Rero reka nanzure mbisabira leta ya Kagame yakoze ibitangaza mu by'ukuri, ariko yahuye na communautes iri tres fragile, yuzuyemo ibibazo byinshi cyanee!rero dukwiye kuyishima kubyo yagerageje kugeraho n'imbogamizi zose yahuye nazo!

  • #63

    @wise (mardi, 29 mars 2011 20:47)

    Sha ''wise''we urarutanze!!!wagiye uvuga udatukana koko nshuti y'Imana!!None se ko ntacyo uvuze ku nyandiko ya KAMBANDA ahubwo ukamutuka gusa nkatwe dusomye ibyo wanditse utwunguye iki!!None se igitekerezo twakura mubyo wanditse ni ikihe usibye gusa kubona ya magambo tumaze kumenyera kumvana abatuyobora!!None se niba wumva wavugira uguhemba gusa ubwo hari conscience waba ufite!!Noneho yagutuma kwica kuko aguhemba ukiruka!!!Njye ndabona uyu wiyise ''wise''ashobora kuba ari Jules RUTAREMARA cg Tite RUTAREMARA cg KAGAME

  • #62

    Gisa (mardi, 29 mars 2011 20:44)

    This guy ... Kagame should get worried of him. Americans seem to trust him read for yoursleves:

  • #61

    Gisa (mardi, 29 mars 2011 20:41)

    Jesus Christ! The guy is elsewhere.

  • #60

    Rwamaha (mardi, 29 mars 2011 20:39)

    I think Prof. Kambanda is right. I do not know him. I do not need to know him. It is his argument that matters. I think it is an objective analysis. I do not agree with him on all issues. Why would people bring in his history? Who cares where and what he taught? Who cares how old he is? Please, try to grow up

  • #59

    @Wise (mardi, 29 mars 2011 19:22)

    @Wise!!Hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!Uri umwe na shobuja. Aba bagusubije sinzi uko bo babashije kunva ibyo wanditse njye birananiye kubyunva. Prof. Kambanda made a scientific analysis. If you do not agree with him you should have criticised him using the same way not kudidimanga.

    Niba bikubabaza ibivugwa kuri leta kuko ndabona utunva inshingano za leta iyo urimo uzana incyuro ngo ararinda avugira FDLR na RNC kandi batamuhemba ngo Jile na Manassey bari gusebanya kuberako leta ibahemba, birababaje cyane. Dore nimwe batuma kujya kwica abantu ngo kuberako babibahembera mukajya gukora amahano. Byunvikana ko nawe urimo utukana unasebanya kuberako ubihemberwa. Mfite ubwoba ko ubeshyeye Prof Kambanda ko yakwigishije kuri NUR, urasa n'umuntu udafite level ya Kaminuza kuko language yawe ntabwo ibikwemerera. Mbega ujye ureba ibiva mukanwa ka Kagame kubera kubura ubumenyi bwo mwishuli: bamukubita ingingo, yabona imurenze agakambya agahanga, agatukana ibi bya gishumba. What difference are u making? Do you think Rwanda with people like you who claim being graduates with a behavior like yours will move forward? I don't think so!!!

  • #58

    Ceque Jecrois (mardi, 29 mars 2011 18:48)

    Am really worries because most of us are only intervening just to support the side they think is theirs...
    You might think that our government is still "ours", but it's lack of critical thinking when we can't make an impartial judgment of what obvious facts stipulate.
    Saying that FDLR is not a registered terrorist doesn't mean anyway that the author support FDLR.
    Claiming the govt to speak out clearly against accusations is not being against the govt,...
    It's good somehow that many of us have got false names on this website, that for same it'd be a shame if one day it'd be released out that a such idea was posted by this guy.
    Yet, some of the current news about our country make us suspect the govt and its president for hiding something we don't know yet... Till when?
    But why can't they clean themselves? Ntibigombera amashuri, ntibyasuzuguza uwabitangira iki gihe n'ubwo byamusaba gusaranganya kurusha uko bisanzwe, ariko byibura agatima kari mu gitereko katajahagurika.
    But why? Why not?

  • #57

    Gregory (mardi, 29 mars 2011 18:43)

    Dear Responsible journalist,

    This is the latest list of world known terrorist groups by the US department, (updated March 24, 2011:
    I can't see either FDLR or ALIR. Can you help share the list where any of these is mentioned?

  • #56

    Irya Mukuru riratinda ariko ... (mardi, 29 mars 2011 18:35)

    Mu by'ukuri nahoraga nibaza uburyo habuze umuntu wize wavuga kuri politiki iri kubera mu gihugu cyacu. Nari narababajwe na Prof. Alexander Kimenyi witahiye kuko we yahanganye n Ikinani na Politiki yacyo mbi, ariko nawe aza gusanga yaribeshye ku Kinani kindi Paul Kagame. Mpamya ko yitahiye yarumiwe, abaye disappointed.

    None rero haje undi mushya muzima ariwe Prof. Kambanda, ndamwibuka i Ruhande muri NUR atwigisha yahoraga avuga ko atazakomeza kwigisha amategeko mu gihugu kiyobowe n abayica bigiza nkana!!!

    Rwose Professor ntucike intege, ejo bazakwita umujura, umusambanyi, mayibobo n ibindi byinshi kuko nibwo bwenge bwabo (babuze ibisubizo ku makosa akomeye bakoreye umuryango nyarwanda wose cyane cyane abatanze amaraso baharanira Igihugu cyiza gituwe na bose kandi batuje bisanga mu rwababyeye).
    Igihugu gisigayemo abasaza nka ba Mugesera Antoine, Karangwa Chrisologue... birirwa bahakwa basingiza Paul ngo babone ko umugati utavaho, ariko bose turabazi ni ibisambo kandi umunsi wa 40 uregereje.

    Komera ku Muheto Kambanda, kandi ushyire inyandiko zawe mu binyamakuru bizwi aho uri za New York na Washington bigereyo, UZIRINDE ABAZAZA KUGUHA CONGRATULATIONS KUKO BAZABA BAZANYE UBUROZI, EJO BAVUGE KO WISHWE N UMWIJIMA CG STROKE... URARYE URI MENGE...

    Ndagukunda kuva nkumenya i Butare, Uri INKOTANYI YA RWABUGIRI, YA RWIGEMA GISA, VA KURI PAUL.

  • #55

    Kuri "wise" (mardi, 29 mars 2011 18:27)

    Ariko mwabaye mute? Reba hepfo uwise "wise". Ibyo Kambanda yanditse nibyo mwerekana. Ngo muratukana warangize ukaza utukana bya agahebuzu-ndumiye! Murabura iby'ingezi mu mutwe wanyu ndavuga mwe abavugira FPR. You lack important thing as regards maturity and reasoning.It's to absurd. The ones supposed to possess the potential to leaders are the very ones in great need of enlightenment like this called" wise from RPF.

  • #54

    umusaza (mardi, 29 mars 2011 18:23)

    @ Wise,
    Muvandimwe rwose ndabona hari mibyo utasobanukiwe neza mu nyandiko ya Kambanda. Ntasebya leta we arerekana uburyo bwiza bwo guhangana na critics. Umuntu ashobora kubeshyera Leta yacu ko ikoresha nabi umutungo. Ibyo nawe wabikora, n'undi wese yabikora. Icyo Leta iba isabwa ni uguha abanyagihugu amakuru arwanya ibihuha. Ibyo byanyura nko mu gusobanura aho izi ndege zabaye ikiganiro zituruka, nyirazo n'aho yavanye amafaranga yo kuzigura. Ibi nta gisebo kirimo n'ubundi umuvunyi asaba abayobozi kwerekana ibyo batunze. Ziramutse atari iz'u rwanda cyangwa umunyarwanda nabyo, Leta yabivuga amagambo agashira ivuga. uru ni urugero ruto mfashe mubyo "RNC" yanditse ndetse na kambanda akabigarukaho.

    Uhereye aha rero, sinzi niba wowe washyigikira ko igisubizo cya Leta kiba kuvuga uko umuntu yabayeho, icyo yaryaga cyangwa uko yambaraga. Hari aho Kambanda yavuze ko abavuga nabi leta bavuga nk'abantu ku giti cyabo nyamara ubasubije wese akagaragara nk'umuvugizi wa Leta (kandi nibyo), urumva ko btawe utatangazwa no kubona Leta ihanganye n'umuntu ku giti cye noneho aho kumutsinda politically ikajya mu buzima bwite.

    Ikindi, sinzi ko rwose Kambanda yaba ari "stupid fellow". Yarakwigishije koko, ndetse nanjye yaranyigishije rwose kandi njye n'abo twiganaga yatubereye umwarimu mwiza. Hari ingorane personal yatumye wowe akubera mubi. Nizeye ko atari byabindi by'umusazi ugenda mu nzira akabona abantu bose ari abasazi uretse we.

    Ni byiza ko Manasseh na Jil bavugira Leta kandi nanjye nshyigikiye ko Leta yacu igira abavugizi au vrai sens du terme. Umuvugizi nyawe rero byaba byiza asobanuriya abantu ukuri. None se ubu niba ushobora gukora analysis, abaturage baratekereza iki ku byo RNC yanditse? Kambanda yavuze ko nta gisubizo kiratangwa ku kibazo na kimwe cyanditse muri Rwanda briefing. None se hari icyatanzwe? tubwire aho twakibona twese tujye kugishaka. mu gihe kitaraboneka hazahoraho za rumours.

    Birumvikana ko ushyigikiye Leta, nanjye nkunda Leta yacu ndetse nshima ibyiza yagejeje ku banyarwanda. niba amakosa abantu bamwe bayirega atariyo, nisobanurire abanyagihugu.

    Naho ubundi, if Kambanda ended in madness, where would you end? if that's what u call stupidity, you gotta update your dictionary.

    @rwema, muri comment yawe ya Sunday wabivuze neza, iki gitekerezo cya kambanda kiri muri bike bisususrukije urubuga.

  • #53

    Wise (mardi, 29 mars 2011 17:11)

    Kambanda is astupid fellow who used to waste our time in class at NUR!

    Abantu bitaye kuri CV ye n'umwirondoro we bakagirango n'umuntu muzima, i even regeret sitting infront of him, mu kinyarwanda tubita inkirabuheri cg abatindi! N'umuntu uhora avuga ubusa, ubwo se nka buriya avuze iki? iby'avuze keretse umuntu udasoma cg warebye gusa CV ye agatinya, but nka Prof. Nshuti, cg Lt Col Jili, arabanenga kuvugira leta bakorera yarangiza akavugira ba Kayumba na Karegeya batanamuhemba!!!!cyangwa yerure avuge niba ari kumwe nabo tubimenye, cyangwa niba ar'umuvugizi wa opposition atubwire igihe yatorewe! you got a degree in stupidity but am worried you are now even a Dr. in the same field, where will u end really??in madness am sure!

  • #52

    Omushaija (mardi, 29 mars 2011 16:40)


    Nasomaga isesengura ryawe kubijyanye n'inyandiko ya Kambanda.

    1. Ndabona utahakanye ko FDLR itari ku rutonde rw'imitwe y'iterabwoba. Urwo rutonde rukaba rukorwa na State Dept. muri USA. Niba warakurikiranye amakuru ya BBC Gahuza wumvise uko Kambanda yisobanuye. Hari aho agira ati Leta Zunze Ubumwe z'Amerika zifata kimwe abantu bose bagiye kurwanira muri Kongo: bose bokoze ibyaha bihanwa n'amategeko mpuzamahanga. Ntabwo ari umwihariko wa FDLR gusa: ingabo z'u Rwanda, ingabo za Uganda, ingabo za Kabila,... bose birabareba.

    Reka nsubire inyuma kuri FDLR. Birantangaza cyane iyo hari abantu batumwe na Leta ya Kagame baza batunga agatoki FDLR. Mwirebere na mwe: abayobozi b'uwo mutwe bibereye i Kigali bakikije Kagame. Kugira ngo mubyumve neza ni nk'uko Osama bin Laden yavuga ngo ararambiwe maze akabwira abasirikari b'abanyamerika ko avuye mu bwihisho. Ubwo noneho minisiteri y'ingabo muri Amerika ikamubwira iti ngwina hano muri Pentagon udufashe guhashya abasigaye iyo mu bwihisho. Nkoresheje urugero rwa al qaeda kugira ngo byumvikane neza. FDLR yo ntaho ihuriye n'ibikorwa by'iterabwoba, biriya bikorwa na al qaeda.

    2. Kambanda yavuze ko ibikorwa n'impuguke za Loni byemerwa kumugaragaro iyo hari ishami rya Loni rifashe iyo myanzuro rikayitangaza. Kuvuga ngo ibyakozwe n'impuguke ni ukuri cg se si ukuri ntaho bihuriye n'ibyanditswe mu nyandiko ya Kambanda. Wishaka kujijisha abantu. Ibyo izo mpuguke zanditse ni inyandiko iri ahongaho gusa, full stop.

    3. Urongera ukagaruka ku bugizi bwa nabi bwakozwe na FDLR. Kuki utabaza Kagame impamvu adacira urubanza gen Rwarakabije na bagenzi be, kuko ari bo bari bayoboye FDLR mu gihe yakoraga ayo mahano? Ahubwo agata muri yombi ba Mushayidi, Ntaganda, Ingabire,... kandi ari bo bashaka ko abanyarwanda babana mu mahoro.

    4. Naho ku gisirikari cy'u Rwanda uragira uti abakiyoboye bashyirwaho hakurikije ubushobozi bwabo, ko hadakurikizwa amoko cg akarere. Urarikoze. Bariya batutsi baturutse Uganda nibo bafite ubushobozi bwo kuyobora igisirikari cy'u Rda? Kandi numva ngo bamwe muri bo ntabwo bazi kwandika! None "merit" uvuga ni iki? Ni ukumenya kwica? Gusanga umuntu iwe nijoro ukamuniga (nk'uriya mukecuru uhetse kunigirwa i Nyagatare) ni byo wita "merit"?

    Kwitwaza ko twese turi abanyarwanda, maze Kagame agafata agatsiko ke akagashyira hejuru mu mirimo yose y'igihugu no mu gusahura igihugu ntabwo bishobora kwihanganirwa.

    Naho abasura uru rubuga nakwizeza ko benshi muri bo bafite IQ iri hejuru. Ntibyoroshye kubabeshya cg se kubajijisha!

  • #51

    Jay (mardi, 29 mars 2011 15:06)

    uyu mugabo ntimumwibeshyeho rwose, uyu yatangiye buke buke ejobundi aha yigisha EPLM muri NUR, promotion ya mbere ya 1997, akanigisha mu yandi mashami. Yize iby'amategeko, philosophy n'ibindi ndetse ndumva PhD ye yarayivanye Makerere University niba ntibeshye. Cyakora ni umuhanga mubya Philosophy n'amategeko pe. Ubu rero ntakiba mu rwanda. Nibuka ko yigeze kumara igihe asaba NUT administration ko yazamurwa mu ntera hakurikijwe amashuri afite, ariko ibyo b yabanje kumugora, nyuma sinzi ko byaje gukunda agihari. Akunda gutanga ibitekerezo kenshi kuri politiki y'u Rwanda mu nyandiko no ku maradio yo hanze. Ntabwo ari muzehe Kambanda rero kuko uyu we aracyakomeye ni umugabo w'imyaka itageze no kuri 50 cyangwa itaharenze niba ntibeshye

  • #50

    Responsible journalism (mardi, 29 mars 2011 13:48)

    Dear legal scholar,
    with all respect for your title and the wisdom you may have. You should try to avoid confusing people with your appearently academic findings.Nowadays people write everything they want without having any sense of responsibility.Can you imagine what it means to tell half-truth to somebody who has no access to accurate news?

    When you say that FDLR is not registered as a terrorist group by the US, why don't you also mention that FDLR merged with ALIR (Army for the Liberation of Rwanda) which was composed of Interahamwe;which by the way is registered!!!Does the change of names undo the evil?
    When you say that the UN Group of Experts does not represent the United Nations,do you mean that their findings about FDLR are untrue?Because this is what people will think. With this kind of statements you risk to minimize the danger and the crimes commited by FDLR.
    And the point with the composition of the military!Don't you see that the reaction of the people is to send a list of the military with the aim to divide it along ethnic lines?You forget that Rwanda has a historical context.And with your statement you suggest that we should divide society?What's about merit?What's about the fact that we are first and foremost Rwandans?

    As an individual you may write whatever you want.But as an academic scholar you have the duty to inform profoundly and the responsibility to take into consideration that people may believe everything you are saying although you're just sharing your opinion (which may not be empirical nor credible and can be contested).

    And to the readers I can only say: Be smart enough to question everything, but also do not take everything as truth which is being published.Or even ask the writer to provide background information so that you can follow.

    Let us become responsible in the way we talk about OUR country.

  • #49

    Nahayo (mardi, 29 mars 2011 10:53)

    Imana ihimbazwe yaduhaye uyu Kambanda ho umuvandimwe. Kandi buriya wasanga yarize amategeko. Ku Isi hose imbinduka zagiye ziyoborwa n’abize amategeko. Ba Gandi, Luther King, Mandela na Obama bose bize amategeko. Ubwo rero abize amategeko bagiye guhaguruka aka Kagame kagiye gushoboka. Kandi burya na padiri wacu umwe niyo yize. Uwize amategeko iyo yahagurutse ntawe umujya imbere. Aba yabonye ikitagenda kandi agomba kugishyira ku murongo. Nicyo baremewe.

    Hari abakomeje kwibaza ngo imyigaragambyo izagenda gute? Izayoborwa nande? Izagenda neza nitegurwa neza. Kandi n’uzayiyobora azaboneka. Igikwiye gusa ni ugutangira kwitegura neza. Ndabibabwira kuko nari mu myigaragamyo ya nyuma yabereye i Ruhande muri 92. Iyi myigaragamyo yarangiye abanyeshuri dutsinzwe kuko yayobowe nabi. Nibutse ko iyi myigaragambyo yari yatewe n’iraswa ry’umunyeshuri witwaga Rwanyonga ING I akaba yari na Tresorier muri Comite ya AGEUNR.

    Nari kuri position yo ku Mukoni aho imihanda ijya i Bujumbura, Tumba na Cyarwa ihurira. Nka saa tatu za mugitondo abagendarume ba Rwarakabije bajye kutwirukana kuri iyo position. Tubonye abagendarume baje baturuka Bujumbura route, uwari uyoboye imyigaragambyo yatanze amabwiriza atatu. Iryambere ryabaye: RENFORT. Abanyeshuri bose badusanga kuri iyo position. Ubwo twarebanaga n’abo bagendarume imbona nkubone. Ibwiriza rya kabiri ryabaye: COUCHEZ. Abanyeshuri twese tuba twakubise inda kubutaka. Hanyuma batunyanyagizamo bya byotsi biryana mu maso. Ibwiriza rya gatatu riba: CAMPUS. Abazi kwiruka barahadutanga. Abandi bafatwa bunyago n’abo bagendarume. Aha habuze udukoresho.

    Mu myigaragambyo rero tuzakora yo kwikiza umubi Kagame hazakenerwa ibikoresho. Buri wese azakenera ya pantalo bita poche bombe yajyamo intoshyo z’amasarabwayi hagati ya 10 na 20 kg bitewe n’ingufu za buri wese. Izi ntoshyo zizakoreshwa gusa ku mupolisi utazi ko abereyeho abaturage uzaba yitwaje bya byotsi biryana mu maso. Nta kumuha akanya ngo abiduturikirizeho. Apfa kuba abifite gusa. Naho Umupolisi mwiza udafite ibyo byotsi tuzamwemerera aze kumwe natwe. Ndagirango mbamenyesheko aya mabuye ari intwaro yemewe kubigaragambya mu ituze cyane iyo babonye umupolisi/Umusirikari ujye kubarasaho bya byotsi cyangwa amasasu nyayo. Mbese kugirango bataturushya buri wese uziranye n’umupolisi azabanze amwigishe. Nabo harimo abababaye hafi ya bose. Ikindi gikoresho gikomeye ni ifirimbi. Abantu igihumbi bavugirije ifirimbi rimwe bicangaranya abaje kubagirira nabi bagakizwa n’amaguru.

    Iyo myigaragambyo yacu rero twayitsinzwe ubwo abari baduhagarariye bihaye kujya kubonana na Habyara-Gisunzu. Inama kwari kwanga kubonana nawe kugeza aduahaye ibyo twasabaga byose. Maze abatera siyasa arabemeza. Bahita baduterefona ngo tujye mu masomo ngo byose umubyeyi mukuru arabizi kandi ngo arabikemura. Yarinze guhanurwa ntacyo abikozeho. Kugirango rero iyi myigaragambyo itazadupfira ubusa. Nta kuvugana na Kagame bigomba kubaho. Keretse nk’ubu abonekewe akibwiriza akerekura imfungwa za politiki zose kandi agahita atangiza ibiganiro mpaka nabo. Naho ubundi Kagame agomba kubanza yavaho. Igihugu kikajya mu maboko y’umwana w’umunyarwanda ushobora gutanga ihumure kandi agahuriza hamwe abanyarwanda bose. Buri wese akishyira akizana n’abari hanze bakajya baraza igihe bashakiye, ukuri kugasimbura ikinyoma cya Kagame, ineza nayo igasimbura inabi ya Kagame.

    Yewe cyari igitekerezo buriya akanama kazayobora iyi myigaragambyo kazabinogereza neza. Gusa barimo kudutindira. Njye poche bombe n’agafirimbi ndabifite. Intoshyo z’amasarabwayi nzi aho ziri kuri Nyabugogo nzazihitiraho. Ubundi twibohoze nyabyo. Tureke kwibohora nka Kayumba n’abagenzi be. Gusa ntawabarenganya bahuye n’umutekamutwe Kagame. Ibyababayeho ntibizatubeho.

  • #48

    KUBANYAMASHYAKA MWESE (mardi, 29 mars 2011 02:42)

    Nkurikije ijambo Pr Obama amaze kuvuga kuri CNN na BBC asobanura ibya LIBYA. Nshingiye ku ijambo yagize ati: Ntituzarindira ibimenyetso ngo abantu bapfuye cga akaga kaguye aha naha, Tuzakora ibyo tugomba gukora ngo dukome munkokora abashaka kuzarimbura abantu no kubabuza uburenganzira bwabo.

    Banyamashyaka MWESE: RNC, FDU, RDI N'AYANDI:

    - Mwakwishyize hamwe mukandika ibaruwa isobanura uko ibintu biteye mu Rda rwa none, ko Ibihari bishyira neza ibyo Obama yivugiye ko niba adatangiriye hafi bizarenga ibyo asaba.

    Koko abayobozi b'amashyaka YOOOOSE mwakoze inyandiko Mvugo mukayimushyikiriza mukamusaba CHANGE yasezeranye ya Rubanda! Noneho niyanga mumenyeko atavugisha ukuli.

    Guhora musakuzahano, umwe kugiti ke ntacyo bizabagezaho muzasama ibyasandaye.

    Ibi mbihereye kubyo maze iminsi mbona hano bivuga ubuyobozi bubi bwa Polo. Kuvuga ngo GADDAFI vaho ntibyamuvanaho niyompamvu hafashwe indi ntera(intambwe) yo kumutera.

    Njyewe sinifuza Gutera u Rda(nubwo ahari ntawarushobora niko numva) ariko HASABWE IBIGANIRO MPUZABANYARDA, IBARUWA IGAHABWA OBAM'S Administration,UN, UA, EU ko igasinywa nabose mbabwire hari icyakorwa.

    Mubyigeho nyamara

    Pr Obama arangije agira ati: Change izaza muburyo butandukanye: Ati murebe Tunisia, MISIRI bitandukanye na Change ya LIBYA.

    Kuki CHANGE yo murwanda itazanwa n'Ibiganiro. Nyamara Polo azashyira abymere nimwishyira hamwe.


  • #47

    gisubizo (mardi, 29 mars 2011 01:26)

    @YES IT IS :none se mubyo Kambanda yanditse icyo uhakana cg wemeza ni ikihe?Nta kintu na kimwe rwose utubwiye j-kandi wari utangiye neza.Kuba atari kambanda MUZEHE wigishaga muri ducation kandi twese yigishishije dukunda byo turabibona kuko imyaka afite ntago imwemerera ubu uko nkeka kuba yigisha!!Naho ibyo ukurikijeho byo nta kintu utweretse!!None se ntago ujya ubona ko abatuyobora batukana88None se ntiwumva ko hari indege zaguzwe kandi ibisobanuro officiel ngo zaguzwe na Professor Manase!!None se ntubona ko icyo kibazo atajya na rimwe agisobanura kandi mu gihe ari umuyobozi aba agomba kwerekana aho yakuye umutungo!!5nicyo UMUVUNYI yakagombye gukora).None rero muvandimwe vuguruza ibyanditswe na KAMBANDA aho kuvuga ko muri université yavugaga ibi!!Ni uburenganzira erega ahabwa na constitution nkuko nawe wakagombye kubugira ikibazo ni uko wowe ubukoresha mu buryo bunyuranye.Imana ikurinde.

  • #46

    No matter what (mardi, 29 mars 2011 00:25)

    @ Yes it is,
    Wibeshye rero, uyu Charles Kambanda wamwitiranije na Deo Kambanada. Bose baranyigishije NUR. Uyu wanditse iyi nyandiko, yavuye Uganda, ari mukigero cyimyaka 45-48, naho Deo Kambanda uriya wa kera numusaza uri muri za 70 ans.Aho mperukiye i Ruhande nasize bombi bahigisha, ariko ntekerezako Deo we ubu yaba ari muzabukuru, pansiyo. Aba bagabo bombi ndabazi cyane, umwe yanyigishije Philosophie undi Pedagogy. Gusa uriya Charles yakunda Deo cyane na nyakwigendera Prof Bugingo Emmanuel, yavugagako aribo barimu yemera muri NUR.Ngarutse kuruyu wanditse iyi nyandiko, ariwe Charles, nibuka umunsi umwe atubwirako muri aya magambo: <<I like RPF, but it killed my father>ababizi >ababizi neza bavugagako ise umubyara yari umusirikare murwego rwo hejuru wa RPF itera 1990, ngo ariko aza aza kwichwa nabagenzi be. Nyuma gato yamatora ya perezida 2003, uyu Prof Kambanda Charles, yaratubajije mwishuri ati: kuki bavugako Mayor,Executif wumurenge bagomba kuba aba A0, cg licencier, kuki aba depute cg perezida wa Rep. bo batagomba kuba barize kiriya kcya kaminuza? ndibukako yatanze urugero rwaba depute batarangije na High school.
    Amateka ye rero.Charles Kambanda yavukiye Ugand yiga mu ba furere, ndetse aza kuba umufurere mu bu Ganda, ariko selon ibyo yatubwiraga, ngo yaje kujya kwiga muri Zambia, nkumufurere, ariko ashwana nabapadiri babazungu, ngo kuberako ngo yatanze ukaristiya yakoze mumyumbati, kandi ubundi muzi ko iba ikoze mutugati twiza twabugenewe. Muri make bahise bamwirukana mumuryango wa bafurere,kuko ngo yagenda akwirakwiza politike ipinga ibyabazungu, ngo ahubwo agashakako tradition Africaine yahabwa agaciro, ninko we yaje gutanga ukaristiya yateguye mumyumbvati, arabizira.
    Muri make nguwo CharlesKambanda. Njye mubyukuri yanyigishije agifite Masters, ariko yagarazaga ubuhanga, akaba yari azi icyongereza.

  • #45

    YES IT IS ! (lundi, 28 mars 2011 23:04)

    Uyu mugabo rero witwa C.KAMBANDA namwumvise
    mu mateka y'uRWANDA kuva kera nkili umusore.

    Numvaga ko ali umwimu kabuhaliwe wigisha muli Amerika maze akaza no gutanga amasomo
    i Ruhande univerisite y'u RWANDA.

    Hali oho nibazaga rero nti : uyu mugabo w'umuhanga uzwi muli amerika akanemerwa ntago abona akarengane gakorerwa abatutsi
    m'u RWANDA ?

    Ibyaberaga m'u RWANDA rero nta nuwali iki
    bwibazaho dore ko wagiraga ngo iyo sistemu
    yashyizweho n'Imana.

    Gusa nalibazaga, nti ni kuki abahanga nkaba
    batagira icyo bayivugaho ? Ese n'impumyi kubulyo batabibona ? Ntagisubizo naboneraga
    iki kibazo cyanjye usibye kugwa neza maze ukemera gutotezwa.

    Ikintangaza rero ni ukubona KAMBANDA se mategeko agaruka ku RWANDA aje kurwanya abakuyeho iliya sistemu yashyikiraga.
    Ubu rero ndongera nkibaza : ese KAMBANDA
    cyagihe yali impumyi ! Oya ! ntago yali
    impumyi, ahubwo yali ashyigikiye iliya sistemu ahubyo anayilimo.

    Iliya sistemu ya HUTU POWER yokamye abanyarwanda benshi abahanga n'ibicucu ku bulyo kubibakura m'ubwonko ali kintu kizasaba izindi jenerasiyo. KAMBANDA rero
    nagiraga ngo nkubwire ko abanyarwanda nabonye batuje kandi baliho neza baratera
    imbere kandi batangiye kwibagirwa amacakubili mwigishaga muli za kaminuza.

    Naho kwitwaza KAYUMBA na ba KAREGEYA biveho kuko bali mu ntwali zarwanye kandi zigakubita iyo sistemu. Hanyuma baje kugira ibizo bisanzwe bya disipline mu gisirikare n'ibyo kwifuza imitungo vuba vuba bituma bata umurongo.

    Ntabyo rero n'ubwo ubu wabashyigikira kungana iki bazatekereza kimwe nawe kuko
    wowe uli uwo bitaga "HADUYI" kubitwaza rero ni uko wumva ko nabwo bwaba ubulyo bwo guteza akaduruvayo m'u RWANDA nkuko aibyo wifuza.

    Abakunda urwababyaye rero, turaguhagakaniye nkuko baca umugani mu karere ukomokamo ngo

  • #44

    Mbega ababeshyi! (lundi, 28 mars 2011 22:58)

    Yemwe ndumiwe!! isi yose batubeshye ko FDLR iri kuri liste y'aba terroristes! mbega FPR nikinyoma cyayo!!!!ooohhhhhhhhhh ni akumiro!

  • #43

    uh (lundi, 28 mars 2011 22:53)

    Nkunda Kambanda rwose kuko abamwibuka neza tumwibukira iru hande kabisa. Yadukubitiye Gashuhe urushyi ruri serieux inkuru itaha Restoctat yose ndetse na Domitries zose. Uyu gashuhe yari igisahiranda acuruza ka bourse kacu. Abari ibutare murabyibuka se?

    Naho Rwose Kambanda ni umuhanga rwose asesenguye ikibazo neza pe.

    Ariko rero uzanabishyire ku binyamakuru by'amahanga, ndetse nibyo muri Ouganda kuko ababisoma ni besnhi naho izi website ngo RDB/ICT isigaye izirahira iyo twinikaga ngo ntibazireba mu Rwanda.


  • #42

    super (lundi, 28 mars 2011 21:00)

    Iyi analyse ya KAMBANDA nubwo ivuga kubyo twese tubo ariko uburyo yabisobanuye n'uburyo yabivuzemo biragaragaza umunyabwenge kandi ujijukiwe cyane nibyo avuga!!Rwose abategetsi bacu bareke gutukana.Kuko bigaragaza ingufu nke cyane muri politique.Basobanurire ibibazo abanyarwanda bibahangayikishije aho gutukana!!Koko kubona Presidenta tuka INGABIRE ngo na ''nta mateka afite,nta basic education,......,abandi ngo ni ''amabyi,ibigarasha..........!!!Ayo ntago ari amagambo abanyarwanda baba bashaka kumva cyane ko radio inumvwa n'abana bato!!Ubwo se uwo ni umuco!!Ikimbabaza ni uko ubu noneho n'abategetsi bo hasi bose bize gutukana!!Maze kumva Commissaire mukuru wa Police avuga ku baje gusura abagororwa bafungiwe politique ko ari''amabandi''!!Niba se aziko ari amabandi kuki Police itabakurikirana ngo ibahane ko kwiba ari icyaha gihanwa n'amategeko!!Si abo gusa:iyo wumvise TITE RUTAREMARA,umuvugizi w'ingabo.......wibaza niba amagambo bavuga akwiriye imyanya bariho cyangwa niba ari abashumba!!Bisubireho basubize ibibazo biduhangayikishije aho gutinya gusubiza bagakoronga batukana!!NDABANZE BOSE!!!

  • #41

    @AR (lundi, 28 mars 2011 11:50)

    @AR, the answer to yr question even if am not the one who posted the list of RDA Officers!!

    It's true that EX-FAR were almost Bahutu. But agree with me that they were not representing the so called Abahutu community. The same thing this RDA Officers are Batutsi bt not representing the so called Abatutsi community.The only thing i can read from the list is not that they are abatutsi: A group of people coming from the same place unless you tell me that the only Batutsi are those from Uganda. And if you ask people who know well the High ranking officers, they will tell you that there are criterian, not only coming from Uganda does't guarantee you to get this post. It's a small group in the name of Batutsi, having a hidden agenda (it's no longer a secret, thanks Nyamwasa and weakleaks)using these terminologies: Abahutu and Abatutsi to divide and divide and divide the Banyarwanda.

    Well, EX-FAR was made of mainly Bahutu. Was it really representing Abahutu or Akazu? Akazu is very different from Abahutu as this mafia which took in hostage abanyarwanda is different from Abatutsi.

    Let's look and analyse together: EX-FAR was made of Abahutu. This was one of the main cause of RPF to take arms and make end to this discrimination. Now, was it true what RPF was fighting for? Is this a difference RPF made to replace Akazu dominated by Abahutu (abakiga) with a MAFIA dominated by Abatutsi from Uganda (munkambi)?

    For me, calling me Umuhutu or Umututsi, i don't matter because I know well that it's a matter of self-identification as Peter Erlinder stated in his previous article.

    My concern is all these people who take advantages to these terminologies (abahutu and abatutsi) to interfere my fundamental rights.

  • #40

    L'ange (lundi, 28 mars 2011 11:01)

    @gasasira sweden(umuvugizi) uzadusobanurire nyuma gato y'igihe ukubitwa ukajya mu bitaro wagiye muri conferance de presse muri presidence nyuma Kagame akubajije uko umeze umusaba ko yaguha odiance ukamubwira ibyawe (ibibazo n'abo mubifitanye) kd yarayiguhaye niba ntibeshye via Mugambage banza ariwe wazitangaga!none se wamubwiye iki? Ko kugeza uyu munsi wabigize ubwiru

  • #39

    KANYARWANDA (lundi, 28 mars 2011 10:56)

    Nanjye iriya foto yo ku muvugizi ya Rwabujindiri na Kayumba(imfura yacu)nayikunze cyane. Iravuga byinshi!
    Gusa jye nagira ngo nshimire by,umwihariko bariya bagabo bane ba RNC babashije kwitandukanya na kariya gatsiko k,ingoma y,ibiryi n,abicanyi bakabije.
    Ukwifatanya kwanyu( Kayumba,Karegeya,Rudasingwa na Gahima)n,imbaga y,abandi banyarwanda mwasanze hanze mu buhungiro,bizatuma mubasha kubohoza u Rwatubyaye mukaruvana mu kangaratete. Gusa rero mukwiye kubitangira vuba kuko Rwabujindiri n,agatsiko ke bakomeje kumena no kunyunyuza amaraso y, abanyarwanda.
    By,umwihariko rero nagira ngo nkubwire wowe Kayumba ko abanyarwanda benshi( nanjye ndimo) bagukunda cyane rwose kandi bakuri inyuma ; nubwo batatinyuka kubigaraza kubera nyine gutinya akandoyi ka Rwabujindiri, ariko nimwatangira kudutinyura imigambi n,ibikorwa mugize aho mubigeza,ba kanyarwanda tuzakugaragariza urwo rukundo.....
    Gusa nimutahirize nyine umugozi umwe mwese. Mukorane mu mucyo nta kwishishanya n,andi mashyaka yose ya opposition,niho tuzagira ingufu tugahirika kariya gatsiko kabisha!

    Long life!